Make My Own Fire Pit Insert

Can I Make My Own Fire Pit Insert (If Yes, How Simple)

Fire pits are becoming very common in most outdoor spaces where people gather around this unit to bond and generally have a good time.

You find them in the backyards, where they beautify the environment. Fire in itself has an allure, and when you present it beautifully as you have in a fire pit, it becomes truly enchanting.

These fire pits are only as useful as they are durable; that is why they are fitted with a ring insert to protect the fire pits from becoming overheated and crumbling.

These fire pit ring inserts can be found anywhere online and in-store, but if you are looking for a way to save a few bucks by making one yourself, then relax; we will show you how.

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Does A Fire Pit Need An Insert?

Many people argue that when you have a durable fire pit built with non-combustible material that you can build your fire pit without an insert, this may be true, but we prefer to be safe than sorry.

All fire pits need an insert because they can become very hot. Remember, the heat from the unit can become ad high as 1400°F, and at this temperature, many materials used in building the fire pit cannot remain intact.

They crumble, and that is why you need a sturdy material like a ring insert made of durable steel that can withstand this heat and remain standing.

The steel fire pit ring insert will prevent your fire pit from becoming dehydrated and collapsing by absorbing all the heat from the fire.

Your fire pit is kept looking good after being used for a long time if you use a ring insert; this is because the insert reduces the amount of wear and tear that would have otherwise impacted the fire, which keeps your fire pit looking aesthetically appealing.

If you want to preserve the structural integrity of your fire pit and not have to worry about your fire pit collapsing one day and constituting a problem for you, then invest in a good fire pit ring insert.

Another reason you need a ring insert in your fire pit is because it helps keep your fire in control. 

Because of steel’s ability, which is the material used in making ring inserts, you do not have to worry about the fire getting out of hand from the fire pit to take a lot of heat.

Ring inserts give a clean look to your fire pit that transforms it from just a fireplace or a cooking unit where you can cook your marshmallow to a piece of art as it gives an allure to the whole unit.

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What Size Do Fire Pits Ring Come In?

The ring inserts of fire pits are always constructed according to the common sizes of available fire pits; typically, you will find ring inserts from 36 to 44 inches in diameter.

Buying the right size of a fire pit insert is important because a smaller insert will leave too many spaces between the wall of the fire pit, which means you will have to put a lot of material around your fire pit and the ring insert while a big one will not fit at all.

You should also consider the height of your fire pit in choosing the right insert to use. Usually, an above-ground fire pit is 12 to 14 inches tall, so you have to get a ring insert whose height fits in your fire pit.

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How Thick Should A Fire Pit Insert Be?

The thickness of a fire pit varies depending on how much you are willing to pay. Usually, you find ring inserts whose thickness varies from 1mm to 4mm.

The issue with a thin ring insert is that it is easy for the ring insert to lose its integrity due to being exposed to intense heat.

The second problem is that thin ring inserts get easily destroyed by rust than a thicker insert. No matter the finish that you have coated your fire pit with, you still have the issue with rust to deal with.

For thicker ring inserts when they begin to rust, you can be sure that you will still enjoy your insert for a long time because the rust will take a long time before it can cause the metal to deteriorate even if you do not try to add a coat of anti-rust finish on the insert.

While all ring inserts perform the same function no matter the thickness, the reality is that the thicker your ring insert, the more reliable they will be.

Can I Make My Own Fire Pit insert?

Yes, you can make your fire pit from simple steel materials you can find around you. The problem is that you need the skill to improvise with the simple materials you have around you to use them as a fire pit ring insert.

Secondly, you must have the tools and materials to turn ordinary metals around you into a fire pit insert.

But if the truth is said, you are better off with the ring inserts you have in stores and online; at least they are durable and reliable and have a very good finish that gives a touch of beauty to the entire unit.

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What Can I Use As A Fire Pit Liner?

Many commercial fire pit liners are available online and in-store in different sizes, colors, materials, and shapes. They are all effective in keeping your fire pit functioning for years to come.

Whatever the fire pit liner or insert you choose to buy, ensure that they are made of very durable steel materials or other very strong metals and can withstand immense heat.

If they are coated with a high heat and temperature resistant finish, you will have a unit that you will enjoy for a long time.

The thicker your fire pit insert, the longer it will last for you, so pick a unit that is thick enough to stand long hours of heating and cooking that your fire pit will be subjected to.

There are other metal materials that you can use in improvising as a fire pit liner if you do not want to buy one; they include a metal bucket and a tractor rim; your best option, however, is to buy one yourself.

Can You Build A Fire Pit Without An Insert?

Yes, you can build a fire pit without a ring insert depending on three major factors:

1. If your fire pit is made of fire bricks, you can have a fire pit without a ring insert; this is because fire bricks can stand intense heat without collapsing or crumbling.

Landscaping pavers, cinder blocks, and bricks are other materials that can withstand the type of heat generated in a fire pit, and if your fire fit is made of them, you must not use a fire pit.

2. If you are building a temporary fire pit that you will not be used for a long time or use a few times a year, you can do without a fire pit. However, if you envision a fire pit that you will use for years to come, you should get an insert.

3. The ring insert of a fire pit adds beauty, elegance, and a clean look to your fire pit. So if you don’t mind a rustic kind of fire pit that is not so refined, then you can forget about using a fire pit

How Do You Build A Fire Pit Insert?

You can build your fire pit insert by using the tire rims of a tractor or a truck. These rims must be made of steel because it is one metal that can withstand the heat of a fire pit and not lose its integrity.

Get the rim of an old truck or tractor. Don’t be surprised to find this rim in the trash. Be sure many people throw it away; you can also get one from an auto repair so. A 16 inches or 18 inches rim will do just fine.

Clean it up and paint it to the color of your choice, but if you love the rustic look it will give your fire pit, then you can leave it the way it is.

Gently lower the tire rim into the fire pit you have already constructed, and your fire pit with a good and durable ring insert is ready for use. The great thing about this insert is that they have a bottom which adds a lot more stability and durability to your fire pit.

You can also use a metal bucket as a fire pit ring insert. Still, you, however, have to be sure of the type of metal it is made from to ascertain if it is fit to be used as an insert because only very strong metals can withstand the kind of heat generated in a fire out.

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What Do You Put At The Bottom Of A Fire Pit?

There are several things you can put under the bottom of your fire pit, including:

1. Gravel

These are small rocks that are usually shredded that you can put at the bottom of your fire pit, maintaining the base of the pit and keeping it from burning.

The thing about gravels is that they can add a touch of beauty to the whole scenery if you spread it very well. The advantage of gravels is that they are readily available, and they have no disadvantages when used at the bottom of your fire pit.

2. Lava Rock

These are fire retardants that can still help a place to remain heated. This material, also known as magma rock, comes in different colors like red and pink, and hence they make your fire fit look even more appealing.

The only snag with this material is that they are a tad more expensive than some other materials.

3. Stones

These are the easiest material to find and use in the bottom of your fire pit; however, you have to pick sizes that are small enough to balance in the bottom of your fire pit.

Stones can absorb a lot of heat and still not explode, and that is why they are good material to place in your fire pit. They are also easy to maintain than others.

4. Sand And Dirt

Just like stones, they are cheap and are readily available. They are easy to use and maintain and can keep the fire under control.

They are the most common material to put at the bottom of the fire pit because they can absorb heat and remain intact.

5. Concrete Slab

They are quite bulky, expensive, and hard to use and maintain, but they are very safe because they are non-inflammable and resistant to fire.

When fixed carefully at the bottom and around your fire pit, a concrete slab can look beautiful.

Conclusion: How to Make My Own Fire Pit Insert

Firepit inserts or liners, as some prefer to call them, are not just another accessory to beautify your fire pit. They are as functional a component of your fire pit as aesthetic, so it is necessary for all fire pits.

You can improvise with the rim of a tire or a metallic bucket as a fire pit insert. This is a life hack that is quite effective.

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How To Make My Own Fire Pit Insert

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