Best Backyard Playsets

10 Best Backyard Playsets – What Brand of Playset is the Best?

Kids will always be kids, and one of the things we know about them for sure is their love for play. Kids can play for hours without getting exhausted.

Playing is good for your kids because it keeps them fit and healthy, also playing is good for parents because it gives us a little time to relax and bond with our children. Little wonder many parents are acquiring playsets for their kids.

There are hundreds of different backyard playsets available in the market, and they come at different prices, sizes, and designs; this means that choosing which playset will be best for your kids can’t be done in a hurry.

Today, we will help you choose the best playset for your kid that is age-appropriate, safe, durable, and good value for money.

Our 10 Best Backyard Playset

  • Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set.
  • Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Play Set
  • Sky-view-wood-playset
  • Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Swing
  • Gorilla Backyard Playground Frontier Deluxe
  • Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wooden Swing Set
  • Gorilla Treasure Trove Swing Set
  • Lifetime Adventure Tower
  • Backyard Discovery Woodland All Cedar Wood Playset
  • Swing-N-Slide Grandview

1. Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Best Backyard Playsets

Someone captured this playset as the best -swing-set-under -$500. It is a small swing set that is meant for kids of about seven years of age, and one of the things going for this play is that it is built with safety in mind. This wooden swing set is easy to set up and fits into a small backyard.

This playset has a wave slide, two swings with the upper fort covered for safety purposes, and a climbing wall that kids love so much. This cedar swing set has a full one-year warranty with a five-year limited warranty. Visit the website here.

2. Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Play Set

Best Backyard Playsets

This is a beautiful playset that is meant for a small backyard. It has two platforms at the top; one area is open and has a telescope attached to it while the other is enclosed. Underneath the playset is a fort area.

This unit, made by Creative Cedar Designs, is very compact and wood. It also has an 8-foot wavy slide, a trapeze bar, and a beautiful rock climbing wall.

Even though this set is relatively inexpensive, it isn’t easy to assemble and may take anything from 6 to 12 hours to do a good job. Visit their website here.

3. Swing-N-Slide Grandview

Best Backyard Playsets

If you have a medium-sized backyard and are looking for a playset for your kids, then the unit is meant for you. Even though this playset is made of wood, precisely cedar, you don’t have to worry about the wood rotting because it is treated.

This product has five years warranty which attests to its durability. It will take two people about 8 hours to assemble this product because of its different features, including the most unique of them all, which is an enclosed tube twist slide that kids love so much. It has monkey bars, two swings, a rock-climbing wall, a glider swing ad a side-winder slide. Check it out at their website.

4. Backyard Discovery Woodland All Cedar Wood Playset

Best Backyard Playsets

This playset has an upper and lower clubhouse; the lower clubhouse has a sitting area which makes a good space for four kids to play comfortably. This unit has an 8-foot wavy slide, a glider swing, two swings, a rock-climbing wall, and a ladder

One unique selling point of this playset is its unique features and durability; however, it takes up to 25 hours to be assembled by two people because there are lots of parts to be built. It is made of wood (Cedar) and is meant for kids between the ages of 3 and 10. Visit their website here.

5. Lifetime Adventure Tower

Best Backyard Playsets

This is a metal playset that goes for less than $1500. It has two clubhouses, while the top play area has a steering wheel and a space for kids to draw.

It is spacious and so can comfortably fit older or bigger kids. Even though it is a little bit more expensive, it offers true value for your money because it is durable and high quality.

This beautiful piece of work It not ideal for kids less than three or those more than 12. This playset also has two swings, a trapeze bar, a wavy slide, an arched climber, and two rock-climbing walls. The assemble time is about 8 hours for two people, and it has a 5-year limited warranty. Visit their website here.

6. Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Swing

Best Backyard Playsets

This swing set that comes with many unique features is significant and so cannot fit into a small backyard; because of the size and features. 

It will take more than 12 hours for it to be assembled, but it comes with a 3D interactive assemble app that will help you assemble it.

It has an enclosed fort and an elevated area with a telescope, while the bottom has a play area for the sandbox. Kids love this unit, especially because of the monkey bars, which also serve as an entrance to the fort.

This wooden playset also has a wave slide, a flat-step ladder, a covered upper porch, a picnic table, two swings, not to mention the rock climbing wall nor the glider slide. Visit their website here.

7. Gorilla Backyard Playground Frontier Deluxe

Best Backyard Playsets

This is a well-built, quality, and durable playset with very cool features that children will love, which is why it is a little bit more expensive than others. 

It takes just about 6 to 8 hours to assemble, not because it is small (medium size) but because of the clear and easy directions for building it as provided in the manufacturer’s manual.

The playset is made of cedar and is recommended for kids 3 to 10 years. To bolster the manufacturers’ confidence in the playset, it has a full-year and five-year limited warranty.

This unit has features like steering wheels, exquisite climbing ramp, telescope, rope ladder, tic-tac-toe panel, sandbox, picnic table, two swings, wavy slide, and a trapeze; talk about wholesome play features in one single playset. Visit their website!

8. Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wooden Swing Set

Best Backyard Playsets

This playset has everything a kid can ask for in a playset: from tube slide to rock climbing wall with rope, ladder rope, and wave slide. This playset that promises your kid a delightful playtime has a five-year warranty, and it is built with durability and safety in mind.

The playset also has other features, including a telescope, tic-tac-toe panel, safe entry ladder, two swings, and a trapeze bar. 

It takes about 24 hours to assemble this playset, and the manufacturers made the build-up easy for users by including a step-by-step procedure on how to build the playset.

This playset is made of pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-sanded wood (cedar) so that you don’t have to go through the hassles of cutting, drilling, and sanding the wood yourself. Visit their website now!

9. Gorilla Treasure Trove Swing Set

Best Backyard Playsets

This is about the most expensive playset you have selling in the market presently; the set goes for about $5000.

The first version (Treasure Trove I) of this set is equally good but does not have some of the features that this Treasure Trove Swing Set II can offer; hence it is a whopping $1000 cheaper than the latest version.

There are over 15 activities that your kid can perform on this premium quality playset; this is like having a fun park in your backyard.

Some of the features you find in this unit include a tube slide, which sits about 13 feet high, which gives you quite a ride, a rock climbing wall with a rope attached, a three-person swing set, and a drawbridge.

Because of how big this player is, you will need a lot of space to keep it, and it takes a lot of time and effort to assemble it (about 20 hours). 

You can contact an expert to build it up for you if you wish. It has a five-year warranty and is meant for kids 3 to 12 years of age. Check them out here!

10. Sky View Playset

Best Backyard Playsets

This grand playset by Creative Cedar Designs encourages children to give wholesome play for hours without getting bored and because the unit has exciting features that all kids love. This wooden playset has a 4-person-swing set, picnic tables, and a 13 square feet sandbox.

This set comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled woods that makes assembling it less stressful. With the investment of about 10 hours, you will get a playset that is ready for the kids. The other features it boasts of are a telescope and binoculars, steering wheels, and rock climbing walls. Visit their website here!

What Brand of Playset is the Best?

This is tough because all the players we reviewed by different brands are unique in their ways, and they all differ in terms of price, designs, and material.

However, at gunpoint, we will say that The Gorilla Brand of players are the best in the market because they are very safe, which is one of the most important considerations for us.

They are very durable and will last for years without breaking. They also have many features that give kids a lot of play options.

They are the easiest to assemble, and their design and quality are premium; little wonder they are the most expensive player brand.

Tips for Playground Maintenance

Since safety is our watchword, here are a number of tips on how to maintain your playsets on your playground.

1. Ensure that you inspect all protective surfacing I’m your playground and maintain the right area and depth for all playset

2. All protruding, broken, or worn-out hardware should be repaired or replaced immediately.

3. Ensure that there are no tripping hazards around the playset and playground, and the footings of the equipment should be maintained.

4. The playset should be free of dirt and debris, litter and toys that kids can trip on.

5. Branches, weeds, rocks, tree roots, and other natural obstacles should not be found near the playground and playset.

6. Ensure that metallic playsets or parts are protected from rust and chipped paint.

7. Contact the seller or manufacturers if a playset is bought new and its woods are cracked, decayed, or splintered.

8. From time to time, inspect installations to the ground to ensure that their structural integrity remains intact.

9. Never use a playset that is not installed correctly or improvised without recourse to the manufacturer’s manual. Don’t allow your kids to use any playset that has any flaw, be it just a missing nut or bolt.

Tips for Installing Playsets

Here are a few tips that you must abide by as you install that playset for your kids:

1. There are many products in the market that companies do not make of repute; these playsets do not have a high standard for the kids’ safety and don’t patronize such companies. Do due diligence.

2. Make sure that you understand the manufacturer’s manual properly before you attempt installation. Be sure to stick to every single instruction given.

3. All hardware found in a playset should be recessed and not sticky because it is a potential risk.

4. Ensure that all the tools you use for installation are the right ones.

5. If you feel you might not do an excellent job installing that playset, consider professional installation and maintenance. In the short run, this might look that spending e training cash, but eventually, you will see the benefits, especially in terms of safety and durability.

Conclusion: Best Backyard Playsets

It is amazing to know that hundreds of different playsets for kids are available in the market, each with its unique design and features. The problem with this is that you can make a bad buying decision when given too many choices.

That is why we have taken the pain to choose the best 10 out of all the ranges of playsets that are available with tips on how to install and maintain them.

While many of these playsets are very good, we believe that the Gorilla brand of playset offers the best quality at a bit of bit high price.

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