Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor

How to Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor (4 Easy Steps)

Inflatable pools are one of the best means of cooling oneself during those hot summer days, and their main advantage is that you can enjoy the joy of a swimming pool without going through the stress of building and maintaining one.

There are many ways of inflating these inflatable pools especially improvising many home devices like a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer and the likes. The best way to do this is to use a very efficient air compressor.

Inflating a pool with an air compressor is easy and only require a few steps. Not only will you save yourself a lot of stress and time, but you will also be using the right tool for the job.

Can I Use An Air Compressor To Inflate A pool?

Even though there are many ways and devices that can be used to inflate your pool, air compressors are some of your best options because they are the quickest and most efficient tools. With the flip of a switch, you can inflate a big pool in a couple of minutes.

Another advantage the air compressor has over other alternatives is that they have different tips that can fit into any nozzles. They do not stress you at all as you have with a vacuum cleaner, hairdryers and the likes.

So yes, you can use an air compressor to inflate a pool.

Why Use An Air Compressor And Not Other Means To Inflate A Pool?

There are many ways and devices you can use to inflate your pool, but the air compressor trumps all of them because of how fast and easy they inflate the pool.

You cannot resort to blowing a pool manually with your breathe because it is so tiring and time-consuming, to say nothing, if the toll it takes on your hand as you hold the pool while you blow with your mouth.

Many people feel lightheaded as they blow air for a long time into anything, be it a balloon, a toy, and stuffs like that, because of lack of enough oxygen in the brain.

A vacuum cleaner can be improvised to pump air into a pool, but it requires some alteration, like attaching a nozzle.

This is added stress, and you don’t need it. A hairdryer is another hack for inflating pools, but they take a lot of time, and if you aren’t cautious and use the hot air to inflate the pool, it will damage the pool.

If you resort to using a hand pump to inflate your pool, then your arms will ache after pumping because it takes a lot of energy and time to do that. Air compressors do not have the issues associated with these other devices and are very efficient.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Air Pump for Inflatable Pool

Since we have established that air compressors ate the best option for inflating a pool, you might want to get one for yourself, but before you go shopping, here are some of the things you need to consider before you purchase a unit.

1. The air compressor must be compatible with your inflatable tools

It will be frustrating to buy air compressors that do not fit your inflatable pool; this is in terms of the connectors, adapters and other accessories and parts that must be fit to be used with your inflatable pool.

2. Convenience of Use

Buy an air compressor that is efficient and offers convenience in terms of connecting and disconnecting it to the inflatable pool. The easier it is to use the air compressor, the better for you.

3. Price

There are different sizes, designs and brands of air compressors available, and they all have different prices. Even though most of them will inflate your pool, it is better to buy a high-quality unit and durable in as much as you can afford it.

4. It is going to be used for other function

While air compressors are great for inflating pools, they are also versatile and can be used for other purposes. 

If you will be using it for other things, buy a unit with the features that will fit for all the purposes you want the air compressor for.

5. Nozzle Type:

The type of nozzles your air compressor has will determine how versatile it will be. Before buying an air compressor, figure out all the purposes you will need for the best nozzle that will fit all the purposes.

6. Power Supply:

Some air compressors use electric motors while diesel or gasoline engines, etc., power others. Determine the best power supply you will want for your air compressor because they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

7. Portability:

If you are using your pool in different places that require transport, you will have to consider the size of the air compressor you will need. The more portable they are, the easier they are to be transported and stored.

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Types Of Air Compressor You Can Pick From

Here are some brands of air compressors that are not only good for inflating your pool and for inflating other stuff:

1. AGPtEK Electric Quick-Fill Air Compressor

Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor

This unit is great for inflating pools and air mattress beds, boats, and the likes. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 

One of its main advantages is that it comes with three different nozzles that fit the most inflatable pools.

It is easy to use and compatible with either a 12V or 11pv power supply. They are also lightweight and portable and so easy to be transported and store.

2. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor

This is a very convenient air compressor that is easy to use because all you need to do is plug it into a power source and switch it on. This unit is versatile because you can use it for other purposes like inflating a bike’s tire.

You can also use it to inflate basketballs because it has a needle for it. You will love this air compressor because it is designed to shut off when the pool is inflated automatically, and this is why it is so durable.

3. Etekcity Electric Air Mattress Portable Pump Couch

Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor

Even though this sir compressor is designed for inflating mattresses, it works pretty well for your pool. It is lightweight and a portable unit that is easy to use, transport and store.

One of its significant advantages is that they have a sound insulation design that does not make any noise when in use.

4. Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor

The Kensun AC and DC air pump is a great unit used indoors and outdoors because of its AC and DC power chords. 

It comes with two different nozzles that make it easy to be used for different purposes.

This air compressor has an analog gauge, which ensures accuracy when you are inflating your pool, and this ensures that you don’t run the risks of overinflating your pool.

How To Inflate A Pool Using An Air Compressor?

If you want to inflate your pool, the first thing to do is to set up the air compressor

Set It Up

It is very easy to inflate your pool with an air compressor; the first thing you have to do is ensure that the air compressor is properly assembled and connected to a good source of power.

If you are using an electric air compressor, you will have to turn on the air compressor so that air will be built up in the holding tank before inflating the pool.

Steps To Do It Right

1. Since you have set up your air compressor, the first thing to do is open the air valve on the inflatable pool and then remove the cap and connect the hose from the air compressor to the pool. You must ensure that the air hose fits perfectly inside the valve of the pool so that air does not escape.

2. Then turn the air compressor on and then let the pool get filled with air.

3. Check to see if the pool is completely inflated and if it is, then cut the air compressor off and disconnect the hose from the pool. It is important not to overinflate the oil so that it does not rupture and get damaged.

4. Replace the cap on the pools valve, ensuring that air does not escape as you do so.

How To Turn Off The Compressor

Turning off the air compressor when your pool is inflated is very easy; all you need to do is remove the hose from the air valve of the pool and then quickly remove the cap or plug to cover the valve of the pool so that air does not escape.

You should then disconnect the air compressor from its source of power and then disassemble any part that you need to before storing it. If you want, you can leave the air compressor assembled while storing it; it is all a question of choice.

Can You Inflate A Pool With A Vacuum?

Yes, you can inflate a pool with a vacuum by following the steps below:

1. Place the inflatable pool on a flat and soft surface like the grass in your backyard and then get the vacuum cleaner and remove the front cover. Then twist the vacuum bag of the noodle of the vacuum and dispose of the bag, then place the cover back

2. Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and then insert its power plug into an outdoor extension cord. Then plug the cord into an AC outlet

3. Turn the vacuum cleaner on while ensuring that it is aimed away from your direction. Once you are sure the vacuum cleaner is working well, then turn it off.

4. Then, place the end of the hose against the bottom of a plastic water bottle, use a pencil to outline the hose on the bottom.

Use a blade or a utility knife to cut out the outline and insert the end of the hose in the hole in the bottom of the bottle. Use a strip of duct tape to hold the hose, so it doesn’t fall out of the hole

5. Remove the cap from the pool valve and place the open mouth of the bottle against the valve. Then turn the vacuum cleaner on, and then air will flow through the water bottle turned to funnel into the pool.

6. When the pool is inflated, disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the extension cord, use the cap of the pool to close the valve and there you have an inflated pool.


While there are different means of inflating your inflatable pool, from using your mouth to improvising with a vacuum cleaner, a bike pump and a hairdryer, the air compressor is the best option for you.

These air compressors are effective, quick, and not stressful, and the good thing is that they are versatile and so can be put into other use when you are not using them to inflate tour pool.

So if you are thinking of a way of enjoying the little pleasures that comes with hot days like an afternoon spent in the pool, then an inflatable pool is your best bet, and an air compressor will get it inflated in minutes.

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