What Kills Tree Quickly

What Kills Tree Quickly (5 Fastest And Easiest Ways)

Maybe you need extra space in your yard, or your tree is becoming a nuisance, and you have limited time to get rid of it, you will need a quick, easy, and permanent solution.

What kills a tree quickly? There are numerous ways to get rid of a tree, but they may be physically demanding or time-consuming; that is why we have compiled 5 ways to kill trees faster and easier.

We explained the various methods of killing a tree faster, like cutting down trees, the back and squirt method, girdling, paving, and injecting. We also listed some safety tips and how to make homemade tree-killing chemicals.

5 Fastest And Easiest Ways to Kill a Tree Quickly

In this section, we will share 5 basic ways you can kill a tree fast without stress. These may involve the use of chemicals and other tools that can be easily found in your yard.

1. Cutting a Tree 

Cutting down trees is one of the effective ways of killing a tree. This method will require you to use some simple tools and a little chemical to make killing a tree washer for you.

Materials needed

  1. Ax
  2. Drill
  3. Herbicide

Step One: 

Use an ax to cut off the limbs of your tree. You start by cutting off the outer limbs; then, you cut off the inner limbs.

Step Two:

After getting rid of the limbs, you should cut the main trunk using a chainsaw.

Step Three:

After cutting down the tree, you can follow on by getting rid of the tree stump. First off, use a drill to make holes on your tree stump.

Step Four:

Apply herbicide inside the holes. You should do this while the tree stump is still fresh; that way, the herbicide can get to the root of large trees. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 days.

2. Hack and Squirt Method

This method involves making cuts on the tree bark and applying herbicide. This method is efficient, fast, and easy. You will need basic home tools for this process and an environmentally friendly herbicide.

Materials needed

  1. Ax
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Herbicide

Step 1:

Prepare and mix your herbicides. A common herbicide is a glyphosate, and it should be mixed in a spray bottle. Directions should be followed as stated in the packaging. Remember to wear protective gloves and glasses during this procedure.

Step 2:

Make a deep downward cut on the main tree trunk using an ax. The cut should be deep that It exposes the tree sapwood.

Step 3:

Remove your ax, not completely cutting off the bark. Apply herbicide from the spray bottle immediately after removing your ax to prevent the sapwood from hardening.

Step 4:

Make several cuts on the tree if it’s large. Follow the application instruction given on the packaging.

3. Girdling

The method of killing a tree by girdling is done by hindering the flow of sap between the root of the tree and other tree parts. This is a guaranteed method to kill a tree very quickly.

Materials needed

  1. Ax or hatchet
  2. Herbicide
  3. Protective glasses

Step 1:

Start by peeling off the bark from the tree to expose the tree trunks.

Step 2:

Use the ax to cut the rim of the tree. For a small tree, the cut should be ½ inch deep, but for a large tree, the cut should be 1½ inch deep.

Step 3:

Make another cut around the tree with a 3-inch distance from the previous cut.

Step 4:

Use herbicide around the cut to speed up the effect of this method.

4. Paving

The roots are a vital part of a tree, and killing the root is as good as killing the whole tree. This method is straightforward and not very complicated, so you will only need to suffocate the roots. This can be done by mulching too deeply over the tree roots.

5. Injection

This method is quite similar to killing a tree stump; the only difference is that you have a fully grown tree and not a stump. You will require a drill and herbicide, and an injector if necessary for this process.

Drill holes with a diameter of ½ inch at the base of your tree trunk to ensure that the root is killed in the process. After drilling numerous holes at the base of the trunk, inject these holes with herbicide.

Safety Tips When Killing a Tree

You can’t jump into getting rid of a tree without proper observation of safety. This is why you need to know what to do and how to protect yourself from future harm; the following tips should help you stay safe during the whole process.

  1. You may need assistance handling heavy tools
  2. Wear protective gloves and glasses when handling herbicides and other chemicals
  3. Read the directions or instructions given on the manual or packaging before using these chemicals.
  4. Call the arborist if you are worried.

How to Make Homemade Tree Killer

You can get a little creative in your yard with this recipe for a homemade tree killer. But before using this recipe, you should note that all of the chemicals involved should be used in their concentrated state for accuracy.

For this recipe, you will need;

  • 1 Tbsp. of Glyphosate
  • 1 tbsp of surfactant
  • 1 tbsp of ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is important for increasing the uptake of the chemical. Apply this mixture to the tree’s trunk and on the stump immediately after cutting.

An appropriate time to apply this mixture on the stump is within 30 minutes after cutting to prevent the stump from hardening.


While trees are lovely and important to the environment, they sometimes tend to grow in the wrong places, and when this happens, you need to get to rid of the tree quickly. Fortunately, we have listed five ways to kill a tree quickly without stress.

We have looked at cutting down trees, suffocating the roots, paving, girdling, and injecting. Most of these procedures involve herbicide, but they are effective and swift.

We have also shared some tips to ensure that you are safe when using these methods, and we have included a recipe for a homemade tree killer.

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