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How Do You Play and Win a Swingball Game?

If you are thinking of a new addition to the list of the fun sports you engage in, especially for parties, family get-togethers, and camping, then swingball is a great option. This great game enjoyed by all ages of people can be played alone or with groups of people.

Swingball involves hitting a ball off from the ground to a pole attached to the ground and then hitting it back before it bounces two times.

So today, we will let you in on how you can play and enjoy swingball, win it and stick to some safety guidelines and rules that are compulsory for players.

Why Is Swingball Getting Popular?

There are so many benefits that swingball yields, and that is why it is becoming popular by the day. These are some of the reasons why many people are playing swingball these days:

1. This tennis-kind game is a wholesome sport that the whole family can play and enjoy. It is not only entertaining but also creates bonds between friends and family.

2. Swingball allows us to burn a lot of calories because as you move up and down, you are exercising your body, thereby burning unwanted fat in the body as it takes in so much oxygen this purpose. Secondly, this game helps us tone our arm muscles and generally keep our bodies fit.

3. Because swingball is easy to learn and play, kids can learn the game. It helps stimulate the kid’s brains and keep their bodies fit; it gives them good reflexes and hand-eye coordination and encourages communication skills in them as they interact in the course of play.

4. You can improvise on the equipment used in playing the game if you don’t have the standard equipment. This means that you do not need to spend so much money to enjoy the game. For instance, you can use a tennis ball if you don’t have a swingball ball.

5. Swingball can be played anywhere; it does not require a field for play; most surfaces are okay, be it grass, sand, concrete, or decking.

6. The swingball equipment is easily transported and stored because they are not bulky.

How Did The Game Of Swingball Evolve?

Swingball Game

The game of swingball as we know it today has undergone a lot of changes from how it started in 1875. This game originated in Britain was formerly called Tetherball, and then it was played using a racket and a tennis ball.

The new version of swingball was reinvented in 1967 in South Africa, and it is sometimes called tether tennis, totem tennis, or even zimm zamm.

In 1973, the refurbished swingball game landed in the UK and since then has been a sport of choice for many people, so much so that in 1976, over a million units of swingball sets were sold, which bolsters its popularity.

By 1989, the Junior Swingball was launched, while Mookie Toys Company took over the global distribution of swingball in 1992.

Mookie Toys’ takeover of swingball invented the plastic spiral that makes for a better play in 1994. By 1996, the swingball sport achieved another milestone when soccer swingball was successfully launched.

In 2003, swingball basketball was launched, and swingball Cricket and Netball were added to the sports Academy range 2006.

The game soon found its name in the Guinness books of record when in 2008, the longest Swingballs marathon was held, and it lasted for almost 8 hours.

By 2010, Swingballs sales had hit the 10 million mark, and the game’s popularity was still soaring, especially in 2020 and 2021 when the Covid-19 Pandemic kept many people at home. They used that opportunity to play swingball with their families.

There are still many improvements to the game, and we can only imagine what these improvements will translate to.

How Do You Play Swingball?

Swingball is a game in which two players use a racquet to hit a sponge or tennis attached with a string to a pole anchored to the ground, either with a heavy base or driven into the ground if it is soft enough. 2 players can play swingball. They start the game by standing each at the opposite side of the pole.

The two players have one hand on the ball, and they raise it 3 feet from the pole, then drop it towards the pole.

The instant the ball hits the pole, the game can begin, and the players can start hitting the ball. The first player serves the ball underhand in either direction of the other player, and the moment a direction is chosen, the ball has to be played in that direction up until the next serve.

Scoring In Swingball

The aim of swingball is to hit the ball attached to the pole up until the rope wraps around the pole completely in favor of one of the players.

The players choose the number of games they will play in a match; there is no hard and fast rule about the number of games that make a match; the players determine it themselves.

Penalties In Swingball

A few fouls can be committed in swingball and the penalties that follow. And when a player causes a violation, the game is stopped, and the ball is wrapped around the pole at the exact point where the violation is generated, and the other player is allowed to serve.

If, however, both of the players committed the violation, then a ball drop is introduced. Some of these fouls include:

1. Players are not allowed to step offside in swing balls.

2. Touching or grabbing the pole: players are not allowed to grab the pole at any point of the play, and if any player grabs the pole, they lose the game automatically.

3. Hitting the ball twice: a player is only allowed to hit the ball once whenever the rope wraps around the pole, but if the ball hits the ball in-between, then the player is permitted to hit the ball again.

Buying Guide For Swingball

Buying a swingball set is a pretty easy thing to do; there are, however, three crucial things you should keep in mind:

  • The pole material
  • The height of the set
  • The type of pole

1. Pole

The pole of a swingball is usually made of plastic or metal. Children of ages 6-12 prefer plastic poles because they are lighter in weight and can be easily carried and played with.

Some kid-friendly bats sets complement these plastic poles. The disadvantage they have is that they cannot be kept in the sun for long, or else the heat will damage them and make them lose their structural integrity.

Metal swingball poles are more durable and sturdy than their plastic counterpart, and that is why many adults go for them.

However, metal poles can be corroded, especially in the tropics during the rain. You can remedy the situation by buying a stainless steel pole that does not rust even under the weather.

2. Height of the Set

The height of your swingball pole determines if the whole family can enjoy it; too short a stick means only the young ones can play with it, and too long a pole leaves the kids out of the fun.

The best option is to buy an adjustable set that everyone can use. A swingball poke that is 5 to 6 feet in height can be used by both kids and adults alike.

3. The Type Of Pole

There are traditional and modern swingball sets. The traditional swingball pole entails digging a hole to drive the stake into.

However, the modern ones do not require any hole to be dug, it comes with a base that you can fill with water or sand, and the pole is safely anchored.

You, however, have to ensure that the modern unit you buy can be played by adults too, because the force of their hit can destabilize the pole.

Setting Up Your Swingball

Setting up the swingball in your backyard is not difficult and can be completed in a quarter of an hour. However, you should not allow children to assemble it because of the potential for them to swallow some of these nuts and bolts.

A complete swingball set will contain the following:

  • A base and lid
  • 3 different poke sizes (Short bottom pole, middle pole, and long top)
  • Balls
  • Tether
  • 2 pole connectors
  • Turbo heads


1. The first thing to do is securely insert the bottom pole into the base. Using the modern set, you will fill the base with sand or water to ensure that the pole stays stable. If you are using the traditional swingball pole, dig a hole and then drive the base of the pole into the ground.

2. Then, add the lid to the pole and secure it with the attached clips. You now put the first connector to the bottom pole; afterward, you connect the middle pole and, lastly, the top pole.

3. Firmly push the head of the turbo to the tip of the pole. Then check the ball that the swingball set came with and pass the loop over the turbo head. It should hang freely, or else you will need to adjust the loop of the tether.

4. Test the whole setup to ensure that the base is secure and stable and that the bat is sturdy and strong enough to be used in play. Generally, check to ensure that it is safe for you to play with


Swingball is a great game for the entire family. It has a lot of benefits both mentally and physically for kids and adults alike; that is why the game that started as Tetherball is gaining more popularity.

Playing and winning a game of swingball involves wrapping the rope attached to a ball completely around a pole, and this must be done according to the laid down rules.

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