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10 Things You Can Do Right Now For a Gorgeous Yard This Summer

Someone once said that lawns are the most part of your yard, and we do not maintain them for food but to make us feel good about ourselves, which is so true. Taking care of our yard and lawns is not just for the aesthetics but also for the sense of well-being it gives.

If you are looking to have a gorgeous yard this summer, you have to be proactive; you will have to put in a lot of time, energy, and some cash to get the result. Be ready to do a lot of mowing, seeding the lawn, dethatching, applying fertilizer, and the like.

Taking care of your yard now will leave it looking lush and beautiful, especially in summer when you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family right in your yard.

Why You Need A Great Yard Both Now And In Summer

One might say: why the fuss about having a beautiful yard? What’s the big deal about keeping your lawn healthy? After all, it’s just grass, right?, Wrong!! A great yard is more than green grasses or a lovely landscape; it is a place where you can be happy and at peace with nature. Here are some of the reasons you must keep your yard neat and inviting:

1. A good-looking yard creates a safe environment for fitness and fun for the whole delay. You and your loved ones can play games and sports, watch the sunset, have picnics, and even take off your shoes and feel the grass with the sole of your fit and between your toes. All these things have a way of keeping us relaxed, and these are small things that make life just a little easier.

2. Research has shown that having regular access to lawns or green spaces, be it in the home or woods, directly correlates with productivity; this is because when you are in such places, you are relaxed and free from stress can be more productive—making your yard a ‘place for tranquility’ can increase your effectiveness at your job and carrier.

3. You can reduce the dust and other such pollution around your home by keeping a healthy lawn and neat yard; this is because plants and grasses that you have in your yard can trap air pollutants which are harmful to have around, but the microorganisms that are in your lawn can break some of these pollutants t and make them harmless.

4. Do you know that a healthy lawn and yard can help reduce erosion, and this is so because wind, rain, and snow melt-off can erode the topsoil in our yards, but a healthy lawn will keep the soil protected from these agents of erosion.

5. A healthy lawn yard provides you with an eco-friendly means of getting clean oxygen in your home. The lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and releases pure oxygen into the environment. Clean oxygen reinvigorates not just the old but also to even young adults and kids.

So we can see that the importance of a good-looking Yard and lawn cannot be overemphasized because it provides that conducive environment that makes for a better and healthy life.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now For a Gorgeous Yard This Summer

There are a number of things you can do now that will ensure that in summer, your yard looks good and alluring. These are the simple things that we do most of the time; it is important to do them and do them well because they will give your yard a new lease of life.

1. Mow The Lawn

Gorgeous Yard

Mow the lawn at the right height of grass and at the right time; you should mow it when it is about 3 inches tall. Ensure that you mow regularly because mowing very tall trees is difficult.

You should mow in spring, and if you are using the traditional lawnmower, you must ensure that it is in perfect working condition. 

If you are using other alternatives like an electric mower or a weed eater, then you must also ensure you can operate it well and that it is also ready for mowing.

2. Prune Your Trees at the Right Time

Gorgeous Yard

The best time to prune those trees in your yard is in winter and early spring. You should remove all badly disfigured or broken branches and unwanted lower branches in your shrubs.

If the shrubs are flowering, then the time to print will depend on when they bloom. Pruning the trees will make your yard look tidy and keep the tree producing the right number of leaves and remaining healthy.

3. Clean Up The Leaves In The Lawn

Gorgeous Yard

Many people will complain that they cleaned up the leaves from their trees in fall, but some trees, such as oaks, shed their leaves and even broken branches in winter and spring.

So you have to remove heavy piles of leaves and debris so that molds and decay do not cause your yard to stink and also invite disease to your yard.

4. Weeding The Lawn

Gorgeous Yard

If you don’t want to have very aggressive or invasive weeds whose roots will strengthen as they grow and become difficult to pull out with your hand, which will defy your lawn in summer, you have to address them early in spring.

Your best bet is to imbibe some cultural practices that will rid your lawn of weeds, including not mowing your lawn too short, not applying fertilizer in spring, and applying an adequate amount of water.

Application of pre-emergent herbicides before you notice any weed in your yard is effective means of keeping weeds at Bay, while you go for post-emergent herbicides if you already noticed weeds in your lawn.

5. Dethatching The Lawn

Gorgeous Yard

Many people do not think that dethatching their lawn will keep their yard looking great in summer, but that is the case.

Thatch is that matted layer between your soil surface and the lawn, which is a collection of too much debris and organic matter that prevents the soil from getting optimum growth requirements like air, moisture, and nutrients.

Even though we must state thatch is not entirely bad, when it has built up to more than half an inch in the soil, it becomes an issue and must be dethatched.

Using a rake, you can remove thatch from the soil and also aerate it; it will also stop the increase of pests and diseases in the soil.

6. Carefully Seed Bare Patches on the lawn:

Gorgeous Yard

You will notice some patches mostly in winter from damages from snowplows, pets, and feet traffic, and you need to re-seed such patched areas.

April is the best time to re-send your lawn, and you should give the seeds enough time to germinate and get established.

Before you plant the seeds of the grasses, you should loosen the patched area using a rake, then apply some compost into the area before sprinkling the grass seed and ensure that the soil is moist to be sure that the seed will germinate. Cover the grass seed with grass clippings or other such materials that will keep the seed in place.

7. Do Not Fertilize Too Early

Gorgeous Yard

The best time for fertilization is autumn; this helps build turf, giving grass plants the food they need to build up their root systems. However, many folks will also fertilize in the springtime.

Do not make the mistake of fertilizing too early in the spring. This will divert the plant’s energy into leaf development too soon. Instead, the grass needs phosphorus for root development.

8. Apply Fertilizer at The Right Time

Gorgeous Yard

You should apply your first spring application around May as the lawn is already established; applying fertilizer at that time will get your fertilizer looking lush.

Ensure that you do not apply a lot of fertilizer, especially nitrogenous fertilizers, because they are not too good for your lawn and make our lawns prone to diseases.

9. The Compacted Soil Should Be Loosened:

Gorgeous Yard

If you have a garden in your yard and flower beds, you will have to loosen the soil when it gets compacted, especially after winter. This will allow oxygen to get to the roots of the plants, which they need.

Your yard can be compacted just by people walking on it, so loosening it with a rake will allow water to get into the soil. You could also rent a lawn aerator if you don’t want to use a rake.

10. Mulch Your Lawn Carefully

Mulch Your Lawn

Even though it is good to mulch your lawn or garden, it is important that you don’t do it too early because it might adversely affect beneficial organisms like insects and pollinators. So you should mulch your garden when the weather is warm, and the soil is dry. You could use heavy mulches like wood chips and hardwood barks.

11. Mind Your Planters and Do All Repairs

Mulch Your Lawn

If you have existing planters in your yard, you should check to see that it is still in good working condition and that there are no damages during winter.

You might want to apply some cultural practices to the planters like turning the soul, getting rid of the weed, and adding fertilizers, especially organic ones like compost.

It is good practice to ensure that you keep your yard and all the tools and equipment you use for the purpose in good condition to use them whenever you want them as you prepare to have a swell time in summer.

Fun Things You Can Do In Your Yard In Summer?

There are loads of things you can do in your yard in the summer, especially if it is gorgeous; it will give you something to brag about with friends and family, and it may also make your neighbors a little envious. Here are some wonderful things you can do this summer in your yard:

1. You can enjoy a family camping in your yard where you have a family get-together, play games, sing-song, tell stories, and generally create memories.

2. You could host a garden party on weekends when the weather is nice, you invite friends and family as you enjoy some nice food and drinks in your yard. What a wonderful time it will be to have a barbecue and play some find games together.

3. You can enjoy your gorgeous yard in summer by doing some DIY stuff together with loved ones; it can be something as simple as building a birdhouse, making a planter out of that pesky tree stump in the yard, and doing some outdoor decoration or even drawing and painting still-life.

4. You could use the opportunity to get your hands and those of the little ones around you dirty as you teach them the art of gardening and taking care of the yard. You can make gardening fun for kids, especially if you teach a game or friendly competition in the act.


You can do many things now that will keep your lawn looking beautiful during summer; these things are just the everyday things you do in your yard to keep it looking good.

Simply caring for your lawn, watering and weeding it, and generally keeping it clean can make your summer more enjoyable.

So if you take the time to invest a little time and effort now in taking care of your yard, you will be glad you did in summer.

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