Is It Better To Pull Weeds Or Spray?

Is It Better To Pull Weeds Or Spray?

Weeds are unwanted plants in your yard that make your outdoor space look unpleasant and take up nutrients for other valuable plants.

Two popular ways of dealing with weeds include pulling them or using chemicals. But is it better to pull weeds or to spray them? While both methods are effective, they have their advantages and downsides. 

This article further explores the benefits and downsides of pulling and spraying weeds and which method is better.

What Are The Advantages of Pulling Weeds?

What Are The Advantages of Pulling Weeds?

Pulling out weed is an effective method that can be done manually using your hand or a weed puller

 or digging tools like a hoe or trowel. You may also want to check out Best Weed Puller Removal Tool To Buy.

This method of weeding dates back and has been used by many people today. Here are some significant benefits of pulling weeds.

Nearby plants are unharmed when pulling out weeds. You know what needs to go and what needs to stay; this allows you to pluck out weeds and leave behind your other plants selectively. Using tools, only minimal damage can be done to surrounding plants.

  1. Kills weeds 

You can be sure you have eliminated a plant by pulling out weeds. It is because you pull up an entire plant, including its root, which is necessary for growth. Other contact solutions may need help to achieve this task effectively.

  1. Chemical free

Some people consider chemicals a pollutant and are not the biggest fans of using them in their yards. Well, with pulling weeds, the process is 100% organic. 

To avoid having any concerns about consuming plant products that may contain some chemicals, you can manually remove the weeds in your yard. 

Disadvantages of pulling weeds

While pulling weeds is excellent for safety against using chemicals and effectively killing weeds, there are some downsides to choosing this method, as explained below.

  1. Specific soil requirements needed

To effectively eliminate weeds by pulling them out, you must wet your soil to lose its particles and make it easier to uproot the weeds. 

Pulling out weeds without wetting your soil will only remove the weed at the surface level while the root remains. With the root still alive, the weed can grow back up.

  1. Time-consuming and labor-intensive

Pulling out may be an organic process, but accomplishing it takes more time and energy. You must squat, bend, or kneel while pulling out weeds. With a good weed puller tool, you can be in a standing position. 

Manually pulling out weeds will take time and strength when working with a large area. This method is only ideal for you if you have a lot of time.

What Are The Advantages of Spraying?

What Are The Advantages of Spraying?

Spraying is a weed control method that involves the application of herbicides to certain plants. This method is relatively easy and offers other perks we will discuss below. 

  1. Time-saving and involves less work.

This method can successfully eliminate many weeds using your spray option. It saves a lot of time and energy compared to pulling the weeds. It is because spraying lets you stand, get the job done quickly, and don’t need to remain in one spot for a long time. 

  1. Great for eliminating more weeds

When you stand before a field covered with weeds, picturing yourself pulling them out one by one can give you a headache, but with your spray and chemicals, the work is more bearable. This method is excellent for working in ample space, and you don’t have to worry about getting tired quickly.

  1. Prevent new weeds from growing.

Using pre-emergence chemicals can prevent the seeds of weeds from growing, so you will be free from weeds after getting rid of the previous ones. 

When using this type of herbicide, you must adhere strictly to instructions and be careful because it can also kill the seeds of your valuable plant.

Disadvantages of spraying 

With the great benefits of spraying the weeds in your yard, you should know that using these procedures has disadvantages. Here are some downsides of spraying you need to consider before choosing it. 

  1. Chemicals are not environmentally friendly.

Using chemicals is harmful to the environment as it is a cause of pollution. Chemicals like herbicides applied to the soil can be washed away by rain into nearby water bodies. These chemicals can cause harm to the living creatures in the water and the users as well. 

  1. It can be harmful to humans and animals.

Some chemicals harm animals that consume plant products or soil laced with them. It is also harmful to humans as contact with some chemicals can cause skin irritation, and contact with some body parts can cause severe damage. 

  1. Does not produce instant results

When pulling out weeds, the result is clear as day because your yard will be all clean. With chemicals, it requires days for the effect to show and for the weeds to be killed, and you will still need to pull out the dead weeds after this process. 

Is It Better To Pull Weeds Or Spray?

Is It Better To Pull Weeds Or Spray?

The method that will be better for you highly depends on your situation. You should pull out weeds if they are shallow, small, and scattered in your yard. You can use this method if you prefer a bit of vigor or physical activity during this task.

You will most likely need chemicals when dealing with ample space and weeds deep down in the soil. Chemicals also come in handy if you need to save time and are dealing with many weeds in a specific area. 


You may be faced with pulling the weeds in your outdoor space or using chemicals to tackle them. This article should have informed you of your best option in different scenarios. 

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If you are faced with non-challenging weeds, you should go for pulling, but if the task is more challenging, you can use chemicals. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each method also helps you choose which option is best for you. 

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