4-cycle Weed Eater

Is a 4-cycle Weed Eater Better Than a 2-cycle?

Weed eater is an essential gardening tool, drastically reducing the drudgery associated with trimming our lawns. These weed eaters come in various types and sizes, and the 2 main types are: the 4-cycle Weed eaters and the 2-cycle?

The 2-cycle and 4-cycle weed eaters are excellent at trimming grasses, but they have differences that endear them to their user’s hearts.

The 2-cycle weed eaters are powerful, even though they are lightweight and noisier. The 4-cycle weed eaters, on the other hand, are quieter and more expensive.

If you are wondering which of the 2 weed eaters is good for you, then come along as we discover all there is to know about 2-cycle and 4-cycle weed eaters.

What Exactly Are Engine Cycle?

It is almost cliche to about 2-cycle and 4-cycle, while in the real sense, it is a lot of science that we will try to simplify. When we say engine cycles, we are referring to the process of converting heat to work.

An engine’s cycle starts when it receives fuel which it burns in the combustion chamber. This burning of fuel brings about the generation of power, and the relieving of exhaust gases brings one engine cycle to an end.

The number of movements that a piston goes through to complete 1 cycle is called strokes. Hence, a 2-stroke engine, also known as a 2-cycle engine, produces mechanical power on its second stroke.

For the first cycle, the spark plugs cause ignition, thereby causing the combustion of compressed fuel and air. It can be said that a 2-cycle weed eater has 2 strokes, which are the up and down strokes.

Because of this engine’s simple operation and less moving parts, the weed eater is light and does not tire the hands easily.

The first stroke of a 4-cycle weed eater with a 4-stroke engine starts when the valve opens, the piston moves down, and a mixture of air and gas comes in.

When the piston has reached its lowest point, and then the crankshaft pushes it up, compressing the air and gas, that is the second stroke. With the gas compressed, the valve closes.

When the piston has reached the top, the spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture, thus creating power that pushes the piston down again, which is the 3rd stroke.

The 4th and final stroke is reached when the crankshaft pushes up the piston, which causes the exhaust valve to open, forcing the gas to go out.

Is a 4-cycle Weed Eater Better Than a 2-cycle?

There are lots of similarities and differences between the 4-cycle Weed Eater and a 2-cycle, and the question of which is better than the other depends on individual preference. Below, we are going to x-ray the different qualities that distinguish one weed eater from the other:

1. Durability

Because of the amount of work that it takes a 4-cycle weed eater to generate power, it requires that the material used in making them is very sturdy to withstand the stress; hence these weed eaters are more durable than the 2-cycle weed eater, which weigh less and easily breakdown on prolonged use.

2. Engine And The Power Output

The engine of a 4-cycle weed eater generates power on the 4th stroke while that of a 2-cycle weed eater does so on the 2 strokes; this automatically means that the latter generates more power per time than the former. Find out why your Echo Weed Eater Won’t Start.

3. Fuel Economy

The 4-cycle weed eater has a better fuel economy than the 2-cycle weed eater, and this is because the 4-cycle unit burns gas cleaner and the exhaust gas goes away on an independent step, unlike in the 2-cycle weed eater in which the exhaust gas does not get completely removed, and this means that the gas does not burn efficiently.

4. Weight And Size

Even though the 2-cycle and 4-cycle weed eaters are all heavy, the 2-cycle weed eater is less heavy than the 4-cycle unit. The implication is that the reduced weight gives them more cutting experience and power.

5. Cost

It is very obvious that the 2-cycle weed is cheaper than the 4-cycle counterpart, and this is so because its engine and operation are simpler, unlike what you have in the 4-cycle weed eater, which is a complex engine with more parts and more costly.

6. Noise Levels

The fact that 4-cycle weed eaters have a dedicated 3rd cycle for ignition and combustion means they are much quieter than you should expect. Secondly, the exhaust gases they emit are released in the 4th stroke, making it even less noisy.

These features are not found in the 2-cycle weed eater, which is why they produce more noise. A 2-cycle weed eater can produce a sound of more than 90dB, so you should protect your ear from such sound when using the device.

7. Pollution Levels

Even though both the 2-cycle and the 4-cycle weed eater pollute the environment because they use gas that emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the 4-cycle weed eater produces less pollutants because of the stages it goes through to produce power, which makes it more Eco-friendly.

Our Verdict

From our analysis below, you can see that each of them has unique selling points and downsides. So it is up to you to choose based on what you consider a priority.

So if you want a lightweight weed eater that is cheaper and produces more power, you should go for a 2-cycle weed eater.

If, however, you are concerned about the amount of pollutants and noise you will release into the atmosphere and want a unit that does not consume too much gas, then the 4-cycle weed eater is for you.

Similarities Between the 4-Cycle And 2-Cycle Weed Eaters

There are many similarities between the 4-Cycle and the 2-Cycle weed eater, especially in terms of function. They are both used for cutting weeds and grasses and are powerful tools that make trimming your lawn look like a walk in the park.

The 2-cycle and 4-cycle weed eaters require proper maintenance; hence you should adhere to the prescribed maintenance regime.

For the 2-cycle weed eater, you must maintain a certain oil and gas ratio if they function properly, whereas you have to be careful with storing the 4- cycle weed eater.

Most 2-cycle and 4-cycle weed eaters have the same tube length, even though there are versions with shorter tubes meant mostly for women.

Almost all weed eaters have the same cutting width range, usually from 17 to 18 inches; this is the case with even electric weed eaters. There are just a few models that have variations in their cutting width.

Best 2-Cycle Weed Eaters

There are some 2-cycle weed eaters that you can shop for, but here are a few picks of the best that we found:

1. Husqvarna 128LD Straight-Shaft Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

This is a high-quality weed eater that has proven to be able to deliver well above expectations. It is lightweight and has a custom-designed T25 trimmer head that ensures easy loading.


1. With the weight of this weed eater at 11 pounds, It is lightweight

2. Its engine of 28cc is very powerful.

3. The width of the cutting edge is 17 inches, and its shaft is straight.

4. its Dimensions is : 12.2 x 10.2 x 57 inches


1. It is a powerful weed eater that can deliver regularly.

2. It has a translucent tank that shows you how much gas you have left.

3. This unit is equipped with an air purge primer bulb that helps remove unwanted air from the device.

4. They are relatively inexpensive.

2. Remington RM2510 Curved Shaft Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

This weed eater is designed with ease of use and the safety of users in mind. This improved ergonomics has its consequences: reduced cutting edge and increased weight.


1. This 2-stroke weed eater has an engine 25 cc-power output.

2. Its Dimension is 11.8 x 10.6 x 39 inches and has a cutting width of 16 inches.

3. It Weights 13.4 pounds, while its shaft is curved.


1. It is a very easy and safe machine to use.

2. The product is durable

3. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

3. Hitachi CG23ECPSL Straight-Shaft Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

This product is a hit with users because of its reduced pollution levels that do not come at reduced power. The warranty and weight are other reasons many people buy this weed eater.


1. It has an Engine output of 22.5 ccs.

2. Its Cutting width is 17inches while its Dimensions are: 70 x 8 x 8 inches

3. It weighs just 10.3 pounds and has a straight shaft.


1. It has a 7-year warranty.

2. It is eco-friendly.

3. It is easy to maintain.

4. It is designed with an anti-vibration system that uses fatigue as you use the product

Best 4-Cycle Weed Eaters

Here is our best choice for 4-cycle weed eaters.

1. Husqvarna 967055801 4-Cycle Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

This 4-cycle weed eater is relatively lightweight at 17 pounds, yet it is an efficient machine that gives very good output. It is easy to assemble and use and is very durable too


1. It engine has an output of 24 ccs.

2. It is lightweight ( it weighs 17 pounds) and has a cutting width of 18-inch

3. It has a straight shaft.


1. It is easy to assemble

2. It is easy to use

3. It has an air purge mechanism that easily removes air.

4. It has a very improved starting up process

2. TB575 4-Cycle Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

This is a powerful yet reasonably priced weed eater with a jump-start cable engine. This weed eater is easy to use and works efficiently too.


1. It has an engine whose output is 29 cc

2. It weighs 18 pounds and has a cutting width of 17-inch

3. It has a straight shaft.


1. It has a very powerful engine.

2. It is inexpensive.

3. It has a speed spool with 2 bump heads that make the reloading time of the line very minimal.

3. Makita EM2652LHN 4-Cycle Gas Weed Eater

4-cycle Weed Eater

Like all 4-cycle weed eaters, this weed eater is heavy and has a powerful engine. Its unique selling point is its quick start-up and anti-vibration handle.


1. It has an engine that has an out of 25.4cc

2. It weighs 20 pounds.

3. It has a cutting width of 17cm


1. It has a multiple position lubrication system.

2. The weed eater is designed with an anti-vibration and quick start-up handle.

3. Its heavy-duty dual-stage air filter is easy to be accessed and replaced.


You can see that the question of which weed eater is better than the other: the 2-cycle weed eater or its 4-cycle counterpart, does not have a straight answer because each of these weed eaters has its own merits and demerits, and the choice you make depends on your preferences.

However, 2-cycle weed eaters produce comparatively more output and are also lightweight. At the same time, the 4-cycle weed eaters are more Eco-friendly because they produce fewer pollutants and also have a fuel economy.

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