What Pots Are Good For Succulents

What Pots Are Good For Succulents? (Tips For Gardening)

Succulents are fast becoming plant-of-choice for most gardeners, probably because of their aesthetic appeal or low-maintenance plants. The truth remains that they are becoming popular by the day.

These plants are usually grown in pots where they are kept indoors or outdoors, but these pots must be breathable, have good drainage, and be of the right size and material.

You will find several pots online and in stores that are great for your succulents. Still, the Goodman and Wife Terracotta Planters got our attention, especially because they are efficient, stylish, and affordable.

What Exactly Are Succulents?

Succulents are very special kinds of distinctive plants because their leaves are different from those of other plants. Succulents characteristically can be identified by these traits:

1. Their leaves are rubbery and thicker than other plant’s

2. They have shallow root systems.

3. They usually don’t do well in wet soil soils with high water-holding capacity and are not good for succulents.

4. They store water in their leaves, making them able to withstand drought successfully.

There are different types, sizes, and shapes of succulents. Some thrive in very hot weather where the soil is dry and in arid places like deserts.

These are the ones that love full sun, and examples include Jade plants and cacti. Orchids, Easter and Christmas Cactus, and Euphorbias are examples of succulents producing flowers.

Choosing What Pots Are Good For Succulents

If you want your Succulents to grow and remain healthy, you must choose the right pot. This is not about getting a pot that beautifies your space alone but provides the optimum growth condition that they require to stay alive, bloom, and propagate. Here are the considerations you have to keep in mind while looking for a pot for succulents:

1. The Size Of The Pot

When you are shopping for a pot for your succulent, always go for ones that are big enough for the plant; it is best to get oversized pots that have about an inch or 2 extra space in the circumference and have extra room for the roots of the plant to grow than a small pot that does not have enough space for the root of the plant to thrive.

2. Material The Pot Is Made Of 

Pots for growing succulents are made of different materials, including resins, plastic, wood, terracotta, or ceramic. But ceramics and terracotta are the best materials for making pots for planting succulents; they are breathable and encourage proper drainage, especially as succulents do not need excess water.

4. The Style Of The Pot

Even though the style of the pot does not have a practical value for the succulents you are planting in it, it must match the architectural design of your space and personal preference.

For example, aloe vera, an upright growing plant, looks better in tall pots, while low-growing succulents like Echeveria are best planted in shorter pots. If you have plants like String of Pearls that trail, the best pots are shallow or hanging pots.

5. Drainage

Since we drummed it already that succulents do not love a lot of water, in the center, you will need a pot that can drain the excess water out of the soil. Hence, drainage holes should be made at the bottom of all posts that hold succulents, where water can drain.

6. Breathable

What do I mean by a breathable pot, I hear you ask? Porous pots such as terracotta pots are very breathable. Terracotta soaks up water and removes any excess from the plant’s soil, which is convenient if you grow succulents or cacti.

Terracotta pots are a good example of a breathable pot because they are porous and soak up water and remove it from the soil. This encourages the plant to grow with as little water as it needs. So any pot you use must have the ability to allow air and water to pass through it.

Why The Size Of The Pot Succulents Very Important

If you are new to growing Succulents, you might have issues choosing the right pot size. The pot size will determine if your plant grows well or otherwise because too big or too small pots all have their issues.

If the pot is too small for the succulent, it can affect the plant’s health because it will cause the root to be constricted, and so, the plant will not grow quickly despite all the other growth conditions being adequate.

The plant’s roots caused this stunted growth and did not gain access to the right amount of nutrients because the small pot can only hold a small amount of soil and a small extension amount of nutrients.

While we know that plants will not thrive in small pots, that doesn’t mean that we get pots that are just too big for the plant. You might be thinking of giving your Succulents enough space and nutrients t to grow, but this will have the opposite effect.

When the pot is too big, the amount of soil in the pot is too big, resulting in the soil retaining more water than the plant needs. This excess water available due to a large amount of soil can be detrimental to your roots.

Another important consideration you also have to keep in mind is the depth of the pot. Pots that are deeper than necessary hold too much soul, which will cause the pot to hold more water than your Succulents do not need.

You should also remember that these plants are shallow-rooted plants meaning that deep pots are not ideal for them, so you need shallow pots.

How to Determine the Correct Pot Size

In choosing a pot for your Succulents, it is recommended that you get a lot that is 10% larger in diameter than the widest point of the plant. For instance, if the widest point of your plant is 5 inches, then your pot should not be more than 5.5 inches.

How The Right Pot For Your Plant

You might not need to change your plant pot at all. Your plant will usually try and tell you whether they are happy in their pot or not. Here are some signs to look out for that indicate that your plant isn’t happy in its pot.

Even if the size of your pot is right, it doesn’t mean that your plant will thrive in it. So, if you have provided the right growth condition for tour succulents to grow and you notice some of the points we will mention below, then change the pot the succulent is growing in as it is not adequate.

The Plant Starts Wilting

Water is usually the cause of wilting with succulents. Too much water and lack of it will cause your plants to wilt. At this point, you have to think of your watering regime and see if you are given enough or too much water, and if you know that you are giving the ideal amount and that the pot has drainage holes, then it is time for you to change the type and size of your pot.

The Plant Show Discoloration

When the leaves of your succulents begin to turn yellow, or you notice black or brown spots on their leaves and stem, it means you have a problem with them.

It indicates that they are getting too much water, so if you are following the right watering guidelines, the issue is with your pot, which you will need to change. Re-pot the plant to a pot made of the right material, the right size, with well-drained soil.

The Plant’s Growth Becomes Stunted

Determining whether your plant has stopped growing can be difficult if it is a slow-growing species, but if the plant is not flowering when it is supposed to, then that is a big enough sign of changes in growth patterns.

Anytime you feel that your plant’s growth is not progressive, it means either the growth condition is not inadequate, or the potting system has a problem.

If you are sure that your plant is receiving all the parameters for proper growth, you should turn your attention to the pot: its size, material, and depth and see what needs changing.

The Best Pots For Succulents

If you are looking to buy a pot for growing your succulent plants, you will need pots made of the right material and ideal for your plants. There are lots of these pots, but we have taken the liberty of choosing some of the best you can find around:

1. The Goodman and Wife Terracotta Planters

What Pots Are Good For Succulents

We consider this product the overall best pot for planting succulents because it is made of premium unglazed terracotta, which is permeable, thus allowing water and air to freely pass through its wall, which is what succulents need: a pot that allows too much water to be soaked out of the soil. This unglazed terracotta planter dries out fast, which means the issue of over-watering your plant is almost impossible.


1. It is made of unglazed terracotta

2. The pot comes in pairs.

3. Each pot measures 3.25 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide.

4. The pots all come with a saucer.


1. It has a sleek and stylish design.

2. You can hardly ever over-water with this pot.

3. The matching saucers help collect water so that it doesn’t drain to the ground, making it great for indoors.

2. NCYP Gold Glass Geometric Terrarium

What Pots Are Good For Succulents

If you are looking for a fancy planter to grow small succulent plants, then the NCYP Gold Glass Geometric Terrarium is what you need. This pentagon-shaped planter which is minute and cute, sure accentuates the beauty of your space.


1. It is shaped like a pentagon-.

2. It is very small in size.

3. It is made of glass.

4. It is not watertight, so you will need to affect an absorbent material into the soil so that it doesn’t leak.


1. This cute little geometric glass vessel is a very beautiful piece that can fit on your table. It has gold metal accents but is also available in black or silver metal trim.

2. . It has some versatility because Its open face can be turned to point either up or to one side, so you can play around with the look.

3. It has a Modern geometric design and also comes I. 3 metallic finishes.

3. Novelty Full Depth Cylinder Pot

What Pots Are Good For Succulents

We dubbed this: The best hanging planter because the brand: Novelty which is renowned for creating attractive, durable, and affordable lawn and garden products, outdone themselves with these plastic cylinder pots that you will love.


1. They are made with 5-recyclable polypropylene, a very good plastic.

2. They are lightweight, making them a good alternative to ceramics that are always expensive and fragile. These products come in different sizes, starting with 6 inches.

3. They come in pairs and also have a built-in tray to keep water from getting to your decks, patios or any surface where you keep it, especially indoors.

4. . The depth of these pots makes them best for tall succulent varieties.


1. These beautiful pieces are sleek and have a glossy finish.

2. Although they are not as breathable as terracotta, they still make for adequate drainage.

4. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

What Pots Are Good For Succulents

This is a high-quality planter made from premium ceramic and has a matte finish. It is a great option for planting succulents that trail or spill like a string of Pearl and Donkey Tail.


1. It is made of sturdy ceramic and has a matte finish.

2. It comes with a lightweight and durable polyester rope that you can adjust accordingly.

3. The pot has a detachable rubber plug that ensures that the dirt stays inside the pot.


1. It is made of premium materials.

2. The matte finish looks good.


Succulents are a great addition to the aesthetic plants we have around us, and the great thing about them is that they are usually planted in a pot.

You, however, have to use pots that, amongst other things breathable, and of the right size if you want your plant to thrive.

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