Best Lightweight Lawnmower

What Is The Best Lightweight Lawnmower?

Mowing your lawn and fixing your garden are 2 good ways of getting practical exercise to keep you fit and fresh air to keep you cool.

If you have the right tool, you can remove the drudgery associated with these chores, and one way you can do this is by using a lightweight lawnmower.

Whether you are a small person who does not want a lawnmower that would be too heavy to work with, an older person who is not strong enough for heavier equipment, or even a physically challenged person who needs to keep his surroundings clean, using a lightweight lawnmower will make your chore easier.

The EGO 20 in. Walk Behind-Self Propelled; Cordless Mower Kit is one of the best lightweight lawnmowers that fits every category of users.

Why You Need A Lightweight Lawnmower

Many people want to stay active and gain a legitimate reason to stay outdoors and soak up some sun rays, and one of the ways they do this is by mowing their lawn.

This chore can be a little tasking; you must get the right kind of lawn mower to be comfortable working with.

There are a few reasons why you will need a lightweight mower, and one of them is the size of your lawn. You will be tempted to buy a big and heavy lawnmower if you have a large expanse of land in your house or deal with a big lawn used for specific purposes like sports.

However, if you have a very small piece of lawn, there will be no need to get a big and heavyweight lawnmower to take care of the small lawn.

Another reason why many people go for lightweight lawnmowers is that they are less expensive than most heavy ones, so if you are shopping on a budget, your best option would be to buy a good lightweight lawnmower.

For many aged people who love gardening and other such outdoor chores, their best bet is to use a lightweight lawnmower because it is a lot of stress working with heavy equipment that can sap their strength and discourage them from mowing their lawns.

However, a lightweight lawnmower will make the chore a hobby for them and also helps them maintain their activity levels, mobility, and independence.

People of small stature or others who have any physical challenge cannot work efficiently with heavy equipment because it will weigh them down; hence, lightweight lawnmowers are their best bet because they enable them to take care of the lawn while still feeling invigorated and not exhausted.

Lightweight Lawnmower Buying Guide

When shopping for a lightweight lawnmower, there are several things you have to keep in mind; this is to ensure that you have safe mowing anytime you use the equipment and enjoy yourself while you are at it. Some of the factors you have to remember when looking to buy a lawnmower include:

1. Gas Or An Electric Lawnmower

While there are different categories of lawnmowers, the main variations nowadays are Gas-powered lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers. 

Before now, you are torn between a manual push reel-style mower or a gas-powered lawnmower, but all of this has changed drastically.

Electric lawnmowers are some of the most common lightweight lawnmowers, and some of them are cordless lawnmowers powered by batteries. They all have the following advantages:

1. They are usually more Lightweight than gas lawnmowers.

2. Because they are lighter in weight, they are easier to maneuver because they technically have fewer moving parts.

3. They are so easier and cheaper to maintain. You will only need to charge the battery or buy a new one and replace and sharpen the blades.

Advantages of Gas-powered Mower:

1. They usually have more power than electric lawnmowers, which can be easily used to cut long and even wet grasses.

2. They are usually more durable than electric lawnmowers, and they so have .ore useful lifespan.

3. Because they are cordless, they can be used to mow a very large lawn without any encumbrance from a cable.

You, however, have to remember that gas lawns require more maintenance and are usually heavier than electric lawnmowers.

2. Self Propelled or Push Mower

Suppose you fall into any categories of the people we mentioned earlier, who we say are typically the people who always go for a lightweight lawnmower. In that case, you do want to mow your lawn with minimal effort, and this is a self-propelled offer.

The self-propelled mower has a drive system that will keep the lawnmower moving forward when engaged. However, because of the drive gearing of self-propelled lawnmowers, they are heavier than push mowers.

Push mowers are engineered so that it has an engine to propel the blades but does not have a drive system to move the mower forward. 

This means you will have to push the machine while you are walking. They are lightweight but also a little strenuous pushing the lawnmower.

3. Ease Of Maneuverability

Self-propelled mowers are a joy to use if you are moving only in a straight line, but they become cumbersome if you have to move the lawnmower backward or want to work in an awkward angle or tight spot; you will find it very difficult.

Push mowers offer easy maneuverability, especially in tight spots, because you can easily move them back. After all, they are lighter.

4. Transportability And Storage

If you are downsizing or like to keep a nice and tidy garage or shed, it is important to consider where you will be storing your lawn mower.

Many newer lawn mowers have folding handles and can be stored in an upright position to give you maximum storage and minimize tripping over handles that may be in the way.

This might not be an issue for you if you have a large space in your house, but if you are like many people who lack space in their homes, you must consider if you have a place to keep the lawnmower you buy.

Secondly, if you will be transporting the unit from one point to another, you want a lawnmower with wheels that can make movement very easy. These days, some lawnmowers have folding handles, so they do not take up space when transported or stored.

5. Price

This is one of the most important considerations that define what kind of lawnmower you can buy. Usually, lawnmowers that are pricey are of high quality and durability, which you should go for; however, many other lawnmowers are relatively inexpensive and can still serve you well.

Corded electric mowers are about the cheapest option. However, your lawn must be close to the front or back door because the cord is never long enough to cover a large lawn. You will have to get an outdoor extension cable to use it for bigger lawns.

Cordless mowers are usually more expensive than other types of lawnmower because it is more practical and convenient to use on any lawn.

6. The Cutting Width Of The Lawnmower

This is another important factor determining how long it will take you to mow a given lawn. Lawnmowers with large cutting widths are preferable because you can cut a large lawn in little time; however, the downside with these machines is that they are heavier, bigger, and more expensive. Most media to large lawn mowers have a 34 to 44cm cutting width, while smaller units are usually between 25cm and 34cm.

The Best Lightweight Lawnmower?

This is a very difficult question to answer because many lawnmowers are lightweight and still offer premium performance. Below are some of the best lightweight lawnmowers around:

1. Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Lightweight Lawnmower

This is an electric lawn mower powered by batteries; it is lightweight, making it ideal for the elderly and small people. This lawnmower is easily maneuvered and has a 16” cutting swath. You can adjust the cutting height of this machine with a single handle, and the 4 wheels will lower at once.


1. It weights 37.5 lbs

2. It has a 16 inches cutting swath.

3. It has 60 min of run time

The Unique Selling Point

This lawnmower has the following features:

1. It is an electric lawn mower powered by a battery.

2. It is a push mower.

3. It is very easy to maneuver, as common with most push mowers.

4. It is easy to store because of its foldable handle.

5. It comes with a bag.

2. EGO 20 in. Walk Behind-Self Propelled, Cordless Mower Kit

Best Lightweight Lawnmower

This is a self-propelled electric mower that has a drive system that, when engaged, will propel the lawnmower forward. This unit is ideal for working on a large lawn because it has a 20-inch cutting deck.


1. It has 60 minutes of run time.

2. It weighs 165 pounds

3. It has a 7.5 Ah 56-Volt battery

Unique Selling Point

1. It is a self-propelled lawnmower

2. It comes with a mulch or a side discharge compatible bag.

3. It is very durable.

3. Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Best Lightweight Lawnmower

This is a lightweight electric lawn mower that is powered by batteries. It is a simple machine to use because it can be maneuvered easily. It is a lawnmower ideal for seniors and people who have a small lawn.


1. Batteries power it

2. It is a push-only lawnmower

3. It has 60 minute run time

4. It weighs 33.8 pounds

The Unique Selling Points

1. The unit comes with a mulch/bag clippings

2. The height of the machine can be easily adjusted.

3. It has foldable handles that make how easy to store and transportation.

4. Flymo EasiGlide Plus 330V: The Best Mower for Sloping or Uneven Gardens

Best Lightweight Lawnmower

The brand is very popular amongst people with small lawns because its products are easy to use and quite inexpensive.

It is a hover mower, which means that it rides smoothly on a cushion of air while the string cuts the grass. You are not stressed out with this unit as you mow your lawn.

You, however, have to empty the bag a little more frequently than usual so that the bag does not drag along the ground because of the weight.


1. It is a weight of 8.4kg.

2. The cable length is 10m.

3. It has a cut width of 33cm, while the height of the cut is 1 to 3cm.

Unique Selling Point

1. They are affordable and easy to use.

2. It has a 20l integrated grass collector, which lifts out smoothly, ensuring that few or no grass clippings are left.

3. It has a foldable handle that folds across the body for easy storage.

5. Bosch AHM 38G: The Best Manual Mower for Small Gardens

Best Lightweight Lawnmower

This is a manual lawnmower that you power with your strength; this unit is not meant for people who are weak or elderly because it requires a lot of energy to work with this lawnmower. It has a sharp, 5-bladed cylinder and a rear roller with a striped effect.


1. The grass box capacity is 25l.

2. It has a cutting width of 38cm.

3. It weighs 9 3kg and gas a height of cut of 1.5 to 3 3 cm

4. It is cordless, has no engine, and so you provide the power yourself.

Unique Selling Point

1. It cuts very efficiently.

2. It is quite cheap and even easier to use.

3. It is cordless and does not use gas or electricity, making it a money saver.

The Verdict

If we choose one out of these lawnmowers we have talked about already; we will go for Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower.

This is just our opinion; there are other lightweight lawnmowers that you can find online and in stores that you might prefer; it all boils down to your preference.


Lawnmowers are a very important piece of equipment in the arsenal of any home because it helps us achieve a well-trimmed lawn.

There are different types of lightweight Lawnmowers, just as there are different brands that make them, and in choosing the best for your lawn, ensure that you consider the price, the cut, and the type of lawnmower that will suit you.

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