Weed Puller Tool – How Does Weed Puller Works? (Best Weed Puller Tool To Buy)

Removing weed from your flower beds or your lawn can be exhausting. But thanks to the modern world, we now have a weed puller that takes a lot of effort away from this task and makes your work easier and faster.

If you’ve ever had trouble using a weed puller and you find yourself asking, “How does a weed puller works? Fortunately, in this article, we will be telling you just that; we will also be recommending the best weed puller you can use to simplify your chore.

What is a Weed Puller Tool?

Picture this: being able to weed your flower beds without having to bend down or cover your hand with dirt. There is no doubt that you have gotten the picture, and that’s exactly what a weed puller does.

The long handle that is about 39inches helps you to pull out weed from the root without having to bend over or get down on your knees. 

They are suitable for stubborn weeds, and if you constantly have to deal with weeds, you may be interested in this.

Do Weed Pullers Really Work?

It may seem strange that a piece of equipment out there helps you pull out stubborn weeds along with its root using minimal effort, but it’s true. Weed pullers are real, and they work.

Its working mechanism is not like anything you’ve seen before, and it is easy to maneuver and use. We will talk more about how a weed puller works in the next section.

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How Does a Weed Puller Work?

To remove weeds from your lawn or flower bed using a weed puller, take the claws and put them around the weed, then you push the blades down with your foot.

Place your foot on the foot pedal provided and force the blades in properly; after that, turn the weed puller clockwise in a 360 degrees spin.

After the spin, the weed puller pulls out the entire weed, including the root. A plunger is located at the top of the handle; you will use that to release the weed from the weed puller.

Best Weed Puller Tool to Buy

After intensive research through the net, we have compiled the best weed pullers that are durable and easy to use.

1. Fizkars Xact Weed Puller

Weed Puller Tool

This weed puller is easy to use with a diameter of 4cm and a handle length of 1m. It weighs 950g and is made of steel and plastic. This weed puller comes in only two colors which include black and orange.

Key features

  1. Comfortable nonslip handle
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Sturdy foot pedal
  4. Handle made of glass

This weed puller traps weed 10cm into the ground, pulls out the weed, including the root; thanks to the claws, the plunger at the handle releases the claws making the weed fall off.

It also enables you to work in an upright position without putting strain on your back and shoulders muscles. It is lightweight and offers almost anybody the chance to use it; it is sturdy and should last a long time.

The disadvantage of this weed puller is that it is not easily stored and can not be used close to walls or fences; it requires little space to function.

2. Grampa’s Weeder

Weed Puller Tool

This weeding tool has a dimension of 119 × 24 ×4cm; it weighs 1m and has earned a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

Key features

  1. Effective lever action
  2. Durable construction

This weed puller is easy to utilize, and its lightweight makes that possible; it works on a wide range of weeds. However, the grandpa’s feeder is expensive for just a simple tool; the claws are short, making pulling out weed difficult.

3. AMES Steel Stand up Weeder

Weed Puller Tool

This weed puller weighs 3.6 pounds and has a dimension of 3 × 12 × 40 inches.

Key features

  1. Durability prevents easy bending
  2. Ejection slide that helps you remove the weed from the claws

The AMES weed puller is easy to use and sturdy. The handle of this weed puller which is 40 inches, makes it easy to pull out weed without bending down. The ejection slide that removes weed makes it easier to use this tool.

The only problem with this weed puller is that it may not remove all types of weed like thistles. This weed puller can be used on clay soil, but it becomes difficult to get the clay off the claws.

4. Worth Garden stand-up Weeder

Weed Puller Tool

This weed puller tool weighs 2.4 pounds and has a dimension of 7.1 × 2 × 34inches.

Key Features 

  1. Sturdy foot pedal
  2. Five-pointed claw
  3. Great construction

You don’t have to go down on your knees with this weed puller that has a handle 34 inches long; it also has a five-pointed claw designed to have a better grip on weeds and pull it out in one go in any soul type.

It is durable and offers a well-padded handle for comfort while using and avoiding bruises; the Worth garden weed puller also includes a 3-year warranty.

However, this weed puller cannot be used for large weeds, but it can fit into tiny cracks to pull a weed. Its handle is not that long and will pose a problem for tall people.

5. Corona GT 3040

Weed Puller Tool

This weed puller weighs 1.4 pounds which makes it suitable for anyone to use; it also has a dimension of 1.75 × 0.5 × 30inches

Key features

  1. Adjustable handle that can extend from 18 inches to 32 inches
  2. Padded handles
  3. The head of the weed puller is heat-treated

This weed pulling tool is suitable for anyone as it is lightweight and has an adjustable handle. It is sturdy, easy to use, durable, and easy to maneuver; it also has a reasonable price. The high-impact thermoplastic ferrule on the handle makes gripping this tool comfortable and textured.

It has a high-quality coating that makes the material rust-resistant; it also has a hanging ring, that way, you won’t have to keep this weed puller in an awkward position.

Things to Watch out for Before Buying Weed Puller Tools

There is always a buyer’s guide for every piece of equipment, and for a weed puller tool, the requirements are few.

1. Materials

You would want to go for weed pullers made of sturdy and durable materials as they last longer than a tool made from weak materials. On that note, your claws or plates should be made from metals resistant to bending and rusting, the best material for this is stainless steel.

Handles should be made from wood and not plastic. Plastic may be lightweight, but it is weak and does not last long. The handles should also have a padded grip for comfort and to reduce hand fatigue when working.

2. Design

The design of every weed puller is such that it is designed to pull out different types of weeds. Smaller tools are perfect for short grasses, while longer L-shaped and Y-shaped tools pull out longer grass.

Some weed pullers are designed to fit through small cracks, while others are not. Some are designed to be used on clay soil, while others are not.

So it is recommended that you know if the weeds in your yard are buried between rocks, and you should also be informed about what type of soil you have on your premises. This is because it is harder to use a weed puller on clay soil, and only a few of these tools are designed for this purpose.

3. Handle length 

If you purchase a weed puller with a handle that is way too short, you will end up bending or going down on your knees. If you are not in for the physical strain, you should purchase a weed puller with a longer handle.

You must get the feel of garden tools in your hand before making an order. This way, you will know if a long or short weed puller is good for you.

4. Function

A weed puller can be used to remove just regular weeds, or it can remove weeds that lie between cracks. It is best to know the position or location of the weed you will be pulling out before purchasing, as different weed pullers have different functions.

How Do You Pull a Weed?

When pulling out a weed, you need to endure that the root is pulled out, which prevents the weed from growing back. All you need to do is push the claws of your tool into the ground and make sure it has a good grip on the weeds.

Twist the handle to pull out the weed; this can be done with the help of a foot pedal. After pulling out the weed, you can push it out of the claws using an ejection slide.


Weed pullers are helpful to make your job easier when removing weeds from your lawn. We have recommended the best weed pulling tools that are durable, easy to use and maneuver, and most of all affordable.

You should always be aware of the buyer’s guide before purchasing a weed puller tool. This way, you know what type of weed puller to buy in terms of size, design, material, and function. You should also know how this tool works, just in case, it does not come with an instruction booklet.

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