Retractable Garden Hose

Retractable Garden Hose – Best Retractable Garden Hose (What to Look Out For)

With a lot of important tasks waiting for you, watering your lawn is the last thing on your list, and it doesn’t help that your hose tangles up and makes your job more difficult. Fortunately, retractable garden hoses are made to simplify your work.

We will be recommending the best retractable hoses below, all of which are manufactured by reputable companies. We will also discuss what to look out for when purchasing retractable garden hoses, so keep reading to find out all of these pieces of information.

Are Retractable Garden Hoses Good?

Retractable hoses are good for several reasons. Unlike regular hoses, retractable hoses do not tangle or kink; this makes your job using a hose easier. They are basically neat but still accessible.

Retractable hoses are relatively lightweight and require little or no effort to get them to the reel, unlike manual hoses. This modified hose makes things a lot better, but it’s more expensive than the other hoses.

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What Should I Look for in a Retractable Garden Hose?

Before purchasing a retractable garden hose, you should ensure that it has all the necessary features. Here are some things to look out for when purchasing a retractable garden hose.


This is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing a retractable hose. Some of these hoses can be mounted on the wall for easy accessibility to do chores like watering your lawn, bathing your dog, or even washing your car.

Length of the hose

The length of your hose greatly affects how you use this hose in your yard. If you own a small space, you should get a hose that is not very long, but if you own a large space, you should purchase a hose that is long enough to reach several places in your yard.

The length of a hose can vary between 25 feet to 100 feet. But this length depends on what the hose is being used for and the size of your yard.

Hose Diameter 

Just like the length, the diameter of a hose is also essential. It determines the pressure at which your water flows out and the amount of water you get. The standard diameter is ⅓ inch, but you may find others with a diameter of ⅝ inches or ¾ inches.

The ⅝ inches hose will have more water flow due to its high pressure, but it also weighs a lot, so if you are looking for a hose with a controlled water flow, you should opt for the ⅓ inch hose that weighs relatively less.


Just like the length and diameter vary, the material used to make these retractable hoses also varies. Most hoses are made of polyurethane or rubber. Vinyl is the cheapest material, but it is not long-lasting; they are prone to slacking and splitting.

However, rubber hoses are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions without splitting; they are flexible and weigh more than vinyl hoses. This is the most expensive type of material used to make hoses.

Best retractable garden hose

When it comes to retractable garden hoses, here are our top picks that meet the requirement and are also durable and long-lasting.

1. Gardena Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Garden Hose

This garden hose measures 27 × 11 × 22 and weighs 20 pounds.

Key features

  1. It includes a bracket for the option of wall mounting,
  2. it also comes with screws and wall plugs to aid the wall mounting
  3. It includes a hose guide, nozzles, sprayers, and brushes that can be kept in the wall bracket if it is ever needed.

This retractable garden hose is easy to use and maneuver; it is also very durable. It has a length of 115 feet and a hose diameter of ⅝ inches, it has a 2-year warranty without leaks, and it is suitable for heavy-duty jobs. The only disadvantage is that at 20 pounds, this hose weighs a lot.

2. Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose

Retractable Garden Hose

The dimension of this retractable garden hose is 22.8 × 10.2 × 17.6, and it weighs 30 pounds.

Key features

  1. Weather and abrasion-resistant
  2. Auto retraction of the hose
  3. Easy to assemble

This hose has gained many customers’ attention as it is easy to maneuver, easy to use after installation, durable, and sturdy.

It has a hose length of 130ft and a hose diameter of ½ inches. And while this retractable garden hose comes disassembled, it is easy to put together and install. This hose has also passed the pressure test of 200PSI and bursting pressure of 600PSI.

This garden hose seems to weigh a lot, and some customers complained that the auto retraction stopped after a short time.

3. RL – Flomaster Retractable Hose

Retractable Garden Hose

This hose measures 20 × 13 × 23 and weighs 25.9 pounds.

Key features

  1. The hose can be removed from the bracket for storage during winter
  2. Adjustable nozzles
  3. Auto retraction
  4. Includes a carrying handle

This hose has a length of 65ft and a diameter of ⅝ inches, making it suitable for a small yard. With its eight pattern nozzle, this hose is easy to maneuver, easy to use, and durable. The only disadvantage of this hose is that its polyethylene hose will split easily.

4. Gardenkraft Hose Reel

Retractable Garden Hose

This retractable garden hose weighs 42.1 pounds and has a dimension of 22 × 12 × 19.

Key features

  1. It has a mounting bracket that allows a q80 degrees swivel
  2. A mounting kit is included
  3. Spray nozzle comes in various colors

This hose has a length of 130ft and a diameter of ½ inches. It can be purchased in various colors and is easy to maneuver. However, this hose is expensive and weighs a lot. Its plastic hose is not durable and is not easy to use either.

How do I know What Size of Retractable Garden Hose I need?

The size of your retractable garden hose is dependent on what you intend to use the hose for and the size of your yard. If you intend to use your hose mainly for washing cars, you should purchase a hose with a diameter of ⅝ inches as it offers more pressure. But for a task like bathing a dog, you will need a hose with a diameter of ½ inches.

As for the length of your hose, if you have a large yard and need to water your lawn, you should purchase a hose about 100 feet, but for a small yard, purchase a hose that is about 65 feet. You will also need a long hose if your job requires you to go a long distance.

Conclusion: Best Retractable Garden Hose

A retractable garden hose has proven to be very useful when it comes to simplifying everyday tasks. That is why we have recommended the best garden hose for you, including their basic features.

Before purchasing a retractable garden hose, you should know the size that is suitable for you. You should also be aware of the materials used to manufacture these hoses and how long they last. With this recommendation and buying guide, you are sure to purchase the right retractable hose.

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