Are Hover Mowers Worth It

Are Hover Mowers Worth It? (Best Hover Mower in the Market)

Hover mowers is one of the first choice equipment for taking care of the grasses in our backyards and lawn; this is because they are very convenient, easy to operate, and relatively cheap too.

Hover mowers get their name from the way they move, which is unlike the standard mower that moves on wheels. They do not have wheels for moving; instead, they float on the air generated from an internal fan in the unit.

Hovers mowers are broadly categorized into electricity and gas/petrol powered units, and they are very important equipment to have in a home. They are worth having in the home because they give full value for money spent purchasing and maintaining them.

Today we will tell you about hover mowers, why they are significant in homes, how to choose a unit that will be ideal for your lawn, and some of the best hover mowers that are available.

Before You Buy That Hover Mower

If you are looking to buy a hover mower, then there are a few things to consider before you purchase; these are factors that will help you get the product that meets your need. Below are some of the factors that will determine the hover mower you buy:

1. The Size Of The Lawn

There are different designs of hover mowers that are meant for different lawn sizes; for example, a push mower is meant for a lawn that is about an acre in size, while the ride-on mower is meant for lawns that are bigger than an acre.

Using a smaller hover mower to mow a big lawn will mean more time and energy will be spent, and secondly, the hover mower will be overworked, which will cause it to get damaged.

2. The Size Of The Hover Mower

The advantage of buying a bigger hover mower is that it makes cutting the grass faster and reduces the energy and the time that must be expended.

Generally speaking, the bigger the lawn to be mowed, the larger the hover mower should be. But you should also remember that bigger hover mowers have bigger blades and engines ad consequently, they are more expensive.

3. The Speed Of The Hover Mower:

Some hover mowers have been engineered to cut at a higher speed than others. These mowers have very sharp blades that can cut grasses at a very fast pace.

For example, ride-on mowers have 3 to 5 MPH; Push Mowers have a speed of 3 MPH. Battery mowers have the lowest speed of 2.5 MPH, while Zero-Turn Mowers have one of the highest speeds at 5-8 MPH ( MPH- Miles Per Hour)

4. The Conditions Of The Lawn:

The condition of your lawn in terms of the terrain and the presence of obstructions will affect how long it will take you to mow it. 

It will also determine the hover mower to buy. a lawn with trees, walls, curves, tree stumps, and other such obstacles will require more time for mowing because these obstacles slow down the mowing process. 

If the ground is muddy, uneven, and overgrown with grasses, you will have to spend a lot of time cutting the grass because you have to walk around a lot.

5. The Type Of Grass:

Some grasses are thin and so require a hover mower with a smaller horsepower. If you have thick grasses on your lawn, you must go for a hover mower with high horsepower to ensure that the grass is cut efficiently and that the hover mower lasts too.

6. The Source Of Power:

Many hover mowers are powered by electricity; however, some use petrol/ gas as a source of power hike some use a battery. 

You have to consider the one that best suits you in terms of convenience of use, the extra cost incurred in buying fuel and paying for electricity, among others.

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Are Hover Mowers Worth It?

Hover mowers are worth having in the home because they are very efficient in taking care of the grasses around us; they have the following advantages which you do not find with the standard lawnmower:

1. They move in many directions without having to change course

Hover mowers don’t have wheels, so they can make Multi-Directional movements without having to stop to change course. 

This is one of the reasons that they are the best fit for mowing irregular borders and areas that are hard to each other, like small curves around the yard.

2. They are Light and fancy looking

Because hover mowers do not have wheels but hover as they cut grasses, they need to be lightweight to be pushed and maneuvered quickly. This is one of the reasons physically less able people can use the hover mower without any problem.

3. It is very time efficient

When you mow tour lawn with a hover mower, the mowing time is reduced because the multi-directional ability of the mower due to its lack of wheels means that no time or momentum in trying to change direction as you get to the end of the lawn or when there is an obstacle on the way. It removes the drudgery that is associated with mowing lawns.

4. They are great on a slope:

Hover mowers are great for use in slopes and uneven terrain because they are light and hence are a lot easier to push up and down a slope with very little effort. 

The standard lawnmowers are resistant to movement because of the wheels and the effect of friction on the ground as the well slides on it.

5. They are relatively inexpensive:

Compared to other lawn mowers, hover mowers are relatively cheaper than others, with very few exceptions. This means you get a good value on a budget.

Best Hover Mower In The Market

Here are some of the best hover mowers that you can find in the market:

1. California Trimmer RC190 Hover Mower

This hover mower has razor-sharp stainless steel flail blades that help you cut your lawn nicely and evenly. Unlike other hover mowers whose blades are made of plastic, the blade of this product is durable and lasts for a long.

The deck is, however, made of plastic of the best grade. It is lightweight and quite easy to move around because it weighs only 32 pounds.

The handle is made of steel, and they are 18 inches long. This hover mower is best fitted for tall people who do not need to bend as they mow their lawns.

This hover mower is powered by fuel, and it starts quickly without any stress; it also has a braking system that you engage by simply releasing a lever.

The importance of this braking system is that it gives safety and stops the high-speed motion of the blades when you pause for a while before you continue mowing.


Why You Will Love This Unit

1. It has a wide cutting range of about 19 inches, which means you will cut more area at every move.

2. It also comes in 2 different variants: the Honda engine-powered and the Briggs &Stratton engine-powered, which gives you more options to choose from.

3. It has a convenient lever that is used to engage the brake of the engine.

4. This unit has a 2-year warranty for residential use and one year for commercial use.

5. The cutting height of this hover mower can be adjusted from 1.25 inches to 2 inches.

Bad Reviews

1. One complaint that users complain about is that the hover mower feels a lot heavier when used on wet grass.

2. Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E Electric Hover Mower

Are Hover Mowers Worth It

This is one of the most sought-after hover mowers there; it delivers 19 amps of power and 7000 rounds every minute the blade spins.

It is very convenient to use and feels quite comfortable and maneuverable. The unit comes with three blades attached at the base, and the blade is 11 inches wide.

This hover mower is easy to operate; at the push of a safety button that engages the trigger switch, the unit turns on, and releasing the trigger will switch it off. 

This safety button that stops the rotation of the blade is vital in reducing the risk of accidental cuts to the person operating it and the turf.

It is powered by electricity and hence must be connected to a power source which is a limitation for reaching different parts of the lawn.

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. The handles are lightweight and adjustable.

2. It looks very fancy

3. They are easy to operate

4. They are easy to operate; they can be started and stopped at the start of a button.

Bad Reviews

1. The electric cord, which is not long, is a limiting factor to how far you can mow.

2. The cutting height is nonadjustable.

3. Bluebird Turf Products HM160 Hover Mower:

Are Hover Mowers Worth It

This hover mower has three stainless blades that can be replaced but not frequently because they are hard-wearing and will not get damaged easily. It is a very durable mower that is lightweight, and the cutting range is 0.5 inches to 3 inches.

This product presents you with three different blades: a stainless steel blade, a nylon swing blade, and a triple-edged copolymer string. These different types of blades help you to arrive at the right combination that fits your lawn.

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. The frame of this hover mower is easy to maneuver.

2. It has a safety lever on the handle that can be engaged easily

3. They have an adjustable cutting range.

4. They are very durable and have three choices of blades.

Bad reviews

1. The is not as powerful as many people expect.

4. Bluebird Turf Products HM200 Hover Mower

Are Hover Mowers Worth It

This product is suitable for domestic and commercial use has a feather-light floating deck and a very sturdy steel handle. This very versatile and durable hover mower has a working width of 20 inches.

This hover mower has three flail blades that can withstand wear and tear; the blade comes in reversible steel blades, triple-copolymer string, and reversible nylon swing blades. The deck, which is made of high-density polyethylene, adds minimal weight to the hover mower.

With this unit, you can switch between 3 cutting speeds. The low speed is ideal for starting the hover mower while you can cut the grasses faster with the highest speed

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. This hover mower is sturdy and yet lightweight.

2. It has a wide cutting width.

3. It has an adjustable cutting range and also three optional blades that one can choose from

4. The product can be used for both domestic and commercial use.

Bad Reviews

1. When the engine starts, it can be pretty noisy.

5. Air Force Honda Hover Mower

Are Hover Mowers Worth It

If you are looking for a small machine that delivers top botch performance, the Airforce Honda Hover Mower is your ideal bet.

This unit maximizes oil delivery to the engine by placing the engine in reverse on the hub’s top. It also has an efficient fuel pump that ensures that the engine gets ample fuel for good engine performance.

There is a steel insert reinforcement that latches the engines to the deck in a very secure way, and to further stabilize the product, the amount of the handle is placed on the side of the deck. This hover mower can stay for days under the sun because the deck is Ultraviolet and chemical resistant.

This hover mower is powered by fuel, and the fuel tank is big enough that you do not need to refill the tank as you work, even if it is for 4 hours.

The handle is 53 inches long, and it is padded so that it gives comfort while working; this is why you can operate this machine for long without feeling tired.

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. It has a wide cutting width.

2. It also has an adjustable cutting height which allows you to adjust the cutting height based on the height of the trees.

3. It is built to the best quality possible.

4. They have a padded handle, making it easy for you to work with them without fatigue.

5. Their Cutting height can be adjusted from 0.5 to 2.5 inches

Bad Reviews:

1. It is a little bit heavier than other hover mowers.

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Conclusion: Are Hover Mowers Worth It?

One of the desires of every homeowner is to have a lush and well-trimmed lawn that is the envy of the neighbors. 

You use the correct device to maintain trimmed lawns, and a hover mower is a good option.

It can be a lot of stress picking out a good hover mower that fits your need; that is why we have come up with all the factors you need to consider in buying a hover mower.

There are a lot of hover mowers to choose from that can be pretty overwhelming; that is why we have shown you some of the best you can find online and in stores.

So, get a good hover mower to save yourself a lot of stress and time of mowing and keep your lawn a delight to behold.

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