How To Pull Stump

How To Pull Stump – Ways To Remove A Tree Stump By Hand (3 Simple Methods)

Cutting down a tree may seem like a big chore, but getting rid of a tree stump is the actual task. You don’t need a stump grinder to eliminate just one tree stump; you can do this using your hand; it is not a very difficult process.

Although there are different ways to remove a tree stump by hand, in this article, we will be exploring all of those methods along with general safety tips involved with these methods.


Materials Required to Remove a Tree Stump by Hand

Removing a tree stump by hand doesn’t mean it has to be your bare hands; you will need assistance from your tools ⁿand garden equipment.

You will need a hand saw, a chainsaw, reciprocating saw, digging bar, handyman jack, tow strap, sledgehammer, and shovel. You should use these materials with care to prevent any injury while using them.

Ways to Remove a Tree Stump by Hand

We have shown below the 3 best methods to remove a tree stump by hand. Using a stump grinder is not the best option for your soil, especially if the tree stump is located in your flower bed; you want to be more cautious about what you do.

The following methods will guide you on how to get rid of a tree stump by hand; this process is restricted to the use of hand and garden tools only, there is no complicated machinery involved.

Method 1: Using a Stump Grinder

Step 1

The first and most important thing to do is to remove the dirt and grads surrounding the tree stump; that way, you would work effectively without distractions. Dig a hole about 3 to 4 inches deep around the stump.

Step 2

Use a hand saw, a chainsaw, or a reciprocating saw to cut the tree stump. The cutting should be done 3 inches below the ground level and 4 inches using a chain saw.

If you cannot cut through the middle of the stump, you can use a ledge hammer to finish the job. When using a chainsaw, do not let the chain come in contact with rocks as it will weaken the chains.

Step 3

Cover what’s left with dirt after the tree stump falls off, or you can just let it be. Eventually, the grasses will grow over it, covering it in the process. So that’s pretty much it for this method.

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Method 2: Old-fashioned method to Remove a Tree Stump by Hand

This method is called the old-fashioned method as it involves more work; if you search for a longer project removing a tree stump or a way to kill time doing something productive, you should check this method out.

Step 1

Using a shovel, dig around the tree stump to expose as much root as possible.

Step 2

After the root has been exposed to the level you want, you can use any saw listed above to cut the tree stump, although you need to be careful when using them. If there is more root beneath the ground, then you should keep digging to expose them.

Step 3

After the rest of the root has been exposed, pull the tree stump using a digging bar. But if that doesn’t work out, tie a rope around the tree stump and firmly secure the other end to a four-wheeled car.

Drive the car to pull out the tree stump, DO NOT USE your car or truck to pull out a tree stump that hasn’t been dug out to expose the root; this will damage your vehicle because the tree stump is held firmly below the ground.

Method 3: How to Pull a Stump with a Bush or Farm Jack

You can also use a farm jack to pull out a tree stump. This method is straightforward; all you need is a farm jack, elbow grease, shovel, and boards. 

A week before applying this method, mix warm water and salt and pour on the root; this prevents it from growing again.

Step 1

Use a shovel to fig around the stump to expose the roots. Dig a hole under the trunk that is just the height of your jack. You should be aware that this space dug out will accommodate boards.

Step 2

Cut the largest root into half; this will reduce the pressure on the jack and the amount of elbow grease you will have to use.

Step 3

Slide a plywood board into the hole you dug; your boards should not be less than ½ inch thick; this keeps them from crackling from pressure. 

The width and height of your board depend on the hole dug. Place another board upward in the underside of the tree stump.

Step 4

Slide the jack between the boards and roll the jack; stop when you hear crackling sounds and when the tree begins to rip off. Repeat this process for the opposite side of the tree stump to equalize the stump coming off. Continue alternating between these two sides until the tree stump pulls out completely.

Watch the Video below to Learn How to Pull a Tree Stump with Farm Jack

Watch more Videos Here and Here

Can You Rot a Tree stump?

Yes, you can, and it is easy to do this. You should use a shovel to pick up compost and dress it on the tree stump to rot it naturally.

The fungi and bacteria in the compost decompose the tree stump; if you have pets, you can add their poop to the pile; this method is long as it usually takes up to a year.

Some videos on YouTube suggest using Epson salt to rot tree stumps. You will drill holes into your tree stump for this process, fill it with Epson salt, cover it with a plastic tarp, and leave for a year.

Although different YouTubers have attempted this method, it is not guaranteed to work since no videos show the results after a year.

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Can You Remove a Tree Stump with Chemicals?

Chemicals like muriatic acid and potassium nitrate can be used to get rid of a tree stump. Muriatic acid can be poured on a tree stump to dissolve it, but it is highly toxic and detrimental to human health.

Experts say that the most and the solution have a destructive effect on the human tissues, so do not use this acid; it is not worth the risk.

Potassium nitrate can be used to accelerate the decomposition process. So instead of your stump taking a year to rot down, it will just take a couple of months. As we have seen, using chemicals is not the best option for removing a tree stump, so you should stick to cutting.

General Safety Tips

The following tips should help you attain maximum safety when removing a tree stump.

  1. Wear protective glasses or goggles to prevent sawdust or tiny wood particles from getting into your eye
  2. Ensure that you use the right method
  3. Contact a professional if you have no idea what to do

Conclusion: How To Pull Stump

Having a tree stump in your yard can be a trip hazard. Maybe you don’t want to spend money renting a stump grinder or hiring a professional to do it, but you can use your hand along with simple home and garden tools to get rid of this stump.

You should fig around your stump before cutting, and do not forget, never use your vehicle to pull out a tree stump without digging around it.

Using chemicals to get rid of a tree stump is not the best option as it is a prolonged process and can be toxic to human health. You should also utilize the safety tips given when removing a tree stump; it ensures that you get the job done right and on time.

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