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Batteries for Leaf Blowers – How To Care For Your Leaf Blower Batteries

Leaf blowers are one of the important tools in our gardening and yard cleaning arsenal, especially in the fall, because it helps keep the whole place clear from dead lives that clutter our yards.

There are lots of batteries that can be used to power cordless leaf blowers, and we must learn how to take care of these batteries because they do not come so cheaply.

So today, let’s journey together to discover how to take care of your leaf blower batteries and generally deal with all you need to know about these batteries.

Are Battery-operated Leaf Blowers any Good?

Battery-operated leaf blowers are good for ridding your yard of dead leaves, and they offer the following advantages :

1. They Give More mobility

The cable of corded leaf blowers is one of its drawbacks because they are often not long enough to cover a big yard; this can limit how much you can do, except you have additional cords. With Battery-operated leaf blowers, you are saved from this very frustrating scenario.

2. They Are Lightweight

It can be quite a chore to carry a cored leaf blower from one part of your yard to another because they are relatively heavy. With a Battery-operated leaf blower, you do not have that heavyweight to drag because they are lightweight.

3. They are Inexpensive

By and large, cordless leaf blowers are cheaper than corded ones; even though there might be those that are a little more expensive than others, in most cases, they have more features than the average cordless leaf blowers. So if you are shopping on a budget, your best choice is to get a battery-powered leaf blower.

How Long Do Batteries Last for Leaf Blowers?

Batteries for leaf blowers will last depending on the type and capacity of the battery. Some batteries can last for only about 30 minutes before they need to be recharged. Other batteries can last for as long as an hour or even more before they need to be charged.

When getting a battery for your leaf blower, you have to consider its battery life, especially if you have a large yard; this is to prevent having the leaf blower go dead on you while you are not done with it clearing the dead leaves.

You can prolong your battery’s useful life and keep it working for longer by properly taking care of the battery. The better you care for your battery, the more time you can use it to clear your yard before you need to recharge.

Are Leaf Blower Batteries Interchangeable?

No, most leaf blower batteries are not interchangeable. This is most likely because the manufacturers of these leaf blowers would want you always to buy their batteries and not those of their competitors.

Hence most leaf blowers batteries are not compatible with the leaf blowers of other brands. Secondly, since most leaf blower batteries are lithium-ion, you cannot use one instead of another because the voltage, shape, and size will not match.

The manufacturers made this way because they are in the business to make money for themselves and not for their competitors.

However, some brands produce two different batteries that can be used interchangeably. For instance, some Worx Batteries can be used interchangeably with another battery of the same brand: Worx, but can not be interchanged with batteries of other companies.

How Much Does a Battery Cost for a Leaf Blower?

The battery of a leaf blower ranges from $25 to as much as $80 depending on the type of features they have, the material of make, the brand that manufactured the battery, and the model, amongst other things.

For instance, a Lithium battery of the same size and voltage is more expensive than an alkaline battery because the former is a more expensive technology. Still, it is more efficient in the long run because it will serve your leaf blower for longer.

Batteries that charge faster and last longer are more expensive than those batteries that run-down very fast. Features in batteries like an indicator that shows how much “life” the battery has before it needs to be charged will make the battery more expensive than those without that feature.

How To Care For Your Leaf Blower Batteries

Considering how expensive leaf blower batteries are and the fact that they, like all other Materials like them, will wear out eventually, they must be well cared for so that they can be used for longer. Here are some ways to take care of leaf blower batteries:

1. Don’t Store Them In Hot Places:

The easiest way to reduce the battery’s useful life is to keep them in hot places or even charge them when they are hot.

The recommended temperature for storing batteries to last longer is between 15°F to 90°F. So your best option is to leave a hot battery to get to room temperature before charging it, or you can get two batteries that you can use in case the first gets hot while you are using the leaf blower, you let it cool down before charging while you switch over to the second battery.

2. Never Discharge Leaf Blower Batteries Completely

When clearing a large area with a cordless Leaf blower, the temptation is to use the device until it is completely discharged because you don’t want to wait to charge the battery before continuing your chore. 

Still, batteries are not meant to get to zero charges before you stop using them; this is because if you continue to drain the battery to zero, you are reducing the useful life of that battery significantly.

So you should never use your leaf blower battery when it is less than 30% charged; this can save you the cost of replacing that battery sooner.

3. Leave Your Batteries Partially Charged Before Storing Them:

If you know you might not be using your leaf blower for some time, say in the winter, you must ensure that you charge them to at least 50% before storing them while ensuring that the storage area’s temperature is ideal.

4. Keep Ut Away From Moisture:

Moisture kills batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, the best battery for leaf blowers. Water mixing with lithium will drain the life of the battery.

Which Battery For leaf Blower is Best?

Choosing the best battery for a leaf blower is like asking a mother which of her kids is her favorite. The truth is that there are many great batteries for your leaf blowers that are made by different brands which are durable, effective, and affordable. But we will attempt to share our opinion on the ones we can catch our attention.

1. EGO Power+ BA1400 56-Volt 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Leaf Blower Batteries

This is one of the most advanced technology batteries with a patented power management system that protects the battery from getting overheated or over-discharged, which are the main reasons why many batteries have a very low useful life.

This battery uses the most advanced arc-lithium technology to deliver power to your leaf blower charges rapidly. It works as an effect in all weather conditions because it has a unique Keep-Cool technology that ensures that the battery cells are cool all the time. Its voltage is 56, and it weighs about 2.8 pounds.

2. Abedin 18V Max Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

Leaf Blower Batteries

This is a 2.0Ah Long Life Battery for Leaf Blower that cells composed of Lithium ions used for the best batteries. It is a reusable and rechargeable battery that is long-lasting.

It takes approximately 2 hours and a half to get it fully charged, and it can be used on a leaf blower for a little above 30 minutes before you will need to recharge it again.

This 18V battery should always be used with the specific charger as failure to do so might cause an explosion, and if it is not to be used for about a month, it should be stored in a cool, dry, and clean place, far from any metallic or hot object.

3. PowerGiant 18V 3.0Ah NiMh High Capacity Replacement Battery

Leaf Blower Batteries

This is a Ni-MH Rechargeable, which is engineered to change rapidly and has an inbuilt mechanism that keeps the battery from getting overcharged or over-discharged, which helps prolong the battery’s useful life.

The PowerGiant battery is an 18 Volt and 3000mAh battery that does not discharge, and it is CE/RoHS/FCC certified. It is a powerful and long-lasting barely that will work well on your leaf blower.

Why Does my Battery Powered Leaf Blower keep Shutting

It can be quite frustrating to be working with a leaf blower that works for a while and shuts down; not only does it waste your time and effort, but it can also be demoralizing.

The first thought that comes to your mind when your battery-powered leaf blower shuts down might be that the battery needs to be recharged. This might be true if your leaf blower battery has a gauge that you can confirm from.

There are other reasons why your leaf blower might shut down even when the battery is fully charged, and they include:

1. The Spark Arrestor Is Clogged

A small screen in your leaf blower keeps the engine from giving-off sparks, and it is called the spark arrestor.

After some time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot, which will cause the engine to stall and cause your leaf blower to shut down.

You need to remove the spark arrestor and use a wire brush to clean off the soot and then replace it. This will take care of the problem.

2. Check The Terminals

If your leaf blower keeps shutting, then there is a possibility that power is not getting to the terminals. You should use a mains tester to check if that is the case.

3. The Impeller or Fan Might Be Jammed

The impeller or fan of your leaf blower can become jammed by any object like a stick or pebble so that the fan stops turning.

You can troubleshoot by turning the impeller by hand if it is moving, and if you hear a grinding sound, it means that the impeller or fan is jammed, and the jamming object should be removed.

4. Electric Motor

If the electric motor might have developed a fault, it will cause the leaf blower to keep shutting. You can open the inspection hatch and see if the central spindle is still turning; if it is not, it means the electric motor is faulty.


Leaf blowers are an essential gardening and cleaning tool that every home needs. While they are cordless and corded, they all have pros and cons. Battery-powered leaf blowers can last for a long time if well taken care of.

Keeping these batteries away from heat and moisture is an excellent way to prolong their life. Ensuring that they don’t over-discharge or store them when completely run down is a No-No if you care about your battery’s useful life.

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