Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

What Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage? (All You Need To Know)

Water in the form of rain for plants is not available all year round naturally. Hence, there is a need to supplement plants’ moisture needs when the rains cease.

Irrigation means supplying the much-needed water that plants need artificially. Sprinkler irrigation is a very popular kind of irrigation that mimics rainfall and is best for your lawn or garden.

Our research found out that The Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler has the best coverage. So, today we intend to teach you about sprinkler irrigation and how to get the best one for your lawn or garden.

Selecting The Best Sprinkler

There are a lot of sprinkler irrigation systems in the market, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which sprinkler will be the best fit for your lawn or garden. The factors below will guide you on how to pick a unit for yourself:

1. How Is The Area You Want to Irrigate:

The sprinkler you buy will always depend on the size of the area you need to irrigate; if it is a big area, you will need a sprinkler with more coverage per time. The shape of the garden will affect how easily a sprinkler can get to all the areas.

You should also consider whether nearby structures should not be wet, how much water your lawn or garden needs, and how frequently you will be irritating them.

These questions will help you know the best irrigation system for you. For instance, you might want a large coverage sprinkler in your lawn if you have a machine that should not be wet.

2. Materials Of Make:

The material your sprinkler is made of will determine how long it will last. Metal sprinklers, for instance, are quite durable, but they can be quite heavy and hard to move like their plastic counterpart.

Metallic nozzles, for instance, can easily get clogged, and these are some of the things to remember when shopping for a sprinkler system

3. Convenience

Some sprinklers are difficult to operate, and this can be quite stressful. The ease with which you can switch your unit on or off without getting wet, location of your sprinkler system’s flow control are some of the simple things that can make a unit better than the others.

4. Coverage Consistency:

You might not think this is a problem until you get a sprinkler that does not cover the lawn evenly and thus will lead to places in the lawn to spot and brown because they are not getting enough water, while others are lush. Ensure you get a unit that will give equal anoint of water to all sides

5. Price:

This will modify what you will buy. Some sprinklers are quite expensive, but usually, they are more durable.

You might want to strike a balance between what you want and what you can afford, especially if you are buying on a budget to get a good unit at a fairly good price.

Why Must I Use A Sprinkler

Sprinklers have a lot of advantages over other irrigation systems, and they include:

1. It is easier and cheaper to buy and set up. You will not need some outrageous amount on labor cost for setting up your

2. It ensures that water gets to all parts of your lawn or garden evenly and equally.

3. You can easily control the amount of water your plants or lawn needs depending on their individual needs.

4. Sprinklers are versatile and so can be used not only for irrigation purposes but also for cooling the area during very hot days

The advantage that sprinklers with large coverage have is that they are more efficient because they save you the time, time, and extra cost of fuel or electricity that would have been incurred if the sprinkler coverage is smaller.

Sprinklers With The Best Coverage

Let’s look at some sprinklers which can water a large expanse of land within a short time due to their large coverage.

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

This is an oscillating sprinkler that covers a large area at once. This unit with width and range control is ideal for watering all corners of your lawn or garden without you having to move the sprinkler every time.

Because you can control water flow, you can effectively water your lawn without the water touching the driveway or the sidewalk.

For this sprinkler, all you need to do is to connect the hose to the sprinkler head, which means you will not need to install an irrigation system. It has a limited lifetime warranty and is quite affordable and effective.

2. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod

Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

You will love this unit because its coverage is quite wide, and this is because the sprinkler is sitting on a tripod, which means the water can cover more area. Secondly, it has a sturdy base that elevates the sprinkler, further increasing the coverage. This sprinkler can be adjusted so that it gives a 360° coverage.

Even though this unit has good coverage, it only has a one year warranty and is not as durable as you would expect

3. Nelson Traveling Sprinkler Rain Train

Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

This innovative sprinkler has aluminum arms that can be adjusted for watering your lawn depending on its size: be it big or small.

This unit comes with a wheel and a track that propel the sprinkler across the lawn. This ensures that the sprinkler can cover a bigger area of land.

This sprinkler has 3-speed options which are slow, neutral, and fast. The faster speed does not water as effectively as, the slower speed. 

It has a lifetime warranty which shows how much confidence the manufacturers repose on this sprinkler.

4. Rain Bird 1804VAN 4-Inch Professional Pop-up Sprinkler

Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

This is an in-ground sprinkler solution that had excellent and even coverage. The problem with this unit is that it is difficult to install and adjust, and this means you will need to get an irrigation kit, but asides from that, this unit comprises a five-pack of four-inch pop-ups that evenly spray your lawn or garden.

This sprinkler is very stable and durable even though it is made of plastic, and that is why it has a 5-year warranty. Because this unit is adjustable, you can choose the degree and width of the area you want to water.

5. Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler

Sprinkler Has the Most Coverage

This is a great sprinkler with wide coverage and can get the job done fast and easily. This rotating sprinkler is adjustable, movable, and hose-connected, and it is made of a very durable material. It can be easily repositioned so that the irrigation might be even and effective.

This sprinkler can cover a radius of 36-foot, and even extra sprinklers can be attached if you need to extend the range. 

This sprinkler’s only drawback is that the sprinkler head can get disconnected from the base under very high water pressure.

The Sprinkler With The Widest Coverage: Our Verdict

Lawns can be quite thirsty; they require nothing less than 1 inch of water weekly, a sprinkler with a wide coverage can comfortably supply this moisture need in the shortest possible time.

Based on the coverage of the sprinklers we highlighted above, The Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width & Range Control is our best sprinkler for a large area.

We choose this sprinkler because it has 29 nozzles, has a wide base, and can cover 4200 square feet at once. 

You can easily adjust the width to be wider or narrower depending on where you are watering to don’t wastewater.

Types of Sprinklers for Lawns

Sprinklers can be divided into two major types:

  • In-ground sprinkler
  • Above-ground sprinkler

a. In-Ground Sprinkler

This is more of a permanent type of sprinkler, which will require some installation cost and effort, but once you have them installed, you have very little to do in terms of getting your lawn or garden irrigated. Some units have a timer that ensures that your ground gets watered even if you forget.

In-ground sprinklers are the best type of sprinkler for watering large areas. There are a variety of sprinkler heads that are used in sprinkler irrigation, and they include:

1. Pop-Up Sprinkler

This is about the most common type of in-ground sprinkler that there are. When this sprinkler is turned on, the head pops up above the grass and then sprays water close to the ground.

When the ground is completely watered, and the sprinkler is turned off, the sprinkler’s head immediately goes back underground. They can be used in all ground sizes but are better for bigger spaces.

2. Fixed Spray Sprinkler

This type is sprinkler head that sprays water in a circular motion, and they follow this pattern all the time. On average, this type of sprinkler can water up to a radius of 15 feet and best fits for smaller yards.

3. Flood Sprinklers

As the name implies, the water from this sprinkler floods the ground as if you are watering the ground from your hose. This type of sprinkler is good for planters and trees that require a lot of water; it is not for lawns or vegetable gardens.

4. Gear Driven Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler is good for watering medium or large lawns or grounds. This gear-driven sprinkler produces an arc of water in the form of fine mist that waters your lawn. 

Because they are adjustable, you will not have to worry about getting your sidewalks or driveway watered.

5. Shrub Sprinklers

This is a sprinkler specially made for shrubs, but you can also use them for planters and trees. It looks like the pop-up sprinkler, but it is a little smaller. 

It has many patterns of spray that you can choose from: from the 180°arc to the 360° fan of water.

6. Multiple Stream Sprinklers

This sprinkler is good for uneven terrain areas because it shoots out water from different holes on the sprinkler head. 

Because the sprinkler rotates, you are sure that you will get even coverage even if your lawn or yard is very large.

b. Above-Ground Sprinklers

This is the type of sprinkler that can be attached to a hose without installing irrigation systems. Below are types of this sprinkler:

1. Rotary Sprinkler

This type of sprinkler sprays water in a long and powerful stream that can go farther than you think. It is commonly found on golf courses and parks. It is good for very lawns but it not so tome efficient.

2. Rotor Sprinkler

This is also a good sprinkler for a hose; the sprinklers are on a spike connected to any garden hose. 

The water comes in big droplets that the wind cannot carry away. The spring can be adjusted easily so that the arc and distance of the spray are changed.

3. Impact Sprinklers

This is also known as pulsating sprinkler, and it produces that classical tic-ti whoosh sound, which is Lound and many people associate with sprinklers. It is the best fit for wide areas.

4. Oscillating Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler is a long device with many holes from which water flows to water the lawn; it is then connected to your hose. It is also great for having Sumner fun, and it can be used on all sizes of lawns.

5. Travelling Sprinklers

Unlike most sprinklers heads connected to a hose that is usually stationary, this unit moves along a track as it waters your lawn or ground and can cover a large expanse of land.

6. Multiple Stream Sprinklers

This hose-connected sprinkler head has many holes where streams of water flow. This water can flow in full or semi-circles. 

The semi-circle usually sits at the edges and waters of the lawn, only the grass without wetting the driveway, while the full circle can be placed at the center of the lawn.


Having a big lawn or yard can be a lot of stress watering, and that is why you need a good irrigation system to get the job done. Sprinkler irrigation which delivers water like rainwater, will do the job perfectly.

Many sprinklers can effectively water your yard, especially if they have very wide coverage. They all come in different designs and types, and you have to do good research to ensure that you get one that will suit your need.

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