Mix Grass Seed with Topsoil

Should I Mix Grass Seed with Topsoil? (Well Explained)

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time for grasses to show. We all know how randomly grass grows, but it takes more than just throwing seeds to grow quality grass when it comes to your front lawn.

For your front lawn to look exquisite, you need to plant good grass that will have strong roots. But should you plant grass seeds with topsoil? 

We will inform you of all you need to know about how to plant grass seeds on hard soil, all the requirements of an ideal soil, and how long it takes grass to grow through the topsoil.

Should I Mix Grass Seeds with Topsoil?

Different soil has different properties, and sometimes your topsoil can be deficient in nutrients. To ensure the correct germination of your grass, you need to make sure that your topsoil is rich and nourished.

If your topsoil is not rich in the necessary nutrients, you can mix the topsoil with fertilizer to replace depleted nutrients. 

For your grass seeds to germinate and root correctly, they must remain moist. And when covering your seeds with topsoil, you should lay no more than ¼ of topsoil.

You can also lay down the topsoil before applying grass seeds; there is no specific pattern for this process. But your topsoil should be nourished and mixed with fertilizer.

Can I Put Topsoil Over Grass and Reseed it?

You can put topsoil over existing grass and reseed it, but before doing this, you should know that the existing grass will grow past the topsoil. 

You can prevent this by adding more topsoil. If you are okay with your existing grads growing past your topsoil, you can let it be, but if you aren’t okay with this, you should get rid of the already existing grass and then reseed.

To plant grass seed on your already existing lawn, you don’t need topsoil; all you need to do is to aerate your soil before planting. 

Using an aerator to aerate your soil will create more holes in your lawn for seeds to fall into. You can also remove your lawn from the grass to plant new seeds; you can choose one or both of these ways.

How to Plant Grass Seeds on Hard Dirt 

Mix Grass Seed with Topsoil

There are simple and complex ways to fix hard soil and make it suitable for planting grass seeds. The simplest way involves aerating the dirt and then wetting the hard dirt. 

After this, you can plant your grass seeds and water them regularly before your seeds begin to germinate. But this method may not take your grass plant a long way.

To fit your soil, you have to determine why your soil is hard and dry. The reason may be because your soil is stripped of its nutrient, or maybe organic materials are not available for your soil to keep the seeds moist for germination.

Why is Your Soil Hard and Dry?

Your soil is hard and dry because there is no water, or maybe because of a low water table; it may even be because of a build-up in the amount of salt in your soil. 

To fix this, you should till your soil until it reaches a depth that is not dry; this action will help your soil absorb more water instead of the soil rejecting the water leaving it to evaporate with a deposit of salt.

Hard Soil is Stripped of its Nutrient

Certain factors can strip your soil of its nutrient. While the salt present in the soil may add a considerable amount of nutrients to the soil, your soil will remain malnourished. This is why you need to mix your soil with compost or fertilizer. 

So the best approach to plant grads seeds on hard soil is to till it until you have reached wet soil, then add compost or fertilizer if the soil is depleted of nutrients. You don’t need to till your soil if it’s not dry; all you have to do is aerate or detach your lawn.

How Long for the Grass to Grow Through Topsoil?

Mix Grass Seed with Topsoil

If you apply topsoil on an existing grass, it may take some time to start terminating, and this time depends on the amount of water and sunlight the grass receives. If you have done this during an inactive period, then jo growth will occur. 

But during spring and summer, when your grass has access to adequate sunlight and water, the growth may take some weeks to a month. But this growth time also depends on the amount of topsoil used.

Applying topsoil to new grass seeds should take 1 to 3 weeks for the growth to be noticeable. Applying too much topsoil to new grass seeds may deprive the seeds of sunlight, and they will not grow. So follow the appropriate amount of topsoil needed for this process.

Grass Seeds and Topsoil

Grass seeds grow best when put under the right conditions. That is access to enough sunlight and moisture. Mixing your new grass seeds with topsoil is a good way to provide your seed with moisture and some nutrients.

When applying topsoil to grass seeds, don’t use too much; this can limit the amount of sunlight your seeds receive. You can carry out whatever preparation process is needed, including the addition of fertilizer.


With spring here, it is only important to have a good-looking front lawn. The best way to accomplish that is to grow grasses. 

You can plant new grass seeds and cover them with topsoil or vice versa. You can also apply grass seeds to existing grasses to grow past the topsoil.

Some soil types may need special treatment to be suitable for planting grass seeds. A hard soil needs to be tilled, nourished with fertilizer and organic matter to be suitable for growing grass seeds. 

You should also put a small amount of topsoil over your seeds to allow them to have access to sunlight. 

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