Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews (Buying Guide 2022)

If you live in an area with a lot of winter snow, chances are that you will want a snow blower to clear the way so you can go in and out of your house. We introduce you to the Briggs and Stratton range of snow blowers, sure to suit your needs.

Today we are going to look at some snow-blowing products from the stead of Briggs and Stratton, which will guide you in choosing the most appropriate snow blower for your home and surrounding.

Briggs & Stratton S1227 Standard Series 27-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower and their 2-Stage Snow Blower with 250 CC Engine are 2 of the many efficient snow blowers that are very sought after.

Why Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower

Gone are the days when you must use a shovel to clear heaps of snow around you. The cold and blisters your hands are subjected to can be disheartening. We don’t even want to get into the issue of your shovel compacting the snow and its consequences.

The time and energy it takes to clear just a small area of snow is something, but with a snowblower, especially from a company like Briggs and Stratton, clearing snow off your space becomes less of a chore.

Briggs & Stratton is renowned for its small engines and outdoor power equipment like lawn and garden equipment, generators, pressure washers, and snow blower.

With over 125 million engines that they’ve sold in over 100 countries since inception in Milwaukee in 1908, their reputation in engine manufacturing always precedes them.

This company which is a household name, boasts of the most dependable product that is not only efficient but also dependable whatever the weather.

So if you are thinking of taking care of the heap of snow on your yard and driveway, you should go all out and get the best snow blower in the market, and you can be sure that most of them are made by Briggs and Stratton.

Briggs And Stratton Snow Blower Buying Guide

With the many types and models of snow blowers manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, it can be a little challenging to pick a snow blower that suits your need from the wide range of products.

There are lots of things to keep in mind while shopping for a snow blower, but below are the two most important of them all:

1. Single-Stage versus Two-Stage

Snow blowers come either as single-stage or 2-stage machines, and each type has its peculiarities.

Without trying to learn the science behind it. (We think it might be a little like rocket science. Most sciences are) we will state that you should go for a single-stage snow blower if:

– You get light too moderate snowfall that is not more than 8 inches

– You’ve got a fairly small-sized 2-car garage driveway.

– You want a unit that can clear snow on your pathway, driveway, and even pavement.

You should go for a 2-stage snow blower if you have a larger driveway and areas you want to clear. It is best for areas that receive more than 8 inches of snowfall.

There are also the Three-stage snow blowers that commercial facility managers mainly use because they can move large amounts of snow every minute. This type of snow blower should never be used at home because the speed of the flying I’ve can wreak havoc on glasses around the house.

2. Gas Versus Electric

Snow blowers are either powered by electricity or gas. Electric snowblowers are pretty convenient because they don’t need refiling and are quick to warm up.

Electric snow blowers come as battery-powered, in which case a battery is the source of power for the machine. They are cordless, which gives them more convenience, however, you will need to replace the batteries every couple of years or so, and they also produce limited power.

Corded snowblowers powered by the house’s main power source produce quite a lot of power, but the length of the cold-rated extension cord always limits the range of ground you can cover with it.

The most powerful of all snow blowers are usually the ones that use gas as their power source. The length of the cord does not limit them, neither is there any inconvenience of dragging the cord along, and they are very efficient in dealing with snow that has healed up high.

You, however, must deal with fueling and refueling the machine, coupled with the effluents, and the noise from the machine can sometimes be unbearable.

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Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

Below are some Briggs and Stratton snow blowers that will do justice to that heap of snow on your driveway, pathway, and the likes:

– 1227MD Dual Stage Medium-Duty Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

This is a powerful snow blower from Briggs & Stratton, designed to tackle almost any heap of snow. This durable machine is a two-stage snow blower that can be used on even heavy snow on medium pathways. It has a lot of added features that make it a delight.


1. It has a push-button electric start.

2. It has a free-hand Control feature.

3. Its clearing width is 27 inches

4. Its frame is made of steel, while the gear is made of aluminum

5. It has LED headlights.


1. It is a sturdy snowblower that can last for years because it is made of steel.

2. It has oversized controls that make for mitten-friendly operation.

3. You can easily start this machine with a push button.

4. It makes clearing snow very fast because its clearing width is 27 inches and can throw snow up to 40 feet.

5. free hand control means using a free hand to adjust the speed or rotate the chute.

6. This snow blower is easy to maneuver because of its friction drive transmission with six forward and two reverse speeds, which means you can propel the snow blower forward or backward with minimal effort.

7. You can use this unit at night because it has an LED headlight integrated into the controls, providing better visibility even when it is dark.

8. This snow blower has a remote chute that allows one to move the chute in all directions from the operating position.

Briggs & Stratton 1696828 306cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snowblower

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

Suppose you are looking for a gas-powered snow blower that can comfortably clear snow from a medium-sized driveway, pathway, and even a little down the road. In that case, this unit which a 306cc Professional Series Engine powers, is your best bet.


1. Its clearing width is 30 inches

2. It has dual-trigger steering.

3. It has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

4. One of its additional features is its LED lights.

5. It has heated hand grips.

6. It has dash-mounted chute rotation and on-panel deflector control.

7. It has very large tires (16″ x 4.8″) tires


1. It has a very wide clearing width, which means you can clear a large area of snow in little time.

2. This snow blower is easy to maneuver because of the dual-trigger steering.

3. The heated hand grips mean that your hands remain warm even when it’s freezing.

4. This snow is easy to use, especially with its dash-mounted chute rotation and on-panel deflector control.

5. Their huge and superior tires provide good traction.

6. This snow blower comes with 1100ml of oil inside the crankcase.

– Briggs & Stratton 2-Stage Snow Blower with 250 CC Engine

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

This is a 2-stage snow blower whose high-performance dual-stage engine comes in a small frame and is built for the toughest snow. The fact that it has a 3-year warranty tells you how durable it is.


1. It is a 2-stage snow blower.

2. It starts with a push button.

3. It is free-hand controlled.

4. Its clearing width is 27 inches.

5. It is made of steel


1. It has a smaller frame, making it easy to store.

2. It can clear a large quantity of snow in one go because of its clearing width, which is 27 inches.

3. It’s made of high-quality steel, making it very durable.

Briggs & Stratton 1222EE 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with SnowShredder Auger and Push Button Electric Start

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

This single-stage snow blower with a 4-cycle overhead valve model delivers about 11.5 lbs. of torque. Its unique selling point is its snow shredder serrated auger technology, designed to smash clumps of ice and snow with its serrated blades.


1. It is a single-stage snow blower.

2. It has serrated blades

3. It has dual headlights

4. It has only one speed

5. It doesn’t have power steering.


1. The serrated blades of this snow blower can easily crush any ice.

2. It has a 3-year warranty.

3. It has an easy push-button electric start

4. It has an electric chute rotation

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start

Briggs and Stratton Snow Blower Reviews

If you are shopping for a snow blower on a budget, this single-stage with a 22-inch width is a good option.


1. They are a single-stage snowblower

2. It can provide 9.5 lbs. of torque

3. It has a 4-stroke engine.


1. It is relatively inexpensive

2. It is very easy to start and operate.


Briggs and Stratton boast of the best snow blowers you can find around, they come in different shapes and designs, but before you make a choice, you must be sure if you want a single-stage, 2-stage, or even the 3-stage snowblower that is meant for serious snow blowing. There are also gas and electric snowblowers, and whichever you choose, you are sure of getting true value for money.

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