Corded Snow Blowers

Are Corded Snow Blowers Worth It? (Buying Guide)

It’s that time when your yard, pavement, and car are covered in snow. It can be stressful to handle this problem manually. Do you plan on getting a snowblower?

If you have done your research, you know that there are two types of snow blowers, and maybe the corded ones seem cheaper, but the question you keep asking yourself is, are corded snow blowers worth it?

Reading further, we have discussed all you need to know about corded snow blowers and other types of snow blowers. We have also listed their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose quickly.

Electric or Corded Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers are corded snow blowers since they need a power source to work, although you may get an electric snow blower powered by batteries that can be charged.

Some electric blowers are great for both light and heavy-duty work; since they are corded, you can use them for as long as you want, provided that you have a power source.

Battery-operated electric snow blowers are environmentally friendly as they do not pollute the atmosphere and are easy to start. This can be done with the be done by the push of a button.

Most electric blowers are great for only light snow, and since they are corded, there is a limit to the distance you can cover.

And using it on wet snow can cause overheating, damaging it with time; there is also a risk of your cord getting tangled up, which can cause accidental falling.

The most important factor to consider is safety. It is well known that water and electricity are not the best pair, so when using a corded snow blower, you need to be extra careful.

Advantages of Corded Snow Blowers

  1. They are known to make less noise when being used
  2. They are cheaper
  3. They are portable, making them easy to store and transport
  4. They are easy to start
  5. Easy to maintain because they do not have an engine
  6. They do not use fossil fuel

Disadvantages of a Corded Snow Blower

  1. The cords may tangle, which can cause a fall
  2. Possible safety hazards working with electricity and water
  3. Because of the cord length, there is a limit to the distance you can cover
  4. This snow blower is not the best for heavy-duty work like wet and bulk snow
  5. They cannot be used for a long time as they tend to overheat

Gas Snow Blower

Gas snow blowers have an engine, and they are powered by fossil fuel. This basic fact about them has its upside and downside. They are easier to repair in the case of any damage, and unlike corded snow blowers, they are not limited by cord length.

They are good for bulk and wet snow, making them suitable for heavy-duty jobs; this is because they have enough power and do not overheat when used for a long time, so if you are aiming to get a lot of work done, then a gas snow blower is what you should get. These types of snow blowers are diverse, offering different levels of traction.

On the other hand, they are heavy, which will make storage and transportation difficult, they also make a lot of noise, and most of them require a pull string to start.

Advantages of Gas Snow Blowers

  1. They clear twice the amount of snow a corded snow blower does at the same time, making them suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  2. Cords do not limit them
  3. Easier to service
  4. They have better traction
  5. They have more diversity
  6. Clears wet snow

Disadvantages of Gas Snow Blowers

  1. They are powered by fossil fuels which may pollute the atmosphere
  2. Take up a lot of storage space
  3. Since they are heavier, it isn’t easy to transport them
  4. They are loud
  5. Requires a pull string to start, which can be difficult

Factors to Consider When Buying a Corded Snow Blower

Even if you still decide to buy a corded snow blower, here are some aspects to look at before choosing a product. These factors help you choose a product that lasts long and functions well.

1. The Amount of Snow Dealt With

If you know the amount of snow you handle yearly, you can choose the right snow blower. If you deal with a lot of snow, about 10 to 12 inches, then you will need a stronger snow blower, but if you handle a little snow every year, you need something just like a leaf blower.

2. Cord Length

If you know where you get the most snow, you can determine the distance between that area and your power outlet.

If the distance is small, you can go for a snow blower with a small cord, but if it’s a considerable distance, you will need a snow blower with a long cord.

2. Budget

Some brands of snow blowers are more expensive than others, so you will need to use the money within your budget to purchase a snow blower. A reputable brand may sell at a higher cost compared to other brands.

Are Corded Snow Blowers Worth It?

From the overview we have given above, corded snow blowers have a limit to which they work and cannot work for a long time as they overheat.

But if you are looking for portability, eco-friendly device, and easy-to-start snow blowers, then you may as well consider this option.

A corded snow blower will not be worth it if you want to blow away wet and bulk snow as they do not have enough power.


Every year, many people deal with snow piling up in the wrong place and have to get rid of it. Working with a shovel can be stressful for some people, so they consider buying a snow blower.

If you are considering a corded snow blower for wet snow or a lot of it, you should change your mind because corded snow blowers are unsuitable for this task.

We have given a detailed overview of gas-powered and electricity-powered snow blowers and listed the pros and cons of each. This guide should give you a good idea of whether your choice of corded snow blowers is right.

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