Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs

Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs (Which is BETTER and What’s The Difference)

So maybe you want to bring down a big tree in your yard, but you have a pole guff. You are probably wondering if it’s suitable for the task or not.

It’s okay to be clueless about things like this; after all, it may be your first time handling a task. Tree gaffs and pole gaffs are often used similarly but are two different pieces of equipment that function differently.

Tree gaffs vs pole gaffs, which is better? And what’s the difference? Fortunately, we have answered all the questions you have regarding this topic.

What is a Tree Gaff?

Tree gaffs are equipment strapped to your legs for tree climbing. The bigger part of the gaff is strapped to your upper calf, while the smaller part is strapped to the section of your leg close to your foot. There is a spike attached to the rear of the gaff that aids in climbing.

The spike attached to the gaff usually pierces the tree to give the climber enough leverage not to fall to the ground. This gaff can be simple or padded to give extra comfort while cutting a tree, and they are usually made of steel, but others can be made of carbon or titanium.

What is a Pole Gaff?

Pole gaffs are when peeling and cutting poles. By using pole gaffs, you can reduce the risks that come from peeling and cutting poles. The leather pole gaffs are durable and offer enough strength to handle challenging blows.

Pole gaffs are similar to tree gaffs in terms of appearance. The body is usually made of leather or nylon, while the straps are steel. One side of this is strapped to your calf, while the other end is strapped to your ankle.

This equipment is durable and allows maximum safety when carrying out a task involving poles. They come in different shapes and are cushioned to comfort the climber.

Tree Gaff vs Pole Gaff – Which Is Better?

From our definition of tree gaff and pole gaff, it is obvious that they appear somewhat similar and are used for very similar tasks. With these similarities, it is okay to use either interchangeably in terms of functions, but which is better?

If you are dealing with a surface very thick with barks and rough edges, this makes them suitable for trees of all kinds. Tree gaffs also give your heel a great angle which is a vital contribution when climbing trees.

Pole gaffs are great for working with hardwood or wood with thin barks. They are more durable than tree gaffs, which makes them able to support a lot of weight when compared with tree gaffs. 

If you weigh a lot, then pole gaffs are better than tree gaffs, but if you want to pierce through something hard, tree gaffs should do the job.

The Difference Between Tree Gaffs And Pole Gaffs?

The key difference between these two objects is their spikes. Tree spikes can be made of alloys, steel, and titanium. The steel spikes are better for heavy tasks, while the titanium spikes come cheap.

Pole gaffs are mostly made of leather and nylon, prioritizing the climbers’ comfort. Pole gaffs are also known to carry more weight than tree gaffs, but these two items can be used synonymously for the same task; be sure to purchase quality ones.

Best Tree And Pole Gaffs

If you have decided on which item you are using for your task, then you must know some of the best products you can consider.

1. Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbers

Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs

While steel is considered the best material for tree gaffs, aluminum may have been underestimated. The key feature of aluminum spikes is that they are lighter than steel, so if you don’t feel like having massive weight on your calves, then you should consider them.


  1. Capable of supporting up to 350 pounds
  2. Aluminum makes it lighter
  3. Durable and comfortable


  1. This product is expensive

2. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Set

Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs

If you want the complete tree climbing package, this Evoke gear is just the thing for you. It contains a safety harness, tree climbing spikes, and a lanyard. 

This product is affordable and durable; it also has an adjustable strap that can be altered to fit an individual’s height perfectly.


  1. It is affordable
  2. Adjustable feature
  3. Capable of supporting a lot of weight


  1. There are no instructions provided with the set on how to assemble this kit
  2. not the best option for surfaces with thick barks

3. Buckingham Buckalloy Climber Kit

Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs

This product is suitable for working on poles and trees. It can support up to 350 lbs of weight, has straps made of nylon, and its spikes are steel. 

This product is also known for creating little or no pressure during use, making it one of the best.


  1. made with cushion to ensure comfort
  2. capable of supporting a lot of weight
  3. there is little or no shin pressure


  1. it is expensive

4. Klein Tools Pole Climbers

Tree Gaffs vs Pole Gaffs

This pole gaff has its toe mat made of leather which eliminates strain and allows complete climbing comfort. Its straps are made of durable nylon that absorbs pressure perfectly well and allows the gaff to last for a long time. The steel parts can be accounted for by the buckles and head bolts which provide maximum stability.


  1. manufactured to ensure that climbers are comfortable
  2. provides stability
  3. this product is known for carrying a lot of weight
  4. eliminates strain while climbing


  1. it is expensive


Tree gaffs and pole gaffs are very similar in appearance and are often used for the same tasks, but some little details make them different from each other. Tree gaffs are pretty expensive, while pole gaffs are known to support more weight.

We have explained each of these items; if you want to know more about them, we have recommended some of the best products to consider if you want quality tree gaffs or pole gaffs.

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