Will A Fire Pit Increase Home Value?

Will A Fire Pit Increase Home Value?

If you are a homeowner, you will do anything to make your home as comfy and inviting as possible; there is no place like home. Building a fire pit is one of the classy and adventurous ways of elevating the aesthetics and allure of your home.

We can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that a fire pit will increase your home’s value and make it more marketable and faster to sell if you want to sell the house.

So today, we look at how a fire pit can turn an everyday house into a home you and potential buyers will love. You may also want to check out If You Need Vent Holes in My Fire Pit?

Setting Up Your Fire Pit

Will A Fire Pit Increase Home Value?

If you’ve always wanted a firepit in your home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Designing your fire pit can be exciting because you can be as creative as you want in building one that suits your taste and preference.

However, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you embark on the project. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Your Local Fire Laws And Regulations 

Before you fix a fire pit in your home, you should be abreast of the fire codes of your locality. Some cities do not permit fire pits because they feel it will constitute a fire risk, while others may have size restrictions.

Others allow fire pits to be lit at certain months of the year, while at other times, it is illegal. A call or visit to your local fire department will give you all the information you need before building a fire pit.

You should also check on your homeowner’s insurance policy to be sure you are within the boundaries of the law, especially in terms of vertical clearance.

The Permanence Of The Fire Pit

One of the things you have to consider is if you want a fire pit that is relatively immobile or permanent, like those made of immovable cement or stone. These fire pits are relatively permanent, unlike other portable fire pits and fire bowls that can be moved from one point of your home to another.

The Material It Is Made Of

It would be best to consider what material you want your fire pit to be made of. You can find a fire pit that is made of copper. These types are relatively expensive because they don’t rust nor develop a patina, unlike cast iron fire pits that are popular, are lightweight, are less expensive, but can rust when exposed to air and moisture.

Stainless fire pits are attractive, rust-free, and very durable. Unsurprisingly, they are about the most expensive styles in the market. Steel fire pits are also good because they can be rust-free if powder-coated.

There are also stone and tile fire pits which are permanent structures you can build to your taste.

The Type Of Fuel The Fire Pit Burns

Different fire pits burn different fuel; here are some of the types of fuel most fire use:

Natural Gas and Propane

Most fire pits and bowls burn. It is the most common fuel. Natural gas and propane are users friendly, and they require minor maintenance.


Wood is what most classic fire pits burn, and it is common for most stone fires to use wood. The beauty of wood is that it is readily available and inexpensive, and when you smoke food like marshmallows, the wood imparts a unique flavor that you can’t get from other types of fuel.

The problem with wood-burning fire pits is that sparks and embers can fly about and land on flammable material, constituting a fire hazard.

Canned Alcohol Gel Fuel

It is about the least common of fire pit fuel. Canned alcohol gel fuel can provide up to 5 hours of heat, and in about 15 minutes, the fire pit can give off maximum heat.

Will A Fire Pit Increase Home Value?

Will A Fire Pit Increase Home Value?

Almost all homeowners owners look for a way to enhance their home, update it and make it more “homely,” This is all to make their home a haven where they can run to after all the hustles and bustles of everyday life.

Secondly, home improvements are carried out to increase the beauty of the house so that its market will increase while becoming appealing to a diverse group of potential buyers.

You could remodel the house, repaint it, maintain the lawns, and fix the patio and deck, all in a bid to make your house more attractive to buyers who will pay more for it.

These are all good ideas for increasing the value of your home, but the addition of a beautiful fire pit that is strategically placed can make a huge difference.

Here are ways a fire pit can add value to your home:

A Fire Pit Makes Your Home More Marketable

Do you want your home to stand out from others when potential buyers come for a showing? Fix an eye-catching fire pit.

Any time you landscape your home, it adds value to it, which is what a fire pit dies. A fire pit gives a home an appeal that literary transforms a dull outdoor space into a tasteful outdoor living area.

The fact that a fire pit must be placed at least 10 feet from other structures in your home means you have a designated area where more than just fire burns.

It becomes a living area where you and the family can do many things together. This thought is what a buyer will have in their mind as they see the fire pit in your home.

It Gives That Outdoor Space Versatility

A fire pit can be a great focal point for most outdoor activities in your home if you fix a good one in a good location. Realtors will tell you that Location is one of the main selling points of a house.

Now imagine you have a beautiful home already, which has a fire pit that is located in a place in your home that is central where people can converge for social events like parties, picnics, and what have you.

It can warm potential buyers to your home, make them want to take it off your hands, and even pay more.

A Fire Pit Beautifies A House

A beautiful home sells itself; anything that elevates the beauty of your home makes it more valuable, be it a pool, an overhanging, a fire pit, or simply remodeling the house. A fire pit makes a house more beautiful, inviting, and valuable.

Benefits Of A Fire Pits

Fire pits are great home accessories and have more uses than just providing warmth on chilly days. Here are some of the advantages you enjoy from owning a fire pit:

1. A fire pit provides warmth for the home that can keep you outside year-round, even on those chilly nights.

2. You can use a fire pit for outdoor cooking and grilling. Imagine doing your barbeque. Can you imagine doing your barbeque on a fire pit with your friends and family all hanging around and having a good time?

3. Do you know that a fire pit in your outdoors is a bug deterrent because the fire will keep mosquitoes, insects, and other pests?

4. A sitting area around your fire pit can serve as a dining place for family dinners, game nights, or wine nights.

5. Every night, the fire from the fire pit can light up your home in a magical way that only fire can.


A fire pit is a perfect addition to any home; it is a practical and versatile home improvement unit with many benefits. Asides being a source of heat for cooking and warming the body, it can also keep bugs and pests away.

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The best point about a fire pit is that it makes your home more attractive and marketable to buyers who will pay you a little for your house just because of the fire pit it’s got.

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