What Accessories Do You Need For Outdoor Fire Pit

What Accessories Do You Need For Outdoor Fire Pit

Whether you are a usual or first-time fire pit user, it is undeniable that the only thing better than a plain fire pit is one with accessories. Having accessories for your outdoor fire pit will take your experience to a new level. 

If you keep up with decoration trends, outdoor fire pit accessories are an excellent option for sprucing up your living space. The most valuable part is that you can get some of these accessories at an affordable price.

This article details what accessories you need for an outdoor fire pit and the benefits of having these accessories.

What Accessories Do You Need For Outdoor Fire Pit?

What Accessories Do You Need For Outdoor Fire Pit

The accessories you need for your outdoor fire pit depend on your intent. Different accessories can be handy for cooking, decoration, protection, and maintenance. Identifying your desire for these accessories allows you to choose the right ones.

Fire pit cooking accessories: If your fire pit will be used in any cooking activity, here are some accessories that will be helpful for a gathering.

  1. Marshmallow roasting sticks

If marshmallows and hotdogs are your favorite things to eat by a fire, then you want to use these roasting sticks. 

If you have kids who also enjoy roasting by a fire, you don’t need to worry about safety when using these sticks. The sharp end where the marshmallow goes is bent backward to avoid accidents. 

  1. Popcorn popper

A fire pit popcorn popper consists of a metal container and lid (that can mesh or be fully covered) with a long handle that enables you to safely extend it to your firepit. If you enjoy some popcorn while sitting around your fire pit, this is one accessory you need to get your hands on. 

  1. Cooler

If there’s a snack, you will also need some cold drinks for the best experience. A beverage cooler allows you to keep drinks cold when stored with ice, and if it ever gets too warm around the fire pit, you can have a nice drink with family and friends. 

Fire pit safety accessories

To ensure that using a fire pit is safe for everyone and to handle accidents properly, here are some safety accessories you may want to keep around. 

  1. A fire extinguisher or a nearby water supply

Preparing for a fire hazard is best to ensure appropriate measures are observed when needed. It is an accessory only a few people consider when needed. 

Keeping a fire extinguisher, metal container, tap, and hose nearby will help curb fire hazards and prevent any injury or damage.

Ensure that every item dedicated to this purpose is made of metal.

  1. First aid kit

If an accident occurs around a fire pit, you should have a first aid kit nearby to administer primary treatment before visiting the hospital. It is a crucial accessory that can save lives when needed.

  1. Fire pit spark screen

The cackling sound of wood as it burns and the spark it produces is enthralling and exciting to experience. However, having these sparks on your skin will not produce the same delightful feeling. It is why a spark screen is essential for your fire pit. It blocks all sparks and prevents them from getting to you. 

  1. Fireplace tongs

Going close to your fire pit to put in logs can be scary. It is why you may need a fireplace tong. With its long handle, you won’t need to go close to the fire to get in logs. This accessory is affordable and can be found in almost every online store.

Decorative fire pit accessories

If the warm heat of the fire is not enough to give you a good feeling, having a nice-looking environment will help just as much. 

1. Fire pit shape and materials

A regular fire pit is shaped like a circle or square, but you can get creative and make the shape of your fire pit different from usual. 

You can choose to go with polygons which look nice as well. Many people find certain building materials like bricks, stones, or rocks tremendous, and if you are one of those people, you can make your fire pit out of these materials.

2. Outdoor wine table

If you fancy a drink or two outside while sitting by your fire pit, you will need a great place to hold your wine and wine glasses. A wine table is ideal for an empty spot between two chairs, especially if you enjoy drinks often by your fire pit. 

3. String lights

If you love the night light, you certainly don’t want to miss out on string lights in your outdoor space while enjoying the warmth of your fire pit. These string lights can be arranged in different patterns depending on your preference. 

Fire pit maintenance accessories

To make your fire pit last longer, you must follow proper maintenance procedures. The accessories in this category will help you maintain your firepit with ease.

1. Fire pit lid

A fire pit lid helps you keep out moisture and air, which can lead to rusting. It also helps in preserving your fire pit against harsh weather conditions. 

2. Fire pit propane tank cover

If you have a propane fire pit, you would want a suitable storage medium. This tank cover is made of concrete which helps prevent unwanted elements or materials from contacting your propane tank. 

3. Fire pit cover

A fire pit cover is your best bet if you want to protect your entire fire pit from rust. This waterproof material helps to keep out moisture and air. It is also UV resistant, so do not expect it to get damaged easily.


Your outdoor fire pit does not require additional accessories besides the basics, but some accessories will be handy for decoration, safety, maintenance, or cooking. 

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It is helpful to have some safety and maintenance accessories as they can save lives and prolong the service life of your fire pit. Reading through each accessory, if you find one that will be useful to you, you can purchase it. You can even get them at affordable prices.

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