Chairs for soccer games

Chairs for Soccer Games – 5 Best Chairs For Soccer Games For Comfort

Enjoying a good soccer game is not just about the thrill and excitement of seeing the players in action. It’s also about being comfortable while watching these soccer games.

And let’s be honest, the field bleachers are not the best thing when it comes to comfort, and we hate to go home to a pill or two of ibuprofen or diclofenac to take away the back and waist pain.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered because we will be recommending the best Chairs for Soccer Games that will bring you maximum comfort while you watch a soccer game. Now go ahead and enjoy that thrill and excitement the right way.

5 Best Comfortable Chairs for Soccer Games

We will recommend and review the top 5 chairs for soccer games. These chairs and durable, are of good quality and most of all they are very affordable.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking Chair

Chairs for Soccer Games

This chair is suitable for camping, tailgating, music festivals, and, you guessed it, watching sports. The GCI outdoor freestyle can be used on any surface, both smooth and rough terrains; its bar and scratch-free feet make this possible.

It has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with a padded armrest and a beneficial beverage holder. It has a dimension of 24 × 25 × 34.8 inches, and in the packed form, it has a dimension of 34.8 × 25 × 4.9 inches.

The spring action rocking technology enables it to rock smoothly with its unique rock shocks, as its rocking system is a patented technology.

The GCI outdoor portable folding chair is extremely well built with large and good components; it is wide with a supportive design and is easy to lean back and even rock back and forth. It folds easily; all you have to do is pull up the handle on the side of the seat.

Here is a helpful video explaining the GCI chair


  1. Folds easily
  2. It can be used on any surface (both rough and smooth)
  3. Padded armrests with beverage holder
  4. Has a powder-coated steel frame


  1. The GCI outdoor portable folding rocking chair does not come with a carry bag.
  2. It has a carry weight of 12lbs this it is heavy
  3. Its packed dimension is unimpressive.
  4. It can be stiff in some cases
  5. Rockers need periodic oil
  6. Doesn’t pack down small

Chaheati 11.4v Battery Heated Maxx Heated Chair

Chairs for soccer games

The Chaheati 11.4v is also called an all-season because it provides heat in all seasons. It uses a woven heating technology instead of coils, and it includes an 11.1-volt lithium rechargeable battery and charger.

It has a folded dimension of 41 × 8 × 8 inches which is quite impressive.


  1. It uses a woven heating technology
  2. It has four temperatures setting, therefore providing just the right amount of heat in all seasons.
  3. It has a carrying case
  4. It has a USB port to charge phones and tablets.


So far, the Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair has a five-star rating on Amazon and has only one bad review.

  1. It also weighs 12lbs; therefore, it’s heavy.

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with Cooler

Chairs for soccer games

The Coleman portable camping quad chair is perfect for barbecuing, picnics, camping, and watching sports. It is a very known brand and can also come in a double set.

The Coleman is big and durable; it has a fully cushioned seat and back. It has an adjustable arm height, and it has a cooler built in the armrest. It is 24.1 inches wide and has a sitting height of 18.1 inches.

It is made of alloy steel and has a dimension of 37.5 × 7.5× 7.5 inches.


  1. It has a cooler that can hold up to 4 cans.
  2. Adjustable arm height
  3. Impressive weight capacity
  4. Comes with a carrying case
  5. It is lightweight.
  6. It is easy to set up.


  1. The carrying case is not thick
  2. Cooler gets in the way when folding it up
  3. Not supportive

Kingcamp Heavy-Duty Steel Camping Folding Chair

Kingcamp Heavy-Duty Steel Camping Folding Chair

Just as the name implies, the King camp heavy-duty chair can hold a high weight count. It has a cushioned chair back and armrest; its fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking nylon.

It has a dimension of 20.8 × 19.6 × 32.6 inches and a packed dimension of 32.6 × 5.5 × 19.6 inches. It weighs 14.8lbs.

It has a fold-away insulated cooler bag and a side table with a cup holder. Its sitting height is 17.7 inches, its total width, including its cooler and side table, is 43 3 inches. And has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

This video shows how to set up a king camp heavy-duty chair.


  1. It can be used on any terrain
  2. Padded armrest
  3. Side table and cup holder.
  4. Has a very impressive weight capacity.


  1. Has a big, packed size
  2. It’s expensive
  3. Doesn’t have a carrying case.
  4. It weighs 14.8lbs thus is considered heavy.

Coleman 2000019354 Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

Coleman 2000019354 Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

It is similar to the Coleman portable camping quad chair, but it had two seats instead of one. It has two seatback pockets and two mesh cup holders.

It is made of strong steel, is 21.5 inches wide, and has a sitting height of 14.6 inches.

It has a dimension of 55 x 24 x 29 inches and a packed dimension of 31.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches. 1t weighs 10.5lbs which is surprisingly low for double seats and a chair with steel frames.


  1. Has a carrying case
  2. Its large seat lockets
  3. It is cheap
  4. Has a very impressive weight capacity
  5. It is lightweight.


  1. A bit long when packed
  2. Might below for some users

What You Need to Know About Chairs for Soccer Games

Despite their pros and cons, we will explain why we have chosen these chairs as the top 5 best chairs for enjoying a soccer game.

Portability, Comfort, and Convenience

These are all factors that would influence your decision on whether to purchase these chairs or not or which is more suitable for you.

The following chairs are ranked 1-5 (one being the lowest and five being the highest) in terms of comfort.

  1. The GCI outdoor freestyle portable folding rocking chair
  2. The Coleman portable camping quad chair with cooler
  3. The kingcamp heavy-duty steel camping folding director chair.
  4. The Coleman 2000019354 Quattro lax double quad chair
  5. The Chaheati 11.4-volt battery heated MAXX heated chair.

The Material

Soccer ball chairs are made up of different fabrics. Some are made of polyester (oxford polyester) or nylon.

When using polyester to make camping chairs, the standard measurement Is 600D (the D stands for denier, to the fabric thickness and weight).

The higher the number, the thicker the fabric. These polyesters are durable and can withstand abrasions, and still last for a long time.

Features and Benefits 

These chairs have features that make them unique and more convenient. Each chair we have described above have their special features. There are cup holders, side tables, seatback pockets, coolers, heaters, and rockers.

These features make it possible for us to use these chairs with ease. They make it possible to carry other materials we need.

Weight limit

If you have noticed, we have made comments on the weight capacity of each chair, but we have not mentioned the exact limit. That is because we have been stalling to give you the full details.

  • The Chaheati 11.4v battery heated MAXX heated chair has a weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • The GCI outdoor freestyle portable folding rocking chair has a weight capacity of 250lbs.
  • The Coleman portable camping quad chair has a weight capacity of 325lbs.
  • The Kingcamp heavy-duty steel camping folding chair has a weight capacity of 398lbs.
  • The Coleman 2000019354 Quattro Lax double quad chair has a weight capacity of 450lbs.

You should always check the chair’s weight capacity before a purchase is made, as you do not want a chair with the wrong weight capacity to snap.

Support and Stability

The support and stability of a chair should be checked alongside the weight capacity. You would want a chair with quality frames that should be able to balance on any terrain. And not make your body sway.

Best Brand for Soccer Mom Chairs

The following brands are known to manufacture quality and durable products. We have gone through reviews, and the comments were positive. When choosing Chairs, these brands should be considered.

  • Coleman
  • Chaheati
  • Kingcamp
  • GCI outdoor

FAQs for Chairs for Soccer Games

We will be answering your frequently asked questions.

Question: Were these chairs specifically made for soccer moms?

Answer: No. While some chairs are specifically made to watch sports, others are made for several outdoor activities. The chairs mentioned above can be used for camping, tailgating, picnics, and even barbecues.

Question: can these chairs be used in another sports field?

Answer: Of course! These chairs can be used to watch hockey, football, lacrosse, and other field sports.


To sum this all up, these are the best chairs for soccer moms. We have studied their basic features, upsides, and downsides, and we have added helpful links to confirm your decision. Now you can attend your kid’s soccer game without being restless and awkwardly uncomfortable.

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