How Long Do Trampolines Last ( Does It Need Maintenance)

How Long Do Trampolines Last ( Does It Need Maintenance)

A trampoline is fun stuff most homes have in their yard. They provide wholesome fun for kids n adults alike while allowing them to play outdoors and bond with each other.

A trampoline’s lifespan depends on how it is used and maintained. A good quality trampoline can last 3 to 8 years if used accordingly and appropriately maintained.

The different parts of a trampoline require different maintenance needs, and when they are correctly cared for, you might even find your unit exceeding its life span.

Caring And Maintaining Your Trampoline At The Different Seasons Of The Year

At the start of every season, you should inspect your trampoline and perform routine maintenance at least once to ensure the unit remains in good shape for a long time.

During Spring and Winter, your trampoline requires the most attention more than the other two seasons because, at those times, they are exposed a lot to the elements.

Here are ways to care for your trampoline during different seasons:

Caring For Your Trampoline In Winter

When winter chills come, you can either fully or partially disassemble the trampoline or leave it as it is. Fully disassembling your unit might seem like a hassle, but in the long run, it makes your trampoline last longer since you will protect every part of it from the elements.

Consider disassembling some parts of your trampoline during winter, especially the safety pad, the trampoline mat, the trampoline springs, the enclosure net, and the poles supporting the net. These parts should be stored in a dry place.

Partial disassembly is better than leaving your trampoline outside, except if you live in a warmer climate. However, if you live in a place with lots of snow and want to disassemble any part of your trampoline, then you should remember to clear the snow from the mat and enclosure the moment the snow has set on the mat.

Just 3 inches of snow can stretch the spring and mat, which loosens the coils and hence will reduce the trampoline’s bounce.

Caring For Your Trampoline In Spring

It is the season to take the trampoline out and get back to jumping, but before you do so, inspect all the parts to ensure they are working optimally.

Check the frame to see if the trampoline needs to be moved to a better place in your backyard. Also, inspect the joints and bolts to ensure they are tight enough and if there are any signs of rust or deterioration in the welds. Check also to see if any part of the frame is bent, broken, or even missing, and effect the necessary repairs.

Check the condition of the mat to see if it has any punctures, holes, rips, tears, or loose stitches, and fix any of these issues before kids play with the trampoline again. Ensure that the mat is not saving, as this can occur if heavy materials like snow are left sitting on the mat.

Inspect the safety pad and enclosure net for holes or rips and the condition of the bungees for fastening the safety pad because they can become strained over time. Also, check that the enclosure net is correctly attached to the pole.

Caring For Your Trampoline In Summer

It is the highest time that trampolines are in use because Summer is the season of holidays, meaning there are many trampoline stunts and tricks. Hence there is a need for general checkups.

You should follow the general maintenance during spring but remove all debris and sharp objects like tree branches that can rip the trampoline mat.

Caring For Your Trampoline In the Fall

You don’t want your kids, or anyone, jumping on a wet trampoline mat, so you should clean the trampoline properly because a slippery trampoline is no fun, and it is a safety risk for jumpers.

How Long Do Trampolines Last

How Long Do Trampolines Last

The useful life of your trampoline depends on several factors, especially the quality of the material of make, its exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions, and how much effort is put into its maintenance.

Generally speaking, a premium quality trampoline can last 3 to 8 years if it gets adequate care and is properly winterized.

The beauty of trampolines is that even when one part of the unit becomes damaged beyond repair, it can be replaced. Secondly, different parts of the trampoline last longer some parts.

For instance, some trampoline frames, made of galvanized steel and weather-proof, can last for as many as ten years, while some trampoline mats only have a lifespan of fewer than three years.

Factors That Determine How Long Your Trampoline Lasts.

The useful lifespan of your trampoline depends mainly on the following:

  1. The quality of the trampoline.
  2. The climatic condition or weather of your area.

The Quality Of The Trampoline

The quality of the frame of a trampoline determines to a large extent, the longevity of the unit. When the frame is damaged beyond repair, the whole unit becomes trash. A thick, heavy frame made of rust-proof galvanized steel makes the frame very durable.

You should research the quality of the mat before parting with your cash because low-quality mats are easily torn, especially when exposed for a long time to harsh weather conditions.

Mats that are anti-UV and made with good quality material like polypropylene make for a quality trampoline. You also have to watch out for rips from the seams of the mat because they are a widespread problem with trampoline mats.

You can make your trampoline mat last longer by putting rain cover on it when it is not in use and ensuring people don’t jump with their shoes on. Cleaning the mat with a garden hose at least once every two weeks will keep it in good condition.

The spring of a trampoline can quickly lose its elasticity if many people keep jumping on it for a prolonged period. Limiting the number of people on the trampoline at a time so that the springs do not bear too much weight will help preserve the spring’s lifespan.

The trampoline pads, which serve as shock absorbers and are placed over the springs and frames, can lose their ability to absorb shock after some time, so they should be replaced when this happens.

The trampoline safety nets are vital for keeping kids from falling off the trampoline. When these nets are constantly hit or torn, they should be replaced.

The Climatic Condition Of Weather Of An Area

The weather of an area can determine the lifespan of a trampoline. Harsh weather, especially from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, can reduce the lifespan of a trampoline.

Elements of weather like heavy snowfall can reduce the lifespan of frames, springs, and mats and can even break the trampoline frame, tear the jumping mat, and elongate the springs. It is why it is highly recommended that during winter, trampolines should be fully disassembled and stored away from the elements.

Routine Maintenance Regime For Trampoline

Now, we have established that the main reason why a trampoline will last for a long is if it is properly maintained. Below is some routine maintenance that every trampoline requires.

  1. Always remember to wipe your trampoline’s frame tubes, safety padding, and enclosure pole sleeves with mild detergent to keep them from carrying pathogens.
  2. After cleaning or washing your trampoline, especially the mat, with a garden hose, ensure you wipe off the detergent residue.
  3. Before using the trampoline, all sharp objects should be removed as they may damage the mat and hurt the jumpers significantly as they do not jump with shoes.
  4. Jumpers should wear either sock or be barefoot when using the trampoline to save the unit’s life, especially the trampoline mat.
  5. Your trampoline must be kept from the fire source, like a grill or fire pit, as the mats are highly flammable.
  6. Your pets should not be allowed into the trampoline.
  7. To preserve your trampoline even in mild weather, use rain cover as it will protect them from damage from the sun’s UV rays.
  8. Ensure you don’t leave clear plastic balls on the mat, as these clear plastic balls can magnify sun rays and burn holes into the mat.
  9. If a jumper feels the trampoline is shaky while jumping, everyone should get off the unit and check the screw and bolts carefully.
  10. Kids should be advised never to jump directly on the frame.
  11. Ensure that the trampoline is not placed around, above, or beside any rock, tree, or structure that can constitute a safety hazard.


Trampolines are beautiful playsets for kids and adults alike because they provide a fun way to spend their time and keep them healthy and robust since they a good exercise.

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The lifespan of a trampoline is 3 to 8 years, and to enjoy it for this long, you must care for and maintain the unit properly, ensuring that all the parts are well taken care of, especially during the winter season when the weather is harsh.

We trust this article helped you find out how long trampolines last. You may also want to check out What Size Trampoline You Need for Adult or Children.

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