Outdoor Games Without Equipment

Outdoor Games Without Equipment

Today, there are many games to play outdoors with friends and family when you all want to relax and have a good time. Some of these games, like Corn hole, Giant Jenga, and Bean Bag toss games, are great, only you require equipment to play them.

There are so many games you can enjoy playing with your love in which you don’t need any equipment- you all talk, take guesses and move. The classical “hide n Seek” is a very common one.

There are so many others that are not only interesting and entertaining but involve a lot of energetic movement that is good for the body and mental exercises that are great for the mind.

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Here are some of these “equipment-less” games



It is one classic game you can play with friends without any equipment. The game is played by two teams who compete against each other. It starts with one or more players acting out a phrase without talking while the other team members try to figure it out. The goal is for the teammates to guess the phrase quickly before time runs out.

For this game, you will need a timer – your phone can suffice, and some pen and paper (we hope this does not count as equipment) with which each team will individually write phrases. This paper gets set into a jar for the other crew to pick when it is their turn to act out.

20 Questions

This excellent game will add great fun to any outdoor function. This classic game starts with one person simply thinking of something – it could be a person, a thing, or a place, while the rest of the group will guess the answer and then take turns asking yes or no questions to try to guess what that person is thinking of.

All the players have 20 guesses or opportunities to try and guess what the player was thinking, and if, after 20 attempts, no one comes up with the correct answer, the player wins. You could give the game a little twist by getting a neutral person to act as the umpire – the player will whisper to him what they are thinking to make the game fair.

“I’m Having a Picnic…”

"I'm Having a Picnic…"

It is probably the first time you have heard of this game, but we promise you that you will enjoy it as you play with your loved ones. The game is played by a player saying, “I’m having a picnic, and I’m bringing…” and then the player says an item that starts with the initial letter of their first name. For instance, if the player’s name is Susan, then she would probably “I’m having a picnic, and I’m bringing salad.” Then she asks the next person, “What are you bringing?”

If the next person mentions something that does not start with the first letter of their name, then the previous player says, “Sorry, you can’t come!” but if they say something that DOES start with the first letter of their first name, then the player says “Great, you can come to the picnic!”

This hilarious game continues until everyone has had a go, and the next round continues. It gets more challenging now because many people might be unable to develop a second item that shares the first alphabet with their First name.

2 Truths & A Lie

You can enjoy playing this game anytime, anywhere, without any equipment. Here, a person comes up with three things about themself, 2 of which are true, and one a lie. The other players must determine which of the three things is a lie.

The player can say anything about themselves like – I love soccer, I have been to London, my birthday is in 30 days. They are straightforward things that do not divulge information about you that you want to keep secret. The beauty of this game is that it helps people to get to know each other better in a fun and interactive way.

Red Rover

This match is played by two teams of an equal number of players standing parallel with at least 10 yards between them. The teams hold hands in their line and take turns shouting, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let (name of the person on opposite team) come over.”

Once a person’s name from the opposing team is called, they run toward the opponent’s line and try to break through it. If they are successful, they grab a player from the opponents and take them back to join their team. If, however, the player fails, they join a new team. The game continues until one team has only one person, in which case the other team wins.


This classic game is still a hit with many young people today. To play the game, someone is chosen to start the line while others line up next to each other, so there is little space between each person.

The first person to play chooses a sentence in which they don’t speak out. Instead, they whisper that phrase to the person next to them, s d so the whispering continues down the line until the phrase reaches the last person in the line.

The last person on the line then says what was whispered to him while the first person checks to see if the last person said what they initially said.

The Floor is Lava

The name of this game alone tells you you are up for a lot of fun with your friends as you play. This game is played by one player yelling, “The Floor is Lava,” and everyone has 5 seconds to get both feet off the ground in any way possible – people could climb the table and stand on a chair as much as possible, their feet off the floor. Anyone who couldn’t get off the floor, which is the “boiling lava,” losses and is out of the game. You can play this fun game both indoors and outdoors.

Never Have I Ever

This verbal game is like two truths and a lie. The game begins with one of the players holding up all their fingers and saying, “Never Have I Ever…,” They say something they have never done. So, for instance, the player can “Never have I ever been to Europe” All the players who have ever been to Europe will then put down a single finger.

The moment all the players have either kept their finger up – if they have been to Europe or put a finger down if they’ve not, the play then passes to the left, and the next person states something they have not done. The game continues, and the players who have put down all their fingers lose and are out for the remainder. The game is won by the last person whose finger is still up. Adults who play this game can spice it up by rewarding the winner and getting the losers to perform a chore.

Simon Says

It is a fun game that kids love to play, but adults will enjoy playing it. For this game, you must listen attentively as the first player, Simon, tells others something to do. For instance, the player can say, “Simon says… pull off your shoes. Every person must pull off their shoes. Anyone who doesn’t follow instructions or do something else is out of the game. The game continues, and the last person standing wins the game.

Freeze Tag

It is a variation of your classical tag game in which one person is “it” and tries to tag the other players. In Freeze Tag, the twist is that the player tagged must freeze in position. They remain in that “frozen” state until another player unfreezes them. The last person left frozen is “it” for the next round.


In our world of so much hustle and bustle, it’s essential that once in a while, people take time out to relax, enjoy themselves and play some outdoor games.

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While there are so many games you can play with equipment, there are still many more you can play without any equipment.

Games like the telephone, truth, and a lie are some games without any equipment, and they are as exciting as any other game.

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