Croquet Sets So Expensive

Why Are Croquet Sets So Expensive? (Here’s Why)

Croquet can be an alternative to other backyard games like horseshoe and ladder balls, but when shopping for a croquet set you may have noticed the high price range and you can’t help but question this.

The price of a croquet ball set varies based on the type of materials these sets are made of and also based on additional accessories that come with the set.

We will walk you through croquet sets that are so expensive, the materials used to make a croquet set, and which category of people loves croquet the most.

Why Are Croquet Sets so Expensive?

The most important factors that influence the cost of a croquet set include; the material the ball and mallet are made of, the number of balls and mallets included in the set, and how the mallet fits into the handle.

But before determining what croquet set to buy, you need to consider these factors carefully to know if it’s worth the high price or not.

Croquet Set Cost

A regular croquet set used by players for recreational purposes or backyard use can cost between $30 to $120. But in a game of croquet, there are more costly croquet sets. This set can cost up to $300, but this price range is focused on sophisticated backyard players.

For professional croquet players, a set can cost between $400 to $500. These sets can be found in croquet tournaments and championship games. If you have ever visited a country club, you may also see a professional croquet set.

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Croquet Ball Material

Back in the days, wooden croquet balls were the jam. But it was later discovered that they are not as durable as some plastic balls. Modern croquet balls are made of colored poly-resin plastic, with patterns engraved on the outside.

Even as most croquet balls are made out of hard plastic, not all croquet balls are hard. Some balls develop dents after a game, and while it is normal for balls to develop a few nicks here and there, your croquet set should last you for years.

Croquet Mallet Material

Unlike croquet ball materials, croquet mallet materials are not limited. A regular recreational or backyard mallet can be made of cylindrical hardwood, while a tournament or championship mallet is made of square hardwood.

Sometimes a mallet can be made of hardwood and a plastic head or carbon fiber and a metalhead, but this is all for professional use.

In tournaments, there is no specific length, size, and weight of ball stated, but we have discovered some standard sizes to help you play smoothly.

The length of a mallet depends solely on the player’s preference, but the length of a mallet can range between 32” to 36”. High-quality mallets are heavier and weigh about 3 pounds, this weight will help you move your ball further

You should always go for mallets made of hardwood, and although there are other mallets made of polyethylene hardwood is still classified as the best material for croquet mallets.

How Many Mallets Are in a Croquet Set?

Most croquet set comes with 6 mallets making them suitable for teams of 4 or 6 players. These mallets are often colored to match with corresponding balls of different colors. There are six balls with different colors each, these colors include; black, red, orange, green, yellow, and blue.

Croquet sets with 4 mallets and 4 balls are best suited for kids’ use, while the larger set contains 8 mallets and 8 balls. This set is best used on a large croquet court. The ideal croquet set for backyard use should contain 6 mallets and 6 balls.

Mallet Handle Attachment

Before buying a croquet set, you need to know what mallet handle attachment is best for you. This simply covers how the mallet handle attaches itself to the mallet. It can be detachable, which is good for storing or it can be fixed in place.

Here are some types of attachment when it comes to a croquet mallet and the handle.

Wedge Type

The handle is forced into the mallet where it stays in place. This attachment is common in children’s croquet sets. The only downside to this attachment is that after a while, it falls off easily.

Brass Fitting

You can install a brass fitting on a mallet and its handle to screw it in place. This may be the best mallet and handle attachment.

Wooden Screw

In this attachment, your wooden handle has a screw-type end that screws into the mallet to keep it in place. But eventually, the wood will split and break.

Permanent Attachment

This attachment is permanent. The mallet and handle are constructed as one single piece. Although this attachment may be difficult to store.

Different croquet set attachment costs differently. The brass fitting set is more expensive than others so you need to consider that.

How Many Wickets Are in a Croquet Game

There are two types of croquet wickets. The 9-wicket croquet and the 6-wicket croquet. The 9 wicket croquet is the most popular type of croquet as it is mainly used in America and in backyards.

The 6 wicket croquet is not very popular and is commonly used in the United Kingdom. It is also used in tournaments and international games.

It is best to buy the 9-wicket croquet set so that you can decide whether you want to play the 6-wicket croquet or 9-wicket croquet.

A complete croquet set should have 6 balls, 6 mallets, 9 wickets, and 2 stakes. Some may come with a carrying case while others may not.

How Do You Choose a Croquet Set?

Beyond overall quality, there are other things to look for in a croquet set. These characteristics determine how well you enjoy playing croquet and how long your croquet set lasts.

Before choosing a croquet set, you need to consider how durable it is, the mallet size and quality, the quality of the ball, the players, and the wickets and stakes.

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Because your mallet will be used to continuously strike your ball, it is important that you get a quality croquet set. A croquet set can be made of hardwood which is the best material as it ensures stability, or you can consider composite wood that is usually used to male standard toy sets. This wood type is inexpensive compared to hardwood, but it is not the best material.

Fiberglass or carbon fiber can be used to make professional croquet sets. While this set is hardly sold to recreational players, it is available for professional players as it offers stability, durability, and excellent performance. Plastic croquet sets are rare and are mostly used for toy sets.

Mallet Size and Quality

Your mallet should be made of hardwood or carbon fiber for a good pendulum motion. You should know that the heavier your mallet is, the better for you as you can make smooth and precise shots.

The handle of your mallet should be between 32” to 36”. According to croquet online, it is best that you choose a mallet with a long handle and determine your proper hand position than choosing a mallet with a shorter handle.

As for the shape of your mallet head, most leisure players use round head mallets as it is more popular. But professional players use square cross-section heads.

Ball Quality

These days, most crochet balls are made of composite plastic that is more durable and easier to use, compared to standard plastic that doesn’t last for a long time. Your ball shouldn’t have dents after a few games, this is why it is important to pick the right materials

Your ball should have a diameter of 5” and should weigh 16oz. You can simply browse the internet or shopping sites for reviews on different croquet balls, this way you will find out which croquet ball is actually the best.

The Players

How many players are usually involved in your backyard game of croquet? If you usually have 4 players but occasionally have 6 players, then you should get the set with 6 balls and 6 mallets to be well prepared for both scenarios.

If croquet is played by your kids, then you should get a croquet set with a shorter mallet handle like about 24” will do.

Wicket and Stakes

Just like your mallet and balls, your stakes and wicket should be made of quality materials if you want them to last long. A good option is to get a solid wood for your stakes and maybe a metal wicket, as the wire wickets provided with most sets may not suffice.

Is Croquet a Rich Person Sport?

Anybody with $100 or more can buy a decent croquet set. Croquet is not a rich person sport but, there was a time when croquet was played by the nobles and aristocrats. But because croquet became very popular it is not played all over the United States.

Most of the recreational croquet sets sold today are within the price range of $50 to $100. But you can get a professional set at a higher price.


Maybe you want to play a game of croquet in your backyard and then you go online to shop, but then you are amazed by how expensive a croquet set is.

Recreational croquet sets that are used mostly for backyard games are relatively cheap, while professional sets may cost more.

There are some factors that add to the price of a croquet set, they include the number of mallets and balls in a croquet set, the materials used to make the mallet and balls as well as additional accessories.

After reading this article, you should be well informed on what type of croquet is cheap and what type is expensive.

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