Backyard Wiffle Ball Fields Measurements

Backyard Wiffle Ball Fields Measurements (Diagram, Layout & Photos)

There are many sport-like games available these days for fun and relaxation, and one of them is Wiffle ball. It is an exciting game that is a cousin to baseball because it is played with a perforated ball and a bat.

This great game started in the backyard of a young man known as David Mullay, who played with his loved ones first with a perforated ball and a broomstick because they didn’t have enough players or space to play baseball.

Many research has shown that there are different shapes and sizes of Wiffle ball field; in fact, the creators of Wiffle ball stated that there is no official dimension of Wiffle ball field. Some leagues have their dimension different from others.

So don’t be surprised to see two Wiffle ball fields with totally different dimensions; it is OK. So today, we will suggest the best Wiffle ball field dimension that will work for you.

How Do You Layout A Wiffle Ball Field

Wiffleball can be played on asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, artificial grass or natural grass. The Foul Line should clearly define the limit of “fair territory” of the playing field, and so it extends from the back of the home plate to the base of the Foul pole.

In setting the layout of the Wiffle ball field, you should enclose the outfield by a wall or fence that is 3 to 4 feet high, and the distance from the base of the nearest foul pole and the home plate should be between 80 to 105 feet, while the distance from the base of the centre-field and the home plate should be between 95 feet to 125 feet.

To mark out the Infield, measure out 42 feet, a single line extending from one Foul Line to the other. Another double line extending from the Foul line to the other Foul Line should measure 65 feet.

The area for pitching should be at the same level as the home plate, and it must be flat. The distance between the pitching rubber and the home flat should be 42 feet, while a distance of 45 feet should be left between the pitching rubber and the backstop.

The backstop should be placed 3 feet directly behind the home plate, and the Strike Zone, which is cut of the backstop, should start 12 inches from the ground. It should be 22 inches and three on chest wide and tall, respectively. The Battery Box should be 4 feet wide and 6 feet long.

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Backyard Wiffle Ball Field Measurement

Backyard Wiffle Ball Fields Measurements

If you want to construct a Wiffle ball field in your backyard, then your backyard must be at least 10 feet wide and 50 feet long. You can face your field in any direction but facing the baselines so that they are parallel to the powerline is usually the convention.

The air spaces, which are the space between the home plate and the outfield, should be 11 in the Wiffle ball field; you can make the air spaces evident in the outfield by extending the boundary line or, in very rare scenarios extending one side of an existing outfield.

A total of 13 lines are found on the Wiffle ball field, and they are mostly parallel to the front and back wires of the home plate. 

The two lines, which are 17 inches in length and are used for establishing windage and determining foul balls, are parallel to the side wires of the home plate.

These lines are either solid lines that are used to determine the air space of the field or Outfield Boundary lines that indicate where the solid lines become outfield space, and they are also the base path for the field.

What Is The Distance Of The Wiffle Ball Field?

​Distance between the bases should be 40 feet apart, while the pitching line should be about 30 feet from the home plate, and the home plate should be in fair territory.

What Degree Is A Wiffle Ball Field Set At?

The field of a Wiffle ball should be flat; however, the angle created from the home plate should be between 70° to 75° from one foul line to the other.

How Far Are The Bases In A Wiffle Ball?

The bases in a waffle ball field are placed 45 feet from each other, while the pitcher’s rubber is 35 feet from the home plate.

What Are 3 Common Rules Of Wiffle Ball?

Many rules guide the game of Wiffle ball, but the three most common of those rules include:

1. 3 players are allowed to bat at any given time in the field, and they are two fielders and one pitcher; however, five players are allowed to bat generally.

2. Substitution can only be done for batters and fielders in-between innings, except there is an injury, the exception to this rule.

3. No one is permitted to bat out of order; the pitchers must face a complete batter before being replaced.

Why Does A Wiffle Ball Have Slots In It?

The first wiffle ball was patented in 1957; this lightweight ball made of plastic has a slot to make it easier to throw curves easily without stressing the hand.

The slots also make throwing other pitches easier, especially for young people or older people whose arms are a little weak.

Another reason for the slots is that it makes the ball a lot lighter, making it less likely for one to chase home runs down the street and keep the ball from breaking windows because of the weight. 

The slots also help the ball curve easily, making it easy to produce results as you throw the ball.

How Many Strikes Do You Get In A Wiffle Ball?

Three strikes are allowed in Wiffle ball, and a strike can be called only in these conditions:

1. A strike can be called when a pitched ball goes through the target strike zone in the air.

2. A strike can be called too if the pitched ball is swung by the batter and then misses it

3. Another scenario for which a strike can be called is when the batter fouls a pitcher ball.

Conclusion: Backyard Wiffle Ball Fields Measurements

Wiffle ball is enjoyed by many people globally because it is interesting. It is fast taking over the place of softball, stickball, and even baseball. This is because it is a great game that can be played indoors and outdoors.

The right layout and measurement will ensure that you get a Wiffle ball field that is well oriented and fit for playing the game. 

Even though there is no standard measurement for a Wiffle ball field, suggested dimensions are commonly used worldwide.

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