Which Game Should Be Played In A Family Gathering?

Which Game Should Be Played In A Family Gathering?

The best part of family gatherings is having fun with the ones you love, and one of the ways you can achieve this is to have some exciting game ideas to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

You can choose exciting indoor or outdoor games for some quality time with your family. But this depends on several factors like preference, weather, age, and family size. 

This article has provided the best recommendations on which game should be played at a family gathering. You may also want to check out the Best Croquet Set To Bring Fun To Your Backyard.

Which Games Should Be Played At A Family Gathering?

Activities that can be enjoyed at home are categorized into indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games are perfect for rainy days, and outdoor games are great if your family members enjoy vigorous activities requiring much movement. Here are some games you can consider enjoying with your family.

Indoor games

Board games

Board games

Chess, scrabble, checkers, and Monopoly are great ideas for intimacy with your family. However, these games allow only a small amount of players. Scrabble has a limit of 4 players, chess two players, and Monopoly has a limit of eight players. 

Each board game has its own rules. Scrabble and Monopoly are easy to learn, while chess may be complex and uninteresting for the young.

Telephone game

If you need an icebreaker during family meetings, especially the ones involving your extended family, this game is perfect for establishing a less tense environment and initiating interaction. 

This game requires a lot of people, usually above four members. Here is how the telephone game is played. 

  1. All players should sit or stand straight or form a circle.
  2. The first player should whisper a message to the second.
  3. The second player can whisper the same message or change it entirely.
  4. It goes on with each player whispering things to each other. The last player should try to guess the initial message by the first player or something close to it.
  5. If the last player achieves this task, then they win the game.


Charades is another classic that is popular among family and friends reunions. This game is suitable and exciting for family members of all ages. It also involves using one’s imagination and creativity. Here is how you can enjoy a good game of charades.

  1. Write down different concepts or categories everyone knows and shuffle them in a bowl.
  2. Your family should be divided into two teams, and one player from each team would come forward and pick a paper from the bowl.
  3. The player with the paper should act out what is written, and the team that makes the correct guess wins the game.
  4. The team with the correct guesses is declared the winning team.

The baby picture game

Want a great guessing game that the whole family can participate in? Then you can go with this option. You will need a lot of baby pictures of different family members, a board, thumbtacks or pins, and a pen or marker. Here is how you play this game.

  1. Behind each picture, write the correct name of the individual.
  2. Pin the pictures to the board without revealing the names written behind them to anyone.
  3. The player with the correct guesses is declared the winner of the game.

This game is best played with family members you need to become more familiar with. It tells them more about you and the lives of others as well. 

Two truths and a lie

If you want a hilarious time together, this game is just what you need. Here are the steps to correctly play this game.

  1. Your family should be divided into two teams
  2. Each player should write two truths and a lie about themselves on a piece of paper and read it out
  3. The opposing team has to guess the lie
  4. It continues until every player has had their turn
  5. The team with the correct guesses wins the game.

Outdoor games

Outdoor games

If indoor games are not very exciting for your family members, consider more physically engaging activities that can be carried out in your yard. Here are some outdoor games that can keep your whole family entertained.

Egg and spoon race

If you love a good challenge, then this is an outdoor game you should take advantage of. This game involves multiple players who will mark the yard’s starting and finishing spot. 

Each player should hold a spoon with an egg placed on it. The game’s goal is to keep the egg on the spoon until the end of the race. The player who makes it first to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon is declared the winner. 

It is essential to know that players whose eggs fall to the ground cannot pick 1it back up and continue the race.

Tug of war

It is one of the most popular outdoor games and fun for everyone in your family. Here are the steps involved in playing a game of tug of war.

  1. The players should be divided into two teams. 
  2. The members of each team should stand in a straight line on opposing sides, and a line should be drawn in the middle of these teams
  3. Lay down a long and strong rope on the ground for each team to hold on to both ends
  4. Begin a countdown, and in due time, each team should pull hard on their end of the rope to cause the opposing team to cross the line.
  5. The team that successfully pulls the other team across the line wins.

Fun game sets

There are fun activities that can be enjoyed outdoors using game sets. These sets are used in different ways to play different games and involve a specific number of players. If you want something new besides the classic outdoor games, this is a great option.

Here is some good game sets you can purchase for a fun time with the family. 

  1. Ladder ball
  2. Croquet
  3. Horseshoes game


Family reunions and gatherings can be awkward and tense. If you want to change this situation, you can introduce some exciting and engaging games during these meetings to put everyone in a lighter mood. This article has provided some of the best games you can play during family gatherings.

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These games are categorized into indoor and outdoor games. Besides watching Tv or basking in awkward silences, you can play fun games like charades, baby pictures, two truths and a lie, and board games. There are a lot of outdoor games you can consider, and some of them include tug of war, egg and spoon, and using game sets.

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