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Kan Jam Reviews – What is Kan Jam? | What’s the Best Kan Jam Set To Buy?

If you are like many who love to relax and have a friendly game where the aim is to have fun and not so much about winning, let me introduce you to a new game that is now a rave among game lovers. I am talking about the game of Kan Jam.

If you have never heard about this game, you might be thinking we are talking about a rich, fruity Jam we spread on toast. No, we are talking about a Frisbee game that can be played and enjoyed by all, both indoors or outdoors.

This beautiful game resembling Ultimate Frisbee was originally called “Garbage Can Frisbee became popular first in Buffalo, then in The United States, and now is played globally.

Today we will let you in on everything you need to know about kan Jam, how the game is played, the nm best kit for playing the game and wait for it: we are going to be answering some frequently asked about the game.

What is Kan Jam?

Kan Jam is a flying disc game where players deflect flying discs into two special goal bins known as kan. It is a team sport comprising two people per team who take turns to toss a disc between a couple of plastic to hit or deflect the disc into one of the cans.

In this game, a player from a team throws the disc/ Frisbee while the other, known as the deflector, tries to slap the disc into the can to score points.

The deflector can move freely around the play area as much as his diet obstructs or interferes with the other team. 

However, the person throwing the disc has to stay put and not cross the designated throwing lie or forfeit their shot.

Partners switch places once the shot has been made so that the person throwing the disc becomes the deflector and conversely. The play passes to the other team when the two team members have each taken a shot and deflected.

Kanjam is won when a team gets 21 points, and the points are awarded for this:

1. A point is awarded if a teammate deflects the ball and hits the kan. This shot is known as a Dinger.

2. 2 points are awarded if a disc is thrown without assistance from a teammate and it hits the kan. This shot is known as Deuce.

3. A team gets awarded if a teammate can deflect the disc into the kan. This shot is known as The Bucket.

4. There is an Instant Win, and it is awarded if the disc that is tossed goes into the kan through a slot in front of the kan. If this happens, the game is over, and the team that tossed the disc wins the game even if they had no point previously.

General Rules For Playing Kan Jam

Here are some of the rules that apply as you play Kanjam:

1. When throwing the disc, the player has to stay behind the goal; points are not awarded if the player crosses the goal line while tossing the disc.

2. No point is awarded if a player tosses a disc and hits the ground before striking the kan.

3. The deflector is permitted to move anywhere once it is within the playing area as he tries to deflect the game.

4. No point is awarded if a deflector carries, double hits, or catches the disc.

5. If an opponent defends or interferes with play and the other team scores, they are awarded 3 points. If the score is 19 or 20, then 1 or 2 points are awarded respectively so that the team gets the maximum 21 points.

6. A team wins when they have 21 points exactly. If a team toss a disc that results in their cumulative point being higher than 21, then the points they got for the throw is deducted from their previous score.

For instance, if a team has 19 points and takes a shot and scores a bucket that gives 3 points, instead of adding the 3 points to get 22 points, the 3 points are deducted from their score, which reduces their point from 19 to 16.

7. If there is a tie in the game, a tiebreaker method of overtime is used to determine the winner. A round of throws is taken, and the higher point team wins.

Kan Jam Terminologies

Here are a few terminologies that are common with the game of Kan jam:

1. The Hammer – this refers to the last throw of the game. Throwing the hammer is considered an advantage because you can overthrow your opponent even if they have 21 points already.

2. The Dinger – this refers to the shot in which the disc gets deflected and hits the outside of the kan or goal. You get the point for a dinger.

3. The Deuce – this is a shot in which the thrower hits the kan without being deflected. You get awarded 2 points for this shot.

4. Bucket – this is a shot that gives you 3 points. A bucket is a shot in which the disc get tossed into the kan.

5. Instant Win – when a shot goes through the slot opening through the Instant Win slot without a deflector, a team wins despite their points.

6. Perfect game – this is when a team wins by scoring seven consecutive buckets. This, however, does not apply to a game that goes into overtime.

What’s the Best Kan Jam Set for Me?

There are quite several Kan Jam set in the market to choose from, here are our top picks:

1. Kan Jam Original Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game

Kan Jam Reviews

Currently, this is one of the best selling kan Jam set that is best for open and large spaces. This set comes with two waterproof Kans and an official Kan Jam throwing disc. One of its selling points is its ease of assembly, and it is also beginners friendly.

It weighs 5.8 pounds which makes it lightweight and quite portable. It is also very transportable and easy to store.

Why You Will Love It

1. They are pretty easy to set up, and this is because the manufacturer’s manual is quite easy to understand

2. They are very portable and ensure that you can carry them around easily.

3. It is easy to learn and play

Bad reviews

1. The set does not come with an extra disc like some other sets

2. They are too big to be used indoors.

3. Because of their lightweight, they are easily knocked down.

2. Kan Jam Tabletop Mini Disc Game

Kan Jam Reviews

This game is quite durable because it is made of high-quality materials. It requires about 16-feet space for setting up, making it ideal for the outdoors and indoors like the basement, the Dormans the likes. You can use this set to add a little fun to your birthday, offering a party, camp or even on the beach.

This set contains a disc and 2 Kans with an I structural manual. Setting up this game is quite easy, and another great news is that single players can play against each other with this set.

Why You Will Like It

1. They are very versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors.

2. This set can be played by players of all ages; even kids can enjoy this game.

3. They are pretty easy to maneuver because they are not heavy.

4. They are very durable and made of sturdy materials.

Bad Reviews

1. The disc and Kans are smaller than the standard set; this makes playing as a team quite difficult.

2. It is a little difficult to play with this set outside because the kan and disc are small.

3. Kan Jam Splash Pool Disc Game

Kan Jam Reviews

If you love a splash and love to play kan Jam, then this is the set for you. You can play this lovely game while gloating in water with this set.

With this set, you receive two Kans that are customized which can float in water; it also includes a throwing disc and a manufacturer’s manual

Why You Will Love This Set

1. This set is very easy to assemble.

2. They can be played by people’s of all ages, be they kids or the elderly.

3. This game set is very sturdy and durable

Bad Reviews

1. This game is difficult to play for beginners because the movement of the water affects the game.

2. The disc and Kans are so small that some people might not enjoy playing the game.

Things to Know Before You Buy A Jan Jam Set

Here are a few questions you should ask before buying that kan Jam.

1. You should first determine where you would like to play your game indoors or outdoors. Different sets are meant for only indoors and outdoors purposes, and you must be sure where you will be playing the game before you buy a set.

2. These different sets of games come at different prices; you should check the settings you want to ensure that you can afford them.

3. If you are buying a kan Jam to be used on water, you must ensure that you have the skills to play the game in water because you cannot play the game if you are still a beginner and have not learnt how to maneuver the game on the water.

What are the Benefits of Kan-Jam?

Asides from the fact that Kan Jam is a great game that is fun to play and watch, it is portable, safe, and easy to assemble.

The game is also very challenging and competitive, giving people an opportunity to engage in a friendly feud and enjoy it.

Kan Jam is a wholesome game that can be played and enjoyed by the whole family. It does not require any special skills, nor does it take time to understand the rules.

If you are interested in having healthy exercises without feeling stressed, Kan Jam is a game for you. The game plays a significant role in improving people’s coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we will try and answer some of the questions you might have about Kan Jam

1. How Many Points Is Kan Jam Played Up To?

For standard games of Kan Jam, a game is over when a team wins 21 points or until a team gets an Instant Won, or whichever comes sooner.

2. How Far Apart Should The Kan Jam Goals Be?

The goal is placed 50 feet apart; however, the goal can be moved closer in windy conditions or crowded places.

3. What Happens When The First Team Gets To 21 Points And The second Team Throws An Instant Win On Their Final Throw?

Whenever a team gets an instant win, they win the game even if their opponent already has 21 points

4. How Do You Determine Which Team Throws First and Which Throws Second?

The disc is flipped in the air to decide who throws first and call “heads or tails”. After each round of the game, the losing team from the previous game decides if they want to be the first to throw or not.

5. What Happens If You Go Over 21 Points?

Getting over 21 points can be disheartening because you get a scoring penalty. The points you got from a throw gets deducted from your total score.

6. How Many Players Do You Need To Play Kan Jam Mini?

You can play Jan jam mini in 2 ways: the traditional two people per team horst and the fast-paced individual play. The Kan Jam mini set comes with scoring rules and instructions.

7. What Is Kan Jam Illuminate?

This is a Jan jam package meant for a player in the night. The set glows in the dark, making it easy for you to see them when it is dark.

8. How Far Can You See Jan Jam Illuminate Goals At Night?

With the Kan Jam Illuminate Kit, you can easily see both the goal and the Instant Win slot from 50 feet, the official Kan Jam distance.

If you are using the kan jam illuminate set, you can both the Instant Win slot and the goal/ Jan from a distance of 50 feet ( the official distance for the game).

9. Do You Need A Kan Jam Game To Use The Illuminate Kit?

Yes, the illuminate kit doesn’t come with a set of Kan jam goals. You need to buy the kan jam set and attach the illuminate kit easily to the kan.

Final Thought on Kan Jam Reviews

There is no reason for anyone to say they are bored these days because lots of games and sports can spice up your life.

Kan jam is one such game; it is new and refreshingly easy to play. The set comes in different styles and designs and is readily available.

The game’s rules are exciting and unique, which makes the game very alluring.

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