Do Weed Pullers Work

Do Weed Pullers Work? (How Does Weed Puller Work & Benefits)

Occasionally, you may see some weeds in your yard or among your grasses, and manually weeding them using a hoe or your hands can be a chore.

Fortunately, a simple and portable tool called a weed puller has been introduced to make weeding easier and less time-consuming. But do weed pullers work, and are they worth it?

We have uncovered all you need to know about the working mechanism of weed pullers if they work, and the best weed pullers on sale.

Do Weed Pullers Work?

Weed pullers are weeding pieces of equipment to make your chore of pulling out unwanted plants easier.

With a weed puller, you do not have to worry or stress about getting on your knees for strenuous work, as this tool has solved.

With a handle about 39 inches long and claws sharp enough to penetrate the ground, weed pullers succeed in getting the job done. It has a unique working mechanism that is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and they are very easy to use.

How Do Weed Pullers Work?

This tool is convenient, so it is not hard to use. All you need to do is position the claws on the ground, and you aim to remove the weed. 

Using the foot pedal provided, push the claws into the ground and turn the handle in a 360-degree spin. A plunger is attached to the handle; use it to remove the weed from the equipment.

It may seem difficult, but it becomes a piece of cake after some trials. This working mechanism allows you to pull out the entire plant, including the root; that way, the plant does not grow back.

Benefits of a Weed Puller Tool

Before you decide to purchase this tool, you need to know the major benefits it can bring to you; this way, you can solidify your decision.

  1. Ease stress and strain
  2. Helps you to plant bulbs
  3. Environmentally friendly as it stops excess use of herbicide on the soil
  4. Targets only weed; that way, you don’t accidentally rip off your plant
  5. It saves a lot of time compared to manually pulling out weeds

5 Best Weed Pullers

Maybe you have decided to purchase a weed puller after all, and fortunately, we have compiled the best weed puller you can use in your yard. This guide contains the main features and pros and cons of each product.

1. Grampa’s Weeder

Do Weed Pullers Work

After earning many positive reviews, this weed puller is now known as one of the best in the market. It has a strong build comprising steel for its claws and wood for its handle; it also has a classic look that blends easily with everything else in your yard. Say goodbye to pain and stress with this pulling tool.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Greatly relieves pain
  3. Affordable
  4. Portable


  1. Its strength is not all that impressive

2. Fiskars Exact Weed Puller

Do Weed Pullers Work

You will love weeding with this tool. With a shaft of 39 inches, you will never get down on your knees to pull weeds in your yard. It is known for its maneuverability and sturdy steel claws capable of digging through any soil. If you want something fast for easy cleanup, this is the weeder.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Portable
  3. Durable construction


  1. Not suitable for use on wet soil

3. AMES Steel Stand-up Weeder

Do Weed Pullers Work

This weeder has a unique design, style, and lightweight nature that makes it easy to use. It is also suitable for people of all heights and has a high value for its money. If you want a sturdy weed puller, look no further, as this product will do just fine.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Affordable
  3. Sturdy


  1. Pulls a lot of ground along with the weed

4. Yard Butler Weeder

Do Weed Pullers Work

This brand promises a quality construction that lasts a lifetime as it is made of durable steel and has a 37-inch sturdy handle. It is great for heavy-duty jobs as it can pull out strong and tough weeds.


  1. Heavy-duty equipment
  2. Great for tough weeds
  3. Easy to use


  1. Not the best weeder for tall people

5. Weed Zinger Weeding Tool

Do Weed Pullers Work

This product is durable as it has a powder-coated frame paired with a padded handle 35 inches long to guarantee comfort while working. This weeder is easy because it is lightweight and has a simple construction.


  1. Effective
  2. Easy to use
  3. Portable


  1. Not great for dry soil

Weed Pullers Buying Guide

Here are some important factors to consider when buying a weed puller. These factors should help you solidify your decision on which product to choose.

1. Material

The material of a weed puller determines its durability and ability to last long. Examine the handles properly to ensure they don’t come off or break after use. You should also ensure that your weed puller is made of stainless steel as it is resistant to rust and other harsh external factors.

2. Soil Considerations

Some soils are difficult to penetrate; such soil will not be suitable for fragile soil and will need to be wet to be worked on.

Some weed pullers also don’t perform well on rock soil as their claws can get damaged; it is recommended that you know your soil type and check if the weed puller you want to purchase is suitable for it.

3. Ease of use

Some weed pullers are simple, while others are complex. A weed puller aims to ensure that you carry out weeding in the simplest possible way, and a complex weed puller won’t help you achieve your goal. For comfort, aim for a product with a padded handle, and an effective work aims for a product with great claws.


Weed pullers can be worth the investment if you suffer when pulling out weeds. They offer comfort, and best of all, they are portable and easy to store. This entire feature gives you a guarantee that they do indeed work perfectly.

We have explained the working mechanism of a weed puller and selected some of the best weed pullers you may want to look into. Also, check out our buying guide to give you a proper outlook on what product qualifies as a good weed puller.

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