Do Biodegradable Grass Seed Mats Work

Do Biodegradable Grass Seed Mats Work (Grass Seed Mat Tips)

The lawn in your home can either accentuate the beauty of your home or distract from it. Seeing clumps of grasses in one spot and another that has no grass growing can make your lawn look unsightly because you freely scatter the seeds when planting your lawn.

However, you can prevent this uneven grass distribution in your lawn by using a grass seed mat. This mat ensures your lawn gets a uniform look because the seeds are sown uniformly.

What exactly are these grass seed mats, and how do they work? These and much more we are dealing with today.

Do Biodegradable Grass Seed Mats Work

Biodegradable Grass seed mat, which is also known as lawn seed blanket, seed starters, erosion control and seed germination blanket, is a paper sheet that is made of naturals materials such as cotton or hemp, which can decompose easily and are usually embedded with grass seeds that germinate when they are laid on the ground.

These grass seed mats can be installed on both new lawns or patching up bare spots. All you need to do is to use scissors to fit the bare areas on your lawn, and what will happen is that the mat will warm the soil underneath the mat while allowing water and light to penetrate to the soil so that the seed in the mat can grow on the soil and that’s how biodegradable grass seed mats work. 

How To Use Biodegradable Grass Seed Mats

The fact that some seeds sown straight to the ground do not germinate is why the biodegradable grass seed mat acts as a germination blanket for grass seeds. To install this grass seed mat, you will need the following materials:

  • Sprinkler or hose
  • Fertilizer
  • Lawnmower
  • Grass Seed
  • Rake
  • Biodegradable Grass Mats
  • Biodegradable Stakes
  • Mallet
  • Scissors


1. The first thing to do is mow the lawn in all areas, including where seeds will be placed and any nearby grass. If, however, you will be placing the mat all over the lawn, you will have to mow the whole lawn.

2. Measure the area of the lawn where you will be laying the grass seed mat to determine exactly how much mat you need. This will keep you from placing too small or too much mat on the lawn.

3. Use a garden rake to remove the area’s obstructions or materials like stones, rocks or even dead grass. As you do, you can also loosen the soil to 2 inches deep because the more aerated the soil is, the better the seed penetration and germination.

4. Now apply some fertilizer (the normal type of fertilizer you lay on the ground before growing your lawn should be used, but ensure that you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions). You can also revitalize other lawn areas by applying some fertilizer to them.

5. Now, you can evenly spread the grass seed on the law either by hand or by using the broadcasting seeding method if the area you are seeding is large.

6. Now roll out the grass mat on the area that you have already seeded. The thicker side of the betting should face upwards. Make sure there are 3 inches on either side of the area and then use scissors to cut off any remaining material.

7. Secure the edges of the green seed mat with biodegradable stakes using a mallet.

8. Use a sprinkler or a hose to soak the mat thoroughly until water begins to run off the mat. You should water the area frequently until you notice 2 to 3 inches of grasses are sprouting through the mat; then, you can follow your standard lawn watering regime.

Features And Benefits Of Biodegradable Green Seed Mat

Here are some of the reasons why you will want to use a biodegradable green seed mat:

1. The seeds sown usually grow faster when a biodegradable green seed mat is used on a patched lawn.

2. . The biodegradable green seed mat can be used in all weather, be it rainy, sunny, or windy. It can be used on sloping terrain.

3. It protects the grass seed sown from being washed away by the elements or even eaten by birds and other animals.

4. You can use this grass seed mat in any climate and work effectively.

5. These mats are lightweight, easily transportable and less expensive than traditional sod.

6. Biodegradable grass mats can also lock in an adequate amount of moisture for the grass to grow, ensuring that the sprouting grass seed does not lack moisture.

Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat Buying Guide

There are so many grass seed mats in the market these days that picking one that will suit you is a bit of a chore. Here are some factors you need to consider when buying the best biodegradable grass seed mat:

1. The Material

Most biodegradable grass seed mats are made of natural materials that decompose over time. You want a unit made completely from all-natural materials like cotton or hemp because these materials will decompose completely in the soil and will not leave any side effects.

2. The Quality

Don’t get away with the beauty of the green seed mat you want to buy and forget to look at its quality. Premium mats are made from all-natural material with no plastic at all. These mats will retain their shape or structure.

3. The Size

Always go for the size of grass seed mat that will perfectly fit the lawn area you want to reseed. A small patch of the area will require a small mat, while you will need a fairly large mat to cover a larger lawn area.

4. Ensure It Is Durable

You must remember that your grass seed mat will be stepped on from time to time when people walk around your lawn.

Hence if the mat is not durable, it will begin to tear as the traffic around the lawn increases, which means it cannot serve its purpose. Thin and flimsy mats will tear easily, so you have to opt for thicker and stronger mats.

5. The Weight

If the grass seed mat on your lawn is lightweight, aside from the fact that it will get torn on time, it will also easily fly away in windy conditions, especially if the stakes are out of place, which is another reason my heavier grass seed mat is better.

Where Can I Buy Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat

You can get your biodegradable grass seed mat from the local store where you source your gardening inputs. You can also order these mats from online stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart because they are readily available.

We took the liberty of bringing you some top-quality grass seed mats that will fit on any lawn:

1. Black Beauty Grass Seed

What you have in this biodegradable grass seed mat is a naturally dark-green colored, disease-resistant and drought-tolerant blanket that thrives in both the sun and shade, and they also have deep roots that grow up to 4 feet deep for heat resistance.

This mat had an invisible waxy leaf coating which helps to lock in moisture and eliminate the disease. It features an invisible waxy leaf coating that wards off disease and locks in moisture, growing well in every kind of soil.

This grass seed mat does not have seeds inside, so you’ll need to lay the seed down and then cover it with the mat.

2. Nortrax Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat

This Grotrax grass seed mat comes in 110, 55 and 50 square feet of biodegradable grass seed mat, and it comes in 2 styles: the ‘year-round green and Bermuda Rye’.

The beauty of this grass seed mat is that it comes with embedded seeds, which means you don’t need to do the grass seeds. The seeds are designed to grow in all climates.

Another merit of this unit is that it has a built-in fertilizer within the mat and can hold water, ensuring maximum watering efficiency.

3. Eco seed Grass Seed Germination Erosion Control Blanket

If you have just a relatively large patch of lawn that you want to reseed, this product is what you need because it can cover a lawn area that is 200 square feet.

The net and straw that this mat is made of are completely biodegradable, made in the United States, and durable. With this product, your patched lawn would show signs of reviving in less than 2 weeks.

4. Amturf Lawn Seed Blanket

This Amturf lawn seed blanket is your best option for small patches in your lawn; this is because they come in 25 square feet. The material is biodegradable, and regular watering is required to ensure the grass fully grows.

This mat is easily biodegradable, and this is because it is made from pulverized mulch. It is, however, a lightweight grass seed mat, meaning it must be secured to the ground with stakes.

5. Dalen 100% Natural Grass Seed Cover Roll

This unit which comes in 4 x 50 feet is a quality product that revives your patchy lawn in no time; this is because this product is designed not only to protect the grass seed while germinating but also to make the growth process go much faster than other mats.

The Dalen natural grass seed cover roll is made of 100% natural products which quickly decompose after some time on the lawn. The mat can maintain insulation and moisture to optimize growing conditions for the grass seed. It is easy to store, transport and use.

6. QuickGRASS PRO Erosion Control Blanket Roll

This grass seed mat is a durable product that is weather-tolerant because it can grow in all kinds of climatic conditions. The fiber of this product is made so that it clings to the soil of the patch it is laid on, which helps keep the seed in place as they germinate. This mat comes with 20 staples to help anchor it to the soil and has a great water-retention ability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Seed Mats

1. Which Side Of The Mat Do I Put Facing the Ground?

Except the manufacturer’s manual indicates a particular side of the mat should face the ground, any other side can go, especially if your product is made from 100% natural.

However, for ease of use, it is best to lay the mat so that the beginning side faces you. Doing so will ensure you make uniform lines as you unroll the mat.

2. How Long Does it Take for Grass to Start Growing?

If you give the grass seed mat the best growth condition, you should expect to see the grass beginning to grow within 7 to 21 days (depending on the type of seed). You should, however, never mow the newly sprouted until at least after 3 to 4 weeks.

3. Does it Matter What Grass Seed You Use?

Yes, it does. Go for seeds grass seeds that grow well in your climate because the weather condition can affect how fast we’ll the grasses grow. You can also opt for “all-purpose” grass, which is grass that can grow in just about any climate or condition.

4. Do I Have To Remove The Nat Once The Grads Starts Growing?

If your grass seed mat is made of 100% biodegradable materials, then the mat will naturally decompose in the soil; hence NO, you will not need to remove the mat when the grass starts growing. If, however, the unit you bought is made of synthetic materials, you can remove it carefully and gently.

5. How Long Does it Take For a Grass Seed Mat to Decompose?

The material the mat is made of will determine when the mat will start decomposing, but by and large, most natural mats will start decomposing in 90 days.

6. How Much Watering Required?

The lawn will need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. You do not have to worry about over-watering your lawn because it should get too much water than too little.


The state of your lawn is one of the first things people notice about your home. A lush lawn is a beauty, while those with patches can because throw it off. 

Using a biodegradable grass seed mat, you can comfortably revive your patchy lawn and make it look good again.

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