Outdoor Stair Treads

Outdoor Stair Treads – 10 Best Anti Slip Stair Treads for Outdoor Use

The staircase has a way of amplifying the style and beauty of a home, especially if they are designed well and built with the right materials.

These stairs, mostly made with versatile and durable wood, can give our home a warm and welcoming look.

Outdoor stair treads are horizontal pieces of materials placed on the stairs that we step on when we walk up or down the stairs. They are anti-slip materials that keep us from slipping on the stairs as we walk.

Different treads will work well on our outdoor stairs, and today, we will let you in on some of them.

The Benefits Of Nonslip Stair Treads

There are a lot of benefits that come from using outdoor stair treads, including

1. it adds a lot of beauty to your stairs, especially if you use those modern treads that have those glow attached to the tread.

2. They ensure safety for those in the home who use the stairs. Your pets and visitors always are prevented from slipping and falling, which can lead to injuries and broken bones.

3. some modern treads are thick enough that they can be used as a place to scrap boots that are muddy and

For stairs that lead to entrances, there are models that not only provide comfortable cushioning, but if they’re thick enough, they can double as a place to scrape muddy boots and stamp dusty shoes before walking inside.

Since many manufacturers design them easy to clean, you can dirty them up to your heart’s content.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Stair Treads?

Outdoor Stair Treads

There are three main considerations you have to keep in mind as you shop for outdoor stair treads, and they are:

  • Adhesion
  • Weatherproof
  • The material used in making the thread

1. Adhesion

If you go shopping for stair treads, you must remember that you need a thread to adhere to your stair.

You also have to know what the adhesion mechanism of the thread is, how it is installed, and the materials you will need to create the adhesion between your stair and the tread.

Some of the most common materials used in ensuring that the tread sticks to the stairs include adhesion tapes, screws, nails, and the likes, and you have to know the best material that will work for your stair type and the tread.

2. Weatherproof

Since we are dealing with outdoor stairs exposed to the elements, you must consider that as you shop for a tread for your stairs, you must get a thread that can withstand the harsh weather condition that will be subjected to and remain effective.

Several outdoor stair treads can remain standing under rain, sun, and frost, and these are the types you will need fir your outdoor stairs.

3. Material used

Outdoor stair treads are usually made from the following materials:

  • Wood Treads
  • Glass Treads
  • Tile Treads
  • Composite Treads
  • Stone Treads
  • Steel Treads

a. Wood Treads

Since you will be using your stair tread outdoors, you must choose carefully the type of wide tread you will use because many of them do not hold up under the elements.

Ironwoods like Cumaru and Ipe are the best tread material for outdoor use; other softwood like cedar and redwoods also work well when used outdoors as a tread. 

You, however, have to always oil and take care of this wooden tread if you want them to remain as beautiful as ever.

b. Glass Treads

If you are looking for a way to make your stairs the center of discussion by your visitors, then you can go for a glass tread. Many of these glass treads have non-slip surfaces and will work well on your outdoor stairs.

They all come in different textures, patterns, finishes, and colors that you can choose from. You can accentuate this architectural wonder by giving your glass tread LED lighting.

c. Tile Treads

Many tiles are made these days that deviate from the old ceramic materials that we quickly associate with a bathroom. 

Many tiles are simulated like woods and bricks and beautify your stairs.

Tile stair treads do not need oiling or special maintenance because they do not rot, nor can they be attacked by insects. This tile tread works well if it is properly fixed.

d. The Composite Treads

Composite materials are great to be used as a stair tread because they do not fade, they do not scratch, nor do molds and mildew grow on them. 

They do not splinter or crack, and they are pretty durable and do not require a lot in terms of maintenance.

e. The Stone Treads

Stone treads can be a great addition to your stair, it is not only practical, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Bluestone, a top-rated stone for treading stairs, is grayish-blue and beautiful and durable.

A limestone is also an excellent option for interior and outdoor stairs; it is durable, readily available, comes in different colors, and polished to give a beautiful finish. However, they must be stained if they are protected from stains.

f. Steel Treads

If you want to give your outdoor stair a rusty look, you could go for a steel tread, especially when paired with open beam architecture on a spiral staircase, then you have a stunner.

However, you should use diamond plate surface, metal grating, or hole patterns in the steel tread as an anti-slip prevention solution.

10 Best Anti-Slip Stair Treads for Outdoor Use

Below are some anti-slip materials that will work well on your outdoor stairs

1. Bungalow Waterhog

This product, which comes in many colors, can absorb and hold rainwater, the main cause of slippage in outdoor stairs. 

It also has a rubber backing which keeps it from moving from the position you have placed it on the stair.

2. LifeGrip Traction

This abrasive tape gives off a green glow in the dark stripe. It is a tread useful in low-light conditions because the green glow shows you where you need to step on as you walk on the stair.

One of its main selling points is that it is effective, chemical-resistant, lightweight, flexible, and made from recyclable materials.

3. Handi-Treads NSTR-191

This anti-slip material is made of Aluminum, and it dies not rust nor wear out. It is easy to mount using the stainless steel wood screw with the package. It is recommended for wooden stairs especially.

4. Grip Strip All Weather

This is a plastic safety stair strip installed on any surface to prevent slips or falls. 

It is easy to install all you need are four screws and a Philips head screwdriver, and the unit is safely attached to your outdoor stair.

It is water and fade resistant and can stand the weather. This tread has cleats on the surface that makes fir maximum grip, and they come in different colors.

5. Birdrock Home

This anti-slip tread has a slick surface that is safe to walk on. It’ design has the texture of a basket weave which creases its ability to prevent slippage and falling. The sturdy can be used outdoors because they can withstand rain and snow without sliding.

6. Slip Guard Safety

This outdoor stair tread provides high traction that prevents slipping as you walk on the stairs. They come in different colors, and they are very easy to lay and peel with your hands once it has adhered to your stairs.

7. Palos Designs Scrollwork

This tastefully designed outdoor tread is made of high-quality rubber that ensures that it does not slide around on your stair, and it has an open scroll design that helps water drain through and hence prevent the stairs from being slippery.

8. Rubber-Cal Mats

If your stair experiences a lot of traffic, this product is good because it is sturdy and can stand heavy foot trodden.

It is a very easy-to-fix tread that is flexible and has beautiful circular patterns at the surface, which ensures high traction as people walk on it.

9. SlipDoctors Tape

This product is made for use in all weather conditions and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. 

It comes in different thicknesses and can effectively stop slipping and falling on stairs.

10. MBigM 80 Grit

The surface of this product looks like sandpaper which ensures that you never have to worry about slipping and falling on the stairs.

They can be used on any stair, cement, wood, or metal. They are pretty easy to use; all you have to do is cut the size you want and place it on the stairs.

Can You Use Stair Treads on Wooden Stairs?

You can use anti-slip tread on wooden stairs; as a matter of fact, many tread types are made with wooden stairs in kind.

Almost all the tread type can fit into a wooden carpet; the only issue is that you might have to use nails or screws to fasten the tread to the wooden stair.

How do I Apply Anti Slip Grip Tape?

Treads are meant to increase the friction and traction of stairs by adding a slight roughness to the stair surfaces. This makes walking on those smooth stairs comfortable without thinking of falling or slipping.

Treads are very simple and easy to use for most anti-slip tread; all that needs to be done is to remove the paper on the back of the tread and then place the tread just an inch or so away from the edge of the stairs and then a roller is used to run over the tread to remove any air bubble trapped in the tread.

What are some Alternatives to Using Stair Treads?

There are alternatives to stair treads that work almost as effective as the tread; they include:

1. Slip Floor Finish:

You can apply an anti-slip floor finish in liquid form on your wood stair. It will keep the stair from being slippery without you having to deal with the stress of applying and removing stair treads.

These finishes are in the form of paints with tiny particles incorporated into them to increase friction between the wood stair and people’s shoes as they walk. The good thing is that these tiny patches are almost invisible to the eyes.

2. Install Carpet: 

Carpets are some of the most common means of reducing slippage from stairs. These carpets provide traction to the stair surface while making the stairs look more beautiful.

There are stair runners, which are pieces of carpets that run through the stairs without covering the entire width of the stairs. There are also carpet stair treads which are individual carpets placed on each stair.

How thick should outdoor stair treads be?

The thickness of your stair tread can affect the safety and comfort you get as you walk on the stairs. The building code stipulates that a stair tread must be thick enough to support people’s movement up and down the stairs without giving any fixed value. However, conventionally, most stair treads are an inch thick.

How do you secure outdoor stair treads?

The commonest way of securing outdoor stairs is by the use of adhesives. There are rigid and flexible adhesives. 

Rigid adhesives are great for securing wooden tread to concrete stairs, while flexible adhesives are good for securing a wooden tread to wooden stairs.

Self-tapping screws can also be used to secure outdoor stair tread, even though many professionals frown against its use because they can easily come loose and do not offer any moisture protection so that they can get damp.


Staircases are not just functional structures for getting to different elevations in buildings, but they can become a thing of beauty that makes your home pop. 

However, stairs can be slippery, especially the outdoor ones exposed to the elements, so the best way to take care of this problem is to use a stair tread on your stairs.

Different types of stairs will fit into any architectural structure and design of your home, and they help keep you, your loved ones, and your pets safe as they move up and down your stairs.

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