Allen Roth Lighting Idea

Allen Roth Lighting Idea, Fixtures & Complete Guide (The Best For you)

Imagine your patio lit up with decorative lights, awesome, right? That’s why a lot of people go for Allen Roth lighting; this is because it offers so many options when it comes to lighting.

Whether you want a vintage, classic, modern, or historical lighting style, Allen has it all covered for you.

The best part is that these fixtures are great for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can also make the inside of your home as beautiful as your patio.

In this guide, we will be giving you Allen Roth lighting ideas, what’s best for you, and a complete guide to using Allen Roth lighting.

Allen Roth Outdoor Lighting Fixture

There is a reason why Allen Roth lighting is preferred to others; they offer a wide range of options when it comes to exterior lights. You can have pendant lights, wall lights, and flush mount lights in various styles.

The lighting options for indoor use are limited and are not as much as exterior lights, but it is recommended that you use different types of lighting for different parts of your yard.

Allen Roth Lighting Idea

Allen Roth has provided homeowners with various options when it comes to lighting. These options are available for both indoor and outdoor use and decorative purposes. 

They are good in the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. You can also get these lighting in different styles like; traditional, retro, modern, and vintage.

Allen + Roth Solar Landscape Light Alternative

Since Allen Roth solar landscape lights are not offered anymore, we have found some available alternatives that will light up your yard equally.

1. Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light 

Allen Roth Lighting Idea

This collection will serve you just fine. It comes in a set of 6, and they have a nice bronze color, just as the name implies. These lights are suitable for decorating your yard and making it aesthetically pleasing.

Key Features 

  1. Auto turn-on at night 
  2. Long-lasting bulb lights
  3. Great bulb size

These lights automatically turn on by themselves when it’s dark; this is great because you don’t have to stress yourself going outside at night; they get the job done. 

The bulb lights that come with the whole package are durable and last for a long time. Send the dead bulb back to the company if it does out, and then you get a free replacement.

What we like about the solar path light

  1. They are eco-friendly as they are being powered by the sun
  2. Includes on/off switch if you need to save power
  3. The domes of these lights are plastic and free of glass, making them safer
  4. LED lights that last for a long time
  5. Easy to install due to the absence of wires
  6. Aesthetically pleasing bronze color and star design

What we don’t like about the solar path light

  1. Easy replacement of the bulb light is not possible. You can only get a replacement shipped from the company
  2. Bulbs are fragile and not reliable 

Allen Roth Island Light Fixtures 

Allen Roth has provided light fixtures for your kitchen island to decorate it equally. These fixtures measure between 32 to 36 inches in width, so you don’t have to bother about these lights taking up space on your kitchen island. 

You can always replace the island light with a kitchen chandelier; a perfect fit is the Allen Roth 18-light chandelier. 

1. Allen Roth Valleymede lights

Allen Roth Lighting Idea

If you like barn-themed lights, this is a good choice. It has a rusty color, so you pick between brushed nickel and aged bronze to go in sync with your other interiors. 

The best part about this light is that it comes in various options, including vanities, mini pendants, chandeliers, or flush mount lighting.

The Allen Roth Valleymede chandelier has a brushed nickel color and eight lights with bulbs each of 60watts. 

This means that the bulbs are bright, but you can install dimmer lights to switch between the brightness level to fix this. This chandelier is about 25” wide, so you may need to make room if you don’t have sufficient space.

2. Allen Roth Bristow lights

Allen Roth Lighting Idea

If you crave vintage vibes, then you should get the Allen Roth Bristow lights. These lights have antique glass globes painted in a bronze finish to match your style. 

Like the previous collection, this collection also comes in different styles, including pendant lights, chandeliers, vanities, and flush mount lights.

This collection comes with vintage Edison bulbs that emit warm light; this means that if you want your kitchen brighter, you will need to fix more lights.

You have the 4-light chandelier 24” wide, but you should be careful when cleaning or handling these lights as they are very fragile. This collection also includes an instruction booklet on installation and maintenance.

Allen Roth Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Like any other collection, the Allen Roth pendant lighting comes in various styles and sizes. You can utilize small pendants to decorate and light up your kitchen as the Allen Roth Country Cottage Mini Clear Glass Bell Pendant spreads light all over your kitchen.

You should look at the Winnsboro Wrought Iron Bowl Pendant if you are aiming for decoration. This collection comprises three 100-watts bulbs, which means that it produces a lot of light. You can always switch the bulbs to produce a dimmer light.

For other styles, you should consider the Aged Bronze Glass Urn Pendant for a retro feel, and the Multi-Light Cage Pendant gives you that industrial vibes. 

They both have a bronze finish, but while the former is shielded in antique glass, the latter is covered with an open shade, which means it will need extra cleaning. 

These pendants come in various sizes; the mini pendant measures 6.8”, and there is a bigger size that measures 12” with an equally sized globe.

Generally, the Allen Roth Bristow and pendant lighting are made in a vintage-themed style, so these collections are highly recommended if you are looking for vintage lighting to match your style.

Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection

Coordinate lighting in your home with this collection that offers you many options. It comes in chandeliers, track lights, pendants, vanity lights, dealing fixtures, wall sconces, floor lamps, and even a dealing fan fixture.

It has a dark oil-rubbed bronze finish with an amber-colored glass, and a stunning vine accent is used throughout. 

There is a 5-light, 6-light, 7-light, and 9-light model, giving you a choice to select your desired size. You can use the Eastview chandelier in your foyer or dining room; the only drawback is that the chain does not adjust easily, so you need to be careful.

What is Eco-friendly Lighting?

Eco-friendly lighting is lighting that is produced with recycled and reused materials. They are made with glass, plastic, and metal materials that are friendly to the environment and don’t cause harm.

When choosing eco-friendly lighting, choose to light with LED build lights. Why LED lights? LED lights are more productive and use less energy than regular bulb lights that take a lot of energy. LED lights originally come in blue color, but a warm white shade is now available to be purchased.

Eco-friendly bulb lights are also called CFL (compact fluorescent lights). These bulb lights consume only a quarter of a regular bulb light’s energy.

Why Choose Eco-friendly Lighting?

In today’s world, a lot of energy is wasted, and we need this energy to be conserved. Eco-friendly bulbs are important because they conserve energy; they take less energy than a regular bulb light.

A fun fact is that only 5 to 10 percent of the energy consumed by a regular bulb is used to generate light, so if you do not want to contribute o garbage dumps and landfills, you should start using LED lights or CFL. 

Allen Roth Eco-friendly Lighting Fixtures

Want to help the environment by conserving energy? Allen Roth globe string light has you covered. This collection by Lowe’s offers various options to choose from; they can be used in your bedroom, patio, and even in your bathroom. They are helpful and also stylish.

LED lights are also perfect for kitchen use; the Bronze Dimmable LED Flexible Track Light is a great example. It offers flexibility and great lighting for your cooking space.

An enabled fan with a lighting kit is also available. The  ​Allen + ​Roth Stonecroft ceiling fan with light kit and remote. It contains three 4- watt LED lights attached to a dealing fan; only one bulb is used with the fan, so you are left with extras. This fan can be installed indoors and outdoors, giving a wide range of options.

Conclusion: Allen Roth Lighting Idea

The Allen and Roth lighting comes in various styles and sizes, giving you the option to choose whatever you like. There is lighting made for pathways, outdoor use, bathrooms, and kitchen. Many products are not mentioned here that will equally serve well.

If you are a naturist or want eco-friendly lighting, you should consider the Allen and Roth eco-friendly lighting fixtures. It contains LED lights that conserve energy by using less power than a regular build light.

If you want lighting in various vintage, retro, traditional, and industrial styles, Allen Roth will provide you with lighting fixtures. 

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