How To Waterproof A Mattress

How To Waterproof A Mattress For Outdoors – 4 Best Ways To Waterproof An Outdoor Mattress

An outdoor mattress is great for relaxing outside during a warm day. It can also be used as a decorative piece for your patio, garden, and even for your poolside.

The safety of your outdoor mattress should be taken seriously. One of the most important precautions that should be observed is waterproofing. Your outdoor mattress absorbs moisture during spring, and this can cause damage to it.

In this blog post, we will guide you on how to waterproof an outdoor mattress and the best way to do this. We will also be recommending some of the best waterproof materials for your outdoor mattress.

Top 4 Options for Waterproofing a Mattress

There are four different ways to waterproof your outdoor mattress; we will describe these options and how they are carried out.

1. Waterproof Sheets

Waterproof sheets feature a polyurethane layer that prevents your mattress from absorbing moisture. You can consider using plastic encasing, but they are not comfortable compared to waterproof sheets. Waterproof sheets look modern and stylish and can be cozy while protecting your mattress.

2. Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof mattress protectors are usually 4 to 8 inches thick, providing you with extra coziness; they can also have a zipper. They are not only waterproof but comfortable and breathable. A mattress protector fully encases your mattress in all didn’t and can be available in different sizes.

A good mattress protector is breathable, resistant to harsh UV rays, durable, dries quickly, and can be washed in a washing machine. With this shield on, your mattress is safe outdoors.

3. Waterproofing spray

This water-repellant works with no effort and time applied, all you have to do is use the spray on the mattress. How does a waterproofing spray work? It works by penetrating the surface of the material to form a shield that protects against water and moisture.

This spray is a good option because it does not cause stains or stickiness on your mattress. However, it is important to apply the following steps when using a waterproofing spray to be more effective.

a. Organize the surface of your material

In this step, you are to ensure that there is no moisture content on the surface of the material to be used. The presence of moisture can weaken the effect of this spray.

b. Shake well and apply 

For all the ingredients in the spray bottle to be properly mixed, you need to give the bottle a little shake. 

After the shaking is done, hold your spray bottle 12 to 20cm away from the material to be sprayed, then you spray the liquid on the surface of the material in a sweeping motion until the surface is moist.

You can spray another round when the previous one has dried for a long-lasting effect. However, it is advised that you don’t use this spray on suede or leather material.

c. Wash and reapply 

When the material gets dirty, you will wash it in a washing machine. Once the material is dried, reapply the waterproofing spray using the same process.

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4. DIY Waterproof Cover

DIY projects can be fun and a great way to kill time. Your priority is to protect your outdoor mattress from any form of moisture, so you will need to considerer fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can purchase water repellent fabric from any fabric store near you. For this project, you will need the following materials

  1. Measurement tape
  2. Scissors
  3. Needle and thread or glue
  4. Waterproof fabric
  5. Zipper
  6. Sewing Machine

After you have gathered these materials, you can follow these steps to make your DIY waterproof cover.

  1. Measure your outdoor mattress
  2. Use the measurement taken to cut out the fabric. Be sure to include an additional inch for accuracy.
  3. Bound three sides of your fabric together using a needle and thread or glue. To make this task way easier, you can use a sewing machine.
  4. Fix in the zipper on the last side

After following these steps, you can now use your DIY waterproof cover to encase your outdoor mattress. The fun part about this activity is that it doesn’t have to be done alone. Friends and family can engage in this activity.

How to Waterproof a Mattress for Outdoors

There are several ways to waterproof an outdoor mattress. You can use waterproof sheets, waterproofing spray, and a waterproof mattress cover. 

These can be an option, but some are easier than others, and some cost less than others. Using a waterproofing spray seems the easiest way to waterproof your outdoor mattress.

Whatever waterproofing method you choose should last long as it should be comfortable for you to use. 

Some mattress sheets and covers are washable for when dirty. The following steps should guide you on how to waterproof an outdoor mattress using a waterproof protector.

step 1:

Strip your mattress of all sheets, comforter, and pillows.

Step 2:

Keep your mattress in a standing position, then open all three sides of your mattress protector using the zipper.

Step 3:

Cover your mattress with the mattress cover and zip up the sides.

Step 4: 

Lay your mattress down and zip up the other sides. Seal the zip with a 360° encasement.

Other Alternatives on How to Protect Your Outdoor Mattress

Other ways aside, waterproofing can help you protect your outdoor mattress. Where you store your outdoor mattress is important as well. 

The best option is to store your mattress under a canopy or shade when it comes to storage. A partially enclosed deck would do, or you can consider using your porch.

You can store your mattress in a closed space immediately after use. This process will require a bit of effort, but it protects your mattress. If your mattress is situated in a cabin or a treehouse, you should cover it when not in use to protect it from dust and prevent insects from creeping around.

Best Waterproof Outdoor Mattress Reviews

Here are some of the best waterproof mattresses for a relaxing time outdoors. These recommended products meet the durability and quality standards.

1. Hazel Memory Foam Roll Up Mattress Twin – Waterproof Foldable Floor Mattress

This mattress has a dimension of 75 × 36 × 3 inches, weighing 14 pounds. This mattress is durable, lightweight, and also affordable.

Key features

  1. This mattress is waterproof
  2. Comfortable
  3. Lightweight
  4. Foldable

This mattress can be used outdoors and can easily be carried around. This feature makes it suitable for different activities like camping, hiking, and travel. It also has a washable cover and a strap attached for easy transportation.

2. Classic brands waterproof outdoor daybed mattress

This is a twin-size mattress made of polyester. It has a dimension of 75 × 39 × 5, and it weighs 25 pounds.

Key features

  1. Waterproof
  2. Memory foam layers and soft poly foam for additional comfort
  3. Hand rolling style mattress

This mattress is lightweight and waterproof, making it suitable for use outdoors, in cars, and on camping trips. 

The only disadvantage is that this mattress comes in white color, and it does not have a washable cover, so that it may need extra maintenance.

3. Berocia SUV air mattress

This product measures 70.86 × 50.4 × 4.7; it weighs 3.17kg. It comes with a mattress air pump and nozzle

Key features

  1. Ergonomic wave design
  2. Double-layer sealing
  3. Made of durable PVC

Its thickened design makes it comfortable. It is portable and can be used for camping, in the back seat of a car, and even outdoors. It comes with an air pump that takes less than 90 seconds to inflate this mattress.

How to Buy the Best Outdoor Waterproof Mattress

Before purchasing a waterproof outdoor mattress, you must determine what type of mattress you want. You can buy a gel memory foam or an air mattress as they can be used outdoors.

Gel memory foam

Gel memory foam is just like any regular memory foam; the only difference is that gel memory foam doesn’t trap heat and has a cooling effect. 

Gel memory foam is made by adding capsules filled with gel. This gel gets rid of heat and cools your body while still maintaining the basic features of memory foam.

Air mattress 

An air mattress can also regulate temperature just like gel memory foam, which is made of plastic; this mattress can be

overheated under intense sunlight. One of the biggest advantages of an air mattress is that it is portable and easily stored. That said, gel memory foam will cost more than an air mattress.

Benefits of Buying a Waterproof Outdoor Mattress

You may not see the need to get a “waterproof” outdoor mattress, but it is necessary. Generally, outdoor mattresses do not last as long as indoor mattresses, but a waterproof outdoor mattress will last longer than one that is not waterproof.

Here are some of the benefits of using a waterproof outdoor mattress.

  1. No accidental absorption of moisture or spills
  2. No waterproof protector or spray needed
  3. It lasts for a long time
  4. Can be cleaned
  5. Ready for use anytime

Best Ways to Waterproof an Outdoor Mattress 

Some are more effective than others in all the ways to waterproof your outdoor mattress. The best methods of waterproofing an outdoor mattress are using a waterproof sheet or a waterproof mattress cover. These options are long-lasting and can be washed in a washing machine.

Waterproofing spray is a great option, but its effect may not last for a long time. Storing your outdoor mattress under canopies is also a great idea, but accidental spills can occur.

Conclusion: How To Waterproof A Mattress For Outdoors 

To ensure that your outdoor mattress lasts for a long time, you must give it waterproofing protection. This can be by purchasing a waterproof mattress or using a waterproof sheet and protector; it guarantees that your mattress doesn’t get damaged by moisture absorption.

We have recommended some of the best waterproof mattresses and bought the best outdoor mattress. We have also learned that waterproof sheets and waterproof protectors are the best ways to protect your outdoor bed. With all of this information, you should be able to protect your outdoor mattress or make a safe purchase.

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