Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass (All You Need To Know)

One of the many ways you can turn your house into a fabulous, stylish, and relaxing home is to adorn it with beautiful items of furniture, rugs, and accessories. And whoever said this should be limited to the interior.

The first impression people get about your home starts from the outside, and you can give it an ambiance that not only makes your guest feel welcomed but also slightly envious of your home ( no harm in that). An outdoor rug on your lawn is a beautiful way to achieve this.

Yes, you can put an outdoor rug on the grass as much as you do it the right way, and today we will tell you just how to do it.

Why Fix An Outdoor Rug On Grass?

Many people want a beautiful deck or patio where they can enjoy the great outdoors, but they don’t have any of it. An outdoor rug is the closest alternative they have to relax in their outdoors.

Outdoor rugs not only beautify your house but also helps to define your yard, giving it style and providing a good means of comfortably enjoying your space.

An Outdoor rug will help maintain and keep the house floor, furniture, and pathway in your house clean; this is because it will reduce the dirt and soil that will make its way inside your home.

If you think of having a small picnic or time alone with loved ones, you could turn your lawn into a beautiful picnic spot, and an outdoor rug placed on your grass is just the right thing you need.

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass?

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass

The answer is a big YES, you can put an outdoor rug on the grass, but you have to be sure that the rug can withstand the harsh weather conditions you will be subjecting it to. The idea is to still learn healthy-looking grass when you take the rug out.

There are some characteristics that an outdoor rug should have that will tell you if it can go grass, and they include:

Features you want in your outdoor rug’s material include:

1. Breathability:

This is the ability of air to move freely from the atmosphere through your rug to the underlying grass, ensuring that the grass remains healthy even when you take the rug out.

2. UV protection

This is the ability of an outdoor rug often to withstand the degradation caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Most synthetic fibers are UV-resistant and so are good material for an outdoor rug.

3. Waterproof

This is the ability of an outdoor rug not to absorb moisture even when it comes in contact with it. Any rug that will be fixed on grass must be able to stand rain without getting wet.

Most outdoor rugs are made from tightly woven polypropylene or other synthetic fibers which do not easily absorb water.

This is a big advantage because it helps them withstand showers during spring and makes them quite easy to clean. Even though no rug can be said to be completely waterproof, the ones that dry after it gets wet are also good.

4. Weather-resistant

An outdoor rug worth its name should be able to withstand the harsh atmospheric condition of the outdoors. Such rugs should be able to remain unaffected despite the effects of the sun, rain, sleet, and snow.

5. Durability

Outdoor rugs are not cheap, and it makes perfect economic sense to get a product you will use for long before you need to change it. Mist synthetic fiber ate more long-lasting.

6. Stain-resistant

The better strain-resistant your outdoor rug is, the less time and labor will be expended cleaning it. Most outdoor rugs are made of synthetic materials that are stain-resistant.

7. Mildew and mold-resistant

Molds and mildew are real challenges that outdoor rugs are plagued with because humid and rainy climate provides the best condition for molds to grow on your outdoor rug. However, some outdoor rugs will not allow molds or mildew to grow on them because they do not retain the water these molds and mildew need.

8. Fade-resistant

If you are leaving your outdoor rugs unending for hours under the sun, then you should ensure that they can stand the sun’s UV rays without fading.

Even though no rug is 100% weatherproof over prolonged use outdoors, a rug made of UV-treated polypropylene yarns is fade resistant.

How Do You Put An Outdoor Rug Over Grass?

Putting an outdoor rug over grass in your outdoor living space is not difficult. All you need to do include:

1. Inspect the rug to ensure it is fit outdoors. We have highlighted some qualities of rugs that can be used outdoor; ensure your rug fits those characteristics.

2. Mow the area you will be placing the rug on because long grass will make it lose and difficult to walk on because it is not level.

3. Prepare the area you will be placing the rug on. First of all, ensure that it is flat without any bumps. Then wet the area with your backyard hose.

4. Place the rug on the area and then smoothen it out starting from the center to the edges so that your rug looks like it has wrinkles.

5. Secure the rug by placing a weight on it to keep it from being blown away by heavy wind. Your heavy outdoor furniture can come in handy, or you can resort to using a peg.

6. Once satisfied that you have the appropriate peg or weight holding the rug. Your outdoor rug is good to go.

Considerations When Laying An Outdoor Rug Over Grass

There are several things you have to keep in mind when laying a rug on your lawn; they include:

The Material The Rug Is Made Of

Granted that there are lots of outdoor rugs you find around, but not a few of them can go under grass if you love your grass and want to keep it looking lush and if you want the rug to last longer.

There are 2 main materials that outdoor rugs are made of, and they are:

1. Plant Fibers

These are rugs that are made from plant materials like sea-grass, just, sisal, and the like. These materials are quite easy to maintain but are not UV-resistant, nor can they stand water.

Another demerit of this type of rug is that molds and mildew can grow on them. They are not your best option for an outdoor rug that will go grass.

2. Synthetic Fibers

These are usually made from polyester materials like polypropylene a, d they are the ideal material for making your outdoor rug that will go on grass because they are stain and water-resistant, durable, and mildew-resistant. They can tolerate very harsh weather like the UV Ray from the sun.

These materials, most importantly, are breathable, which is very important because you want a rug that will allow air to get to the grass underneath it.

How Long You Will Leave The Rug On The Grass

Outdoor rugs are not meant to be left indefinitely on your lawn because there is so much the grass can take. Remember that grasses are living and require sunlight, water, air, and the like to thrive, but your lawn cannot assess these elements if you lay a rug on it for a long time.

Hence, the longest you should leave your outdoor rug on grasses is a week; anything longer than that will adversely affect the grass.

The Size Of The Area You Want to be Covered

Before you search for an outdoor rug for your grass, make sure you know the lawn size it will cover; this will help you buy the right rug size. If you are placing furniture on the rug, then ensure that the rug is wider than the furniture by about 2 to 6 inches.

Make Sure It Is Waterproof

The outdoor rug must be water-resistant, and you should get ones that dry easily. Polypropylene is the most preferred alternative for grass because of its performance in high moisture conditions.


The rug’s material will determine how easy you can wash it, especially using a washing machine. Polypropylene, cotton, and polyester are easily washable, making good outdoor rugs.

Can An Outdoor Rugs Ruin The Grass?

Any outdoor rug can ruin your grass, except you get the kind that is meant for grass, and the ones that will not damage the grass are the breathable ones that allow air to flow through them and get to the underlying grass so that they don’t suffocate and die due to lack of oxygen.

Synthetic fiber rugs placed on your grass will not kill it because they allow free ventilation; however, no matter how breathable a rug is, it shouldn’t be left on the grass indefinitely.

Will Grass ruin Your Outdoor Rug?

You must fix a stain-resistant outdoor rug because grass can ruin that beautiful rug with grass stains, mud, debris, and other stains you cannot easily remove.

The fun thing is that grasses can begin to grow through your rug if you leave the rug there for a long time. You can militate this problem by mowing the grass before placing the grass and ensuring the rug doesn’t stay too long on the grass.

If you place your rug in an area with heavy foot traffic, you can be sure that it will suffer wear and tear sooner than you want it. The fewer people step on your rug, the more its longevity.

Taking Care Of The Outdoor Rug On Gras

There are a few tips that will increase the longevity of the outdoor rug that is placed on grass:

1. If you are eating or drinking on the rug and some food or drink spills accidentally, ensure that you clean it up immediately using the right cleaning materials.

2. Do not be generic in how you handle and clean outdoor rugs. You should strictly follow the cleaning tag on the rug before proceeding with any cleaning method.

3. Even though your outdoor rug may be water-resistant, if you leave it long enough exposure to moisture, it will not only get damp but also encourage mold growth and mildew. Hence always keep the rug dry.

4. Store the rug properly indoors in winter and under unfavorable weather conditions.

5. Don’t allow dirt and debris to build up before you give the rug a good cleaning. You can use a carpet cleaner or broom to clean it up. If your rug is placed near a tree, then lots of leaves might fall on the rug; use a leaf blower and vacuum to take care of the leaves.

6. You can use a rug pad to stop slippage as people walk on the rug because grass can be slightly slippery. You, however, must get rid of the past as soon as you are done using the rug. Click-lock tiles can also serve the same purpose while providing a base for the rug and ensuring the rug dries faster when wet.


If you want to accentuate the beauty of your yard, you can place an outdoor rug that is meant for that on the grass; this will give your space an amazing look and a place to have picnics with family and friends.

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