How To Install Outdoor Carpet on Lawn

How To Install Outdoor Carpet on Lawn? (Outdoor Carpet Buying Guide)

Everyone like the outdoors, and if you are looking to host some friends, have a picnic in your house or spend some evenings at peace with nature as you lie on your lawn, you can do so by simply installing an outdoor carpet.

An outdoor carpet that is stylish and durable and placed on your lawn for such fun occasions can make a whole world of difference. But before you can do this, you must pick an outdoor carpet that can be placed on a lawn, and there are many considerations to keep in mind.

You can install an outdoor carpet on the lawn by ensuring that the carpet is breathable, as this is a means of ensuring that your lawn is protected. Come along, and we will tell you more.

Can A carpet Go On Lawn?

Contrary to many people’s belief, you can put a carpet on the grass or lawn, but you must be careful how you do this, or it might destroy your lawn.

You have to make sure that the carpet you are installing is an outdoor carpet for starters, because they are designed with the outdoor condition in mind.

How Do You Install Outdoor Carpet on Lawn?

A few questions must be asked and answered before you can think of installing a carpet on your lawn; this is to ensure that your grass does not suffer and that your rug is ruined. Here are some of those questions.

What Material is The Carpet Made Of?

The material used in making the carpet is a very important determinant of whether the rug can be used on grass. The rug’s material must be breathable because the grass underneath it needs to receive oxygen to stay alive.

Many people believe that carpets on grasses kill the lawn because they use rugs that do not allow oxygen to flow through them to the grass.

You must also ensure that the carpet you use on your lawn is free from all toxins ( these toxins can harm hour grass and affect people who like them).

They must also be safe for both your loved ones and pet. They must be mildew and mold resistant if you use them on your lawn.

Is The Carpet Waterproof?

Even though it is difficult to get a weatherproof rug, any rug you use on your lawn must be waterproof because you and your loved ones wouldn’t want to stay on a rug that absorbs water from the grass and then get wet as you sit or lie on it.

Polypropylene, synthetic material, is one of the best outdoor rug materials because of its strength and weather-resistant abilities.

How Long Will Outdoor Carpet Be On Your Lawn?

On the Internet, you will hear some people say that: you can keep your outdoor carpet on your lawn for as long as you want in as much as the rug is breathable, but we beg to differ.

No matter how breathable the carpet is, leaving it on your lawn will deprive the grass of other growth requirements, especially sunlight for photosynthesis.

We recommend that you should not leave a rug on a given spit on your lawn for more than 7 days or so; else, you run the risk of the grass under the carpet dying.

What Do You Put Under An Outdoor Carpet?

You can put your outdoor carpet directly on the grass, but if you are worried that the rug might get dirty, then you can install a rug pad which is usually made of rubber, on the spot where you will put your rug, then afterward, put the carpet on the rug pad.

The rug pad will give extra softness as you sit on the carpet. However, you will have to remove the rug pad and carpet once you are done outside so that the grass can get enough oxygen that the rug pad obstructs.

Is the Carpet Machine Washable?

The material your outdoor carpet is made of will determine if you can wash the rug by machine or hand. Any rug that cannot be folded into 2 but is only rolled cannot be washed in a machine.

However, this is not a big deal because you can easily use a stream of water from a hose to get your outdoor rug clean.

Take Care Of Fading And Discolouration

Since your outdoor carpet will be exposed to the sun and the elements, it is expected that the carpet will begin to fade and Discolouration as time goes on.

You can remedy this situation by applying stains specifically designed to resist color changes. To be sure, you can also apply a mildew-resistant finish while you are at it.

Peg The Corners Of The Carpet Down

It is advisable to peg down the corners of your outdoor carpet with weight so that if there is a sudden gust of wind, you will be sure that your carpet does not get blown away. This will also ensure that your pet or kids do not drag them away from what you want your carpet to be.

Outdoor Carpet Buying Guide

There are 3 main reasons why many people want to install an outdoor carpet on their lawn, and they are :

1. To add a stylish element to their space:

It is always a thing of beauty to see a lush lawn with an outdoor carpet installed on it; it is inviting and captivating. It will also provide you with a place of relaxation on your lawn.

2. For safety reasons:

The grass can be quite slippery after the rains or when it is wet. A carpet was placed on it to prevent people from slipping and falling.

3. To protect the area from surface area damage:

The elements, your kids, your pets, and even other animals around can be prevented from damaging a given spot in a lawn when a carpet covers it.

Here are the 2 main factors you need to consider while shopping for an outdoor carpet:

What Is The Carpet Made Of?

There are different varieties of rugs made from different materials, and most of them have desirable qualities like durability, UV-treated, waterproof, fade-resistant, and the like. The materials used in making outdoor carpets are:

1. Synthetics

Th are different synthetic materials used for manufacturing outdoor carpets, including polyester, acrylic, nylon, and polypropylene, also called olefin.

All these materials are generally more sturdy than natural fibers, and their outside is mildew and water-resistant, even though the inner layers can be attacked by mildew.

Polypropylene is the best material for making outdoor carpets because they are made of plastic and are even used to make stuff like rope, straw, and even sportswear. They are very durable and can be said to be stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and even weatherproof.

2. All-Natural Fibers

Different natural fibers are used in making carpets. These natural fibers are usually gotten from plants, including seagrass ( they make very soft carpets), jute, sisal, and the like.

These materials are not weatherproof and are not as breathable as synthetic materials; however, if you insist on using these materials for an outdoor carpet, you must always dry it out in the sun.

3. What’s Your Budget?

The price of an outdoor carpet varies from brand to brand, and it also depends on the material and design of the carpet, but on average, an 8×10 outdoor rug will cost anything from $125 to even $1000.

The labor-intensiveness of its production will also determine the value of a carpet. For instance, traditional hand-woven carpets are usually more expensive than machine-woven carpets.

Most synthetic fibers used in making carpets are made from petroleum-based materials, and so they are less expensive than most carpets made from natural fibers.

Best Outdoor Carpets You Can Place On Your Lawn

Below are some of the best outdoor carpets that will fit on your lawn:

1. Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave Breathable Outdoor Carpet:

we will dub this beauty: The Most Breathable Outdoor Carpet. Thus unit is made from a PVC-coated polyester mesh that is very durable.

It allows easy movement of air and sunlight through it. The edges of this carpet are hemmed so perfectly that you will never have to worry about it.

The carpet unravels or fraying. It also comes with brass grommets if you want to stake down the carpet. One of the value-added qualities of these carpets is that it is very easy to use and store and quite affordable.

3. Wefavor Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Carpet:

This is the best outdoor carpet whose price is one of its selling points. It is relatively too cheap for the quality you get when you buy the Wefavor Single Layer Outdoor Plastic Carpet.

This very breathable carpet is built for convenience and does not require much maintenance. It is durable, fade-resistant, and weather-resistant too.

3. SAND MINE Reversible Mats:

If you are looking for a durable carpet to fit on your lawn, this carpet is for you a d this is because it is made of 100% polypropylene material while the edges are heat-treated to prevent fraying.

It is reversible, so you can flip the color pattern to suit you. It so promises maximum comfort, and it comes in different colors and designs to suit your style

4. Black and White Cotton Outdoor Carpet:

This carpet produced by the brand Leevan is a stylish outdoor mat made with hand-woven cotton. It is stain-resistant, waterproof, and fade-resistant. It comes in 3 styles: plaid, horizontal stripes, and vertical striped, and in 6 different sizes.

5. VEVOR Artificial Grass Turf:

This is an outdoor carpet that is made with your lawn in mind. The surface of the carpet touching the lawn is made of a quality polyethylene of high density for maximum comfort.

The backing TPR rubber layer is added to the carpet to make it more fade and weather-resistant. This carpet is flexible because it is lightweight, and they come in two different colors, brown and blue, and 3 different sizes, which are 6’x10’, 6’x15’, and 6’x20’.

6. Ming’s Mark GC1 Stylish Camping Reversible Carpet:

The unique selling point of this carpet is that it is easy to clean, reversible, stylish, and fade-resistant. It is UV coated and is made of 100% virgin polypropylene, which accounts for how comfortable it feels and its longevity.

The only downside to this carpet is that it comes only in color and size; asides from that, you have Ming’s Mark Gc1 carpet, a spectacular carpet that is portable, transportable, and storable because it comes with a carrying bag.

7. Balajees USA Outdoor Rug Plastic Straw:

This carpet has so many things going for it: it is portable, durable, easy to clean, and affordable. It is made of premium polypropylene thin straws and is very flexible, which means it can be easily folded and is quite easy to store and transport.


If you have always wondered if you can put a carpet on your lawn without killing your grass, the answer is Yes; you can; however, you have to choose an outdoor carpet specially designed for that purpose.

A colorful outdoor carpet can accentuate the beauty of your lawn and protect your grass from the element, but you must ensure you get a carpet that can withstand the elements without fading or fraying.

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