Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets (Where To Buy Croquet Set)

Yes, croquet is a great game, and YES again, Walmart sells croquet sets. This does not come as a surprise because croquet, that quintessential game, is fast gaining popularity globally because many people are learning to enjoy and play the game, and hence many online stores are cashing in on sales from the set, and so is Walmart.

This classic English game which started many centuries ago, has different variations played, including golf croquet and Nine Hoops (Wickets) Croquet, but whatever the case, the game is still fun to play and watch.

Croquet Game?

Croquet is a game that is played by 2, 4 or 6 players, and the goal of the game is to hit your ball(s) with a mallet through the course of 6 hoops in the right direction and sequence, and for each hoop made in the correct order and sequence, the player gets awarded 1 point, and then the game is finished off by hitting the balls against the center peg.

The winner is the first side to complete the course with both balls, which means they scored 6 hoop points and one point for each of their balls.

This historic lawn game began back in the mid-1800 in France and is fast becoming a favorite pastime in garden parties and other such settings.

The game can be played in many forms, mostly as a casual and social game by lots of people; however, serious croquet is played at the international level, including world individual and team championships.

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

Yes, Walmart sells croquet sets, and many online stores also sell them, including Amazon and eBay, so where to buy a croquet set is not much of a problem.

The challenge is that there are many croquet sets on the market today, that choosing one can be a little tasking. We have, however, taken the liberty of bringing a few croquet sets, which we believe you will love.

1. Franklin Sports Croquet Set

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

There is nothing not to love about this piece of art that functions as a croquet set. It is a beautifully crafted vintage croquet set made from premium hardwood. It comes with 6 stakes and 6 mallets with a beautiful, lacquered cherry finish and brass accents that make the set classy.

The stylish wheeled duffel bag this croquet set comes with makes it easily storable and transportable. The set also includes 6 durable balls and 9 all-weather wire wickets, meaning that 6 people can play the game at a go. For $199.99, the Franklin sport croquet set is worth every dime.

2. Baden Dulex Sports Croquet Set

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

Baden Dulex is another croquet set that is sure to catch your interest. It is a great set for playing the game of croquet in camps, picnics and general get-togethers.

This set has 4 wood mallets, 2 wood stakes, 4 balls and 9 dipped wire wickets. The set is complete with a convenient carry bag for easy storage and portability.

As if that is not enough, this set also comes with two full-size handles and two kid-friendly handles, so the whole family can have fun playing the game together. Wait for it; it also has a full set of game rules and instructions, with which a novice can easily learn to play.

3. Ropoda Croquet Set

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

The Ropoda’s croquet set personifies quality, be it with regards to the 6 mallets crafted from a hardwood of premium quality to the 6 balls made from hard-wearing resin that won’t crack or break. This set is sturdy and durable and can last you for many years.

Also included in the set are 2 ending stakes and 9 steel wickets, which means as many as 6 players can play it at once. Capping it all is a durable carry bag. For $49.99, you can get a unit for yourself.

4. Juegoal Croquet Set

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

If you are looking for a croquet set that is a breeze to set up, then your best bet is this Juegoal croquet set which has 6 hardwood mallets that have handles that can be easily screwed in a matter of seconds.

Also included in this kit are 2 stakes, 2 weather-resistant balls and 9 steel wickets with a durable vinyl coating. It has a nice-looking carry bag which houses the whole equipment. This set can be found in Walmart and other stores for about $45.99.

5. GoSports Croquet Set

Does Walmart Sell Croquet Sets

This is another quality product from the stead of GoSport, which is very comfortable to use because each of the 6 mallets it comes with is made from premium hardwood, and each is fitted with a comfortable grip that gives you better control of the mallet.

It also has 9 wickets, 6 balls, 2 end posts and a rules book with instructions on how the game is played. It has a carry bag that will make carrying the bag so easy. The cost of this unit is $49.99.

Playing Croquet Game

The objective of the croquet game is to move your balls over the lawn and through six hoops in the right order and direction, and then “peg out” by hitting the central peg.

The game can be a ‘single’ in which a player plays another or a ‘double’ in which 2 players in a team play against the 2 opposing team players.

The Equipment Needed

1. The Ball

This game is played with 2 balls per team, colored differently. For instance, one side uses a black and a blue ball, while the other uses a red ball and a yellow ball. The diameter of the ball is about 3 and a half inches, and it weighs one pound.

2. The Mallet

In addition to the balls, to play the game, each player also requires a wooden mallet that is used to strike the ball. These mallets are 24 to 40 inches long and 2.5 to 3.5 pounds in weight, while the head of the mallet, which usually has a square head, is 9 to 12 inches long. There is some mallet head that is round.

3. The Lawn

The lawn on which the game of croquet is played has an area of 17.5m by 14m, but for the casual player, any decent-sized, relatively smooth grass area can be used. Don’t be surprised to find croquet clubs where the grass is shorter and therefore faster, and their lawns are as big as 32m x 25.6m.

4. The Hoops

The Hoops used are metallic and are 12 inches high and 3¾ inches wide, and they are laid out in a set configuration; the hoops numbered 1 and 2 are on the left side at either end.

The ones numbered 3 and 4 are on the right side, while the 5th and sixth hoops are in the middle, quite close to the peg in the middle that is used for starting and ending the game.

5. Scoring

A point each is scored in the game for getting each ball through each hoop, while a player gets awarded an additional point if they hit the peg with each ball. This will give the player the maximum point, which is 14. This means that the team or the player successfully passed the balls through all 6 hoops and pegged each ball out.

6. Starting The Game

The croquet game starts with a player or team tossing a coin to determine who chooses who goes first or second.

The person or team that wins the toss chooses if they will play first or second, while the person or team that lost the toss chooses which pair of balls to play with: red and yellow or blue and black balls.

Play begins from a point 1 meter from the boundary in front of the first hoop. The side-to-go first hits either of their balls into the lawn, and each player takes turns in playing, taking 1 shot unless extra shots are earned.

A team or player can earn extra points by “running a hoop,” which means passing through the correct hoop or hitting 1 of the other three balls. This earns the player or team 1 and 2 points, respectively.

The first 4 turns should be used to bring the 4 balls into play; afterward, you can choose to play either ball. If you make a “roquet,” which is to hit another ball as you hit the ball you intended to, then you earn 2 extra shots, and the first of the 2 shots you just earned is called a croquet shot, and it must be played in contact with the roquet ball.

To do this, you will have to move your ball and place it at a spot with the ball that was hit; this will make the roqueted ball move or shake with the next strike. The second extra shot you earned is called the continuation shot, and it is played from where the first original ball lies.

Extra shots are only earned once from each ball until the next good is scored; hence, they are not cumulative.

7. Finishing The Game

A player or team wins a game of croquet if they score 6 hoop points for each ball and hit the peg with both balls. This can be done in the same turn when you take a croquet and continuation shots.

A game of croquet can also be won by hitting the peg with each ball in 2 separate turns, and if you can complete these shots before your opponent hits the peg with both of his balls, you win.

If a ball hits the peg and has scored the 6 hoop point in the right order scores a peg point and is removed from the lawn immediately.


Croquet is an old game that is still enjoyable any day. It is a lawn game played with mallets, hoops and balls whose object is to hit the balls with your mallet through 6 different hoops. There are also different manufacturers of croquet sets which you can find online and in on-ground stores like Walmart.

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