Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set

Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set 2021 – Review, Cost and How to Choose

You want to enjoy a good game of bocce ball with your neighbors and kids but choosing the right bocce ball set seems to be a problem. 

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a bocce ball set, and fortunately, we are here to guide you towards making the right decisions.

There are many bocce ball set out there, but we will be recommending the best bocce ball set for 2021, their cost and their special features.

What Is a Good Bocce Ball Set?

A good bocce ball set is a set with complete components of the game, a set made of quality materials, a durable set, and a good bocce ball set should be able to deliver the fun needed.

When picking out a good bocce ball set, you have to be careful as a high price doesn’t always mean high quality. Inspect the material used and count the components of the bocce ball to ensure that it is all complete.

What Is the Average Cost of A Bocce Ball Set?

A bocce ball set can range anywhere from $50 to $200. The price depends on the material being used, accessories present in the set, and the brand also contributes. A well-known brand will cost more than a new brand.

A plastic bocce ball set will be cheaper than some other sets like resin balls, wooden balls, and baked clay.

Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set to buy

Our recommended wooden bocce ball set doesn’t only look good, but they have great quality at an affordable price.

1. GoSports 100mm Hardwood Bocce Set

Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set

It is not easy to find a good wooden bocce ball set, making the GoSports 100mm hardwood bocce set unique. 

It has a diameter of 100mm, weighs 1lb (450g) and is made of tropical hardwood, which is dark and lovely; this wooden bocce set looks vintage in a way that isn’t common to many bocce ball set.

Its size is accurate, and it weighs lighter than a regular bocce ball which makes it suitable for younger players. Though for grown-ups, this may not provide the desired fun. 

It comprises eight bocce balls, two of which are marked with strips of orange, two marked with stripes of blue, two marked with stripes of green and two marked with stripes of yellow. It also has a 40mm pallino along with one measuring rope and carrying bag as accessories.

Its advantage is it’s lightweight, which will be perfect for kids. Coupled with their striking look, they also come in standard sizes. 

But on the other hand, the lightweight of this set is also a disadvantage as it will not provide the required fun for adults playing. 

2. Franklin Sports 100mm Wooden Bocce Ball Set

Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set

The Franklin 100mm wooden bocce ball set is another alternative for a great wooden set as part of the unique set. It has a diameter of 100mm and is made of finely polished wood.

It comprises 8 100mm bocce balls, 2 of which had a red inscription, 2 with a blue inscription, 2 with a green inscription, and a yellow inscription. 

It also has a pallino that have a diameter of 40mm. It also has that vintage look and may cost anywhere near $110. It also comes with a durable carrying bag.

3. Custom Bocce Ball Set

Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set

Some wooden bocce ball sets are custom made and are specially packed for users looking for a unique and rare wooden bocce ball set. 

Though the size of a custom bocce ball varies from about 70mm to 110mm, they may or may not come with carrying bags.

These custom sets can come from different brands like yumuq, xuhui and others. Custom sets don’t usually follow standard size: a 100mm diameter for a bocce ball and a 40mm diameter for a Pallino. The packaging of these custom sets is not that great and may look unattractive.

How To Choose the Best Wooden Bocce Ball Set? 

Here are some guides to help you pick out the right wooden bocce ball set with complete components, standard size, and additional accessories.

1. Wooden bocce ball set price

Wooden bocce ball sets are rare and very difficult to find, making them cost more. Another reason why wooden bocce ball sets cost more is that they are made of quality hardwood. The price of a wooden bocce ball set can range from $70 to $200.

2. Demand

The demand for a wooden bocce ball set is relatively low. Wood was used to make the first modern bocce ball in Italy, but other materials were introduced with time. These other materials are better than wood.

Aside from wood, plastic, metal, resin, and double polymer can be used to make bocce balls, and with these new materials, wooden bocce balls were forgotten. Wooden bocce balls cannot be used on the beach or a sandy land surface; that is why others.

3. Materials 

Wooden bocce balls can be made of softwood or hardwood. Hardwood is the best option for wooden bocce balls as it lasts longer and can withstand hitting against other surfaces. Some common examples of hardwood used to make wooden bocce balls are boxwood and elm.

4. Size

A bocce ball that measures 74mm to 100 mm is easy to hold and use, making it the best size for children. In contrast, others that measure from 107mm to 115mm can be used by professionals in tournaments.

5. Color

Wooden bocce balls are often marked with stripes of different colors to tell them apart when playing with opponents. The most used colors are red, blue, green, and yellow.

6. Durability 

Wood is known for its great quality and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and hitting against other surfaces. Wooden bocce balls are equally durable.

7. Storage

Some wooden bocce ball set comes with carrying bags for storage and transportation while others are held in a wooden box that is also great for storage and transport.

8. Customer ratings.

Wooden bocce balls gained some positive reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Customers were satisfied with the overall performance of wooden bocce ball sets.

9. Warranty

 Some bocce ball set offers an automatic one-year warranty while others offer a lifetime warranty. Your wooden bocce set should not be easily damaged before the warranted period.


Although wooden bocce balls are not the best material for a bocce ball set, they are often purchased for their vintage and classic look. They are rare and unique; for this reason, they cost a lot.

There are some basic guides to be followed when purchasing the right wooden bocce ball set. It is important to know the size and the type of players it suits; it is also important to know the type of wood used as softwood do not last. With this, you should be able to buy just the right wooden bocce set.

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