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Best Paintball Regulator for Accuracy – Complete Reviews and Buying Guide

The game of paintball is one of the fastest-growing sports in Europe and other parts of the world, and this is because it holds a lot of fun for both the young and the young at heart.

This fun game involves teams or, in some cases, individual players who compete to eliminate each other by hitting them with pellets filled with paint from a gun with compressed gas.

Paintball has its specialized equipment and accessories, and one of such equipment is the pressure regulators, which are used in controlling the gun’s air pressure so that you get a very accurate shot.

Today, we will let you in on what to look out for when shopping for a paintball regulator and tell you about some of the best paintball regulators you can find around.

Do I Really Need A Paintball Regulator?

Not everyone needs a paintball regulator because most modern paintball guns come with an inbuilt regulator, and so you have to be conscious of this when you go shopping for a paintball gun.

The science of how the paintball regulator function is a little bit complex, but in simple terms, we can say that the regulator ensures that the air pressure in the paint gun is constant by using a valve that cuts off the air from getting into the paintball once the air pressure has reached a certain level. At the given air pressure, accurate shots can be taken.

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Benefits of Using a Regulator

One of the benefits of a paintball regulator is that it delivers air to the gun and helps maintain given air pressure; this implies that each paintball shot will leave the gun’s barrel at a predictably consistent velocity.

The regulator also acts as a pressure buffer which causes the fun to work with full pressure, and this reduces the effect that happens when insufficient air in the gun leads to reduced pressure and then makes the shot you rake lose range slowly.

The accuracy of shots is the main reason people use paintball regulators. The regulators reduce the velocity variance, which helps you maintain a given velocity for all shots you take.

Why is Paintball Getting So Popular

Do you ever wonder why paintball is gaining more popularity by the day and is fast becoming a household name despite being quite expensive, especially when compared to other games?

It doesn’t help matters to know that it hurts a little as you play the game, yet paintball is gaining ground in the world of sports and games simply because of these reasons:

Paintball is a sport that offers you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge yourself with your loved ones in a refreshingly different sports activity that is fun and relaxing.

It comes with a sense of thrill that gets you thinking of when you can get out again and play another round immediately after you are done playing.

The adrenaline rush you experience as you indulge in this sport is second to none because it involves running through the woods, shooting and getting shot, hiding and being found.

The sense of adventure it gives is exhilarating. It is a game that helps you to live in the moment and thoroughly enjoy it.

The fact that paintball is a team sport makes it even more exciting because you try to plan with your team on what strategy to employ to gain victory. The time spent in strategising also adds another level of fun to the game.

The fact that there are many paintball equipment that you can choose from and this equipment is constantly being improved on means there is always room for you to upgrade your game and experiment with new equipment. The fact that you never know what to expect with the latest paintball equipment keeps people loving the game.

Paintball is an excellent way to get in your exercises, because it involves a lot of different kinds of movements from sprinting, to running, jumping and what have you. So if you are looking for a fun way to exercise, lose some weight and stay healthy, paintball is the game for you.

If you have a competitive spirit, you will love paintball because it presents an opportunity to win something; even if it is the bragging right of being a winner, it is well worth it. People love this game because they can engage in a friendly duel with their loved ones.

What To Wear When Playing Paintball

The difference between winning and losing a paintball game depends on how skilful you are at playing the game, but your skills will not shine forth if you are properly dressed for the game.

These are some of the things you need to be conscious of as you get ready for a round of paintball sports:

1. Dress properly

When dressing for paintball, you should keep two things in mind: the first is to wear casual and comfortable clothes because you will be exerting yourself a lot and need to be as comfortable as possible.

Secondly, you should wear thick clothes to cushion the sting of paintball ( it can hurt a little ) and so, joggers, tracksuits and jeans are great for playing the game. The standard practice is to get a clean overall to wear over your clothes, so you don’t stain your clothes.

2. Comfortable Footwear

Since you will be moving a lot as you play paintball, you must wear comfortable, roomy shoes and ones that you don’t mind being dirty or wet.

Hiking boots and trainers are some of the most common shoes worn in playing the game because they both have grip, are comfortable, and have a closed-toe which makes them very safe.

3. You Need Gloves

Gloves are worn in playing paintball to prevent being hit in your bare hands because they are constantly being targeted because human hands can be pretty sensitive.

If you feel that you won’t get your aim if you wear a glove to play paintball, you can wear a fingerless glove that protects your hands and leave your fingers sensitive enough to take good shots.

4. Get A Good Headwear

Paintball can travel so fast, and that is why it hurts when it hit someone. They can travel at a speed of about 200 miles per hour, and hence you don’t want your head to be hit by anything moving at that momentum, so your best option is to protect your head with a header.

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Buying A New Paintball Regulator

For paintballs to function properly, they require sufficient air pressure, and the more the pressure, the more the range your shot will cover. Hence the need for a regulator.

In choosing the right regulator, you have to decide how much you are willing to pay to buy the brand you want. Just as there are different brands of regulators, so different too are their prices. It is safe to say that the higher the price, the better the regulator’s quality you will be getting.

Your choice of a regulator should have less leakage and better pressure. Regulators that leak does not have sufficient volume of air that you need to take a good shot

You should also know the PSI of the regulator you want to buy. PSI is an acronym that stands for pounds per square inch which is the unit for measuring pressure in the US and other parts of the world.

The regulator must give an efficient PSI so that you can take your shot with accuracy. Most paintball regulators here have a pressure range of 300-1200 psi, depending on the marker.

Ensure to buy a paintball regulator with a built-in pressure gauge because it will help you know the pressure being used in taking a shot; this is also important as it will tell you when there is a pressure drop when it is in use.

How To Install our paintball tank regulator

If you have your paintball regulator, this is the way to install it

1. Firstly, you should up your paintball gun with the tank containing carbon dioxide.

2. Adjust the velocity screw to the lowest value in the setting

3. You should then fire about a dozen air shots at that lowest velocity through the gun, but ensure that the hopper is empty of paintball.

As you fire air through the gun, you should lower the regulator’s output and fire another dozen air shots if you feel the gun is performing great.

4. Repeat the process in step 3 above until the gun refuses to re-cock itself. At this point, you can increase the output pressure of your regulator and then take a dozen shots or so.

The gun might not cock after some shot, but this is no cause to worry; increase the output pressure again and take more shots.

5. keep increasing the pressure anytime you take shots, and the gun refuses to cock until the gun begins to work properly again; this ensures that you get the best pressure for your paintball gun.

6. At this point, you should load your hopper with the paintballs and then start using the marker accordingly. You should keep checking the clock (if you have one ) to ensure the velocity aligns with the field’s specification. You must not allow the velocity to exceed 300 FPS.

Best Paintball Regulator For Accuracy

Below are some of the best paintball regulators that are available.

1. VaVoger 5/8-18UNF or M18 1.5 Paintball Regulator

Best Paintball Regulator

This unit which fits most tanks, is popular amongst paintball players.


1. This product is made of good quality metal and brass.

2. It has an output pressure of 1800psi and input of 5/8″-18UNF and 4500 psi.

3. The unit comes with a plastic thread cap

4. It can be used with both carbon dioxide gas and air.

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. This regulator fits into the most air tank.

2. It is of premium quality, and it comes with a 3k and 5k burst disk.

3. It has a high airflow rate, and it is pretty easy to be operated.

2. GFSP HPA Paintball 4500psi Air Tank Regulator

Best Paintball Regulator

This regulator is a lightweight and easily re-buildable unit with a very high airflow rate that many paintball players love.


1. It has an output pressure of 1200psi but is rated 4500psi, which is relatively high.

2. This unit comes with a 3k and a 7. 5 burst disk.

Why You will love this Unit

1. They are relatively economical and suitable for people on a budget.

2. It has very efficient and has a high output pressure.

3. This unit can fit most tanks with threads of 5/8-18UNF and an Output threads size of 0.825-14NGO.

3. Ninja Paintball Regulator

Best Paintball Regulator

This paintball regulator is made in the US which can toggle from 800 to 900 psi output to as low as 450 to 550 psi in a short while by removing the shims.


1. This regulator, which is black, is made of Aluminium.

2. This Ninja Aluminum valve cap also has an SRT piston.

Why You Love This Unit

1. This paintball regulator, which is handcrafted and factory tested, meets all standard specifications.

2. With this unit, you do not need to use two regulators or a separate spring kit.

4. HPMC 2000PSI Paintball Air Tank Regulator

Best Paintball Regulator

This unit is easy to rebuild, convenient to use, and very practical is quite lightweight.


1. It has an output thread of G1/2-14/ and an input thread of 0.825-14NGO.

2. It has an input pressure of 3000psi

Why You Will Love It

1. This paintball regulator is made of premium quality Aluminum.

2. This regulator is sturdy and durable, and very efficient.

3. This unit is relatively cheap.

4. It has a high airflow rate which makes your shots go faster.

5. Airsoft PCP Paintball Regulator

Best Paintball Regulator

This regulator can change the fluctuating output pressure into a steady supply that gives accuracy and consistency.


1. This unit has an output pressure of 2000psi and an input pressure of 4500psi.

2. It is made of hard Alloy

2. The output thread is G1/2-14, while the input thread is 0.825-14NGO.

Why You Will Love This Unit

1. This unit is quite inexpensive

2. It is also very efficient.


The game of paintball is growing in popularity geometrically, and this is because it is an excellent game with a lot of benefits.

You can get better at the game if you get a paintball regulator, ensuring that all your shots have a consistent speed.

There are quite some paintball regulators that you get online and in stores, but before you but one, ensure that you buy the unit with the right psi.

Paintball regulators are very beneficial in giving you a consistent shot. So get one if you need it.

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Best Paintball Regulator for Accuracy

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