Shoot a Bow In Your Backyard

Is It Legal To Shoot a Bow In Your Backyard? (Do You Need a Permit to Shoot a Bow?)

A good archer will want to get better at aiming and shooting an arrow, which will take a lot of practice. But not all archers can make it to an archery range every day; that is why having your range in your backyard makes a lot of sense.

However, before you set up a backyard archery range, you need to find out if it is legal to shoot a bow in your backyard?

But the truth is, it may or may not be legal; this all depends on where you are residing. It is best to check in with the law of the state or city where you live to confirm if practicing archery is legal or not.

Is It Legal To Shoot A Bow In Your Backyard?

To find out if practicing archery is legal, check in with the local law or county law of where you stay. It is not illegal in some regions, but there will be restrictions like no shooting within city limits or residential areas.

You can contact the police or consult an archery shop on the legality of shooting a bow in your backyard range. Inspections may be conducted to check if your backyard range is safe enough.

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Terms To Watch Out For

When going through the archery laws, you should keep an eye out for some basic terms. If you see the term “projectile” or “missile”, you should be careful.

This may seem unclear at first, but this means that anything thrown is illegal, a projectile can include rocks, and a missile can consist of an arrow. You must double-check these laws or have a lawyer with you to clarify all of these laws.

“May not be used near occupied dwelling” is another misunderstood phrase. This only applies to firearms, but in some regions, it may apply to archery as well. This implies that your archery should be practiced some distance away from residential areas or buildings.

Set Up A Safe Backyard Archery Range

You can practice archery in your backyard after all, but only if you pass the inspection process and acquire a permit to do so. The inspection involves checking your backyard range to ensure that it is safe, so it is necessary to check the targets and other equipment you are using.

Your backstop

Did you know that an arrow from a highly powered bow can shoot through a fence? This is why you need a sturdy backstop that will catch your arrow even when it misses the target; your backstop should be larger than your target.

A good backstop can be made of layers of plywood, tires, or even rubber mats. You should also ensure that they are no houses behind the target, and you should always check in with your county laws first. You should not trust or rely on your target alone, a well-layered and wide backstop is necessary.

Make A Safe Backyard Range

You may to allowed to have an archery range in your backyard, but you will need to undergo inspection. To pass this inspection, everything about your range should scream “safe”, this means that all your archery equipment should be the right size and should be kept in the right position.

A sturdy and thick backstop is necessary; as we have discussed earlier, your backstop should be layered to stop a fast arrow. Having an archery safety sheet can earn you extra points, along with keeping your range clean and neat; you are sure to ace the inspection.

Check In With Your Neighbor

It is recommended that you tell your neighbor about your backyard archery range. Your neighbor may not feel comfortable with this and will call the police to confirm if you have a permit; you can assure your neighbor using proof that you have a permit to use an archery range.

You should also tell them that your archery range is safe, just to their mind at ease. If you do all this right, your neighbor may want to join in during one of your practice sessions.

Can You Practice Archery At A Park?

Some parks allow you to practice archery, but to get this vital information, you may need to contact your local park to find out if this is allowed. Some parks have signs that indicate the permission or prohibition of certain activities; keep an eye on those signs to see if archery is restricted.

A park suitable for archery practice should not be crowded with a lot of people. You can find a distant space in the park where people are limited, and you can practice there.

Indoor Archery Range

Building an indoor archery range in your garage or basement can save you the stress of handling legal requirements. Of course, your garage or basement needs to be big enough for an indoor range.

You also have to consider the safety of an indoor range. Because your garage door is made of thin sheets and some arrows can shoot through walls, you will need a well-layered backstop to ensure maximum safety. After you have your backstop in place, put your target in front of it and get on with practicing.

Bullet point arrows or target arrows are the recommended types of arrows for an indoor archery range; a hunting arrow may cause severe damage to your small space as well as the items kept inside.

Conclusion: Is It Legal To Shoot a Bow In Your Backyard?

Yes, you can shoot a bow in your backyard, but you may have to go through a legal process to acquire a permit for this. Before acquiring a permit, your backyard range will be inspected for any signs of danger or carelessness. You should also make it known to neighbors around that you have a backyard range.

If an outdoor archery range in your backyard didn’t work out well, you could consider making an indoor archery range. All you need is a garage or basement that measures up to 20 to 30 yards.

Ensure maximum safety by putting up a well-layered backstop and using the right arrows that will not cause any serious damage.

DISCLAIMER: All information in this article is researched. You should confirm with a lawyer in your region to find out the possibility of having an archery range in your backyard.

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