Where To Find Crystals In Your Backyard

Where To Find Crystals In Your Backyard

Many activities can be carried out in your backyard, but crystal hunting differs from one you’ve thought of seriously.

Many people think that crystals can only be found in hilse

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This guide has provided every detail on where to find crystals in your backyard, how to find these crystals, and some common types you are likely to find. 

Types of crystals you can find in your backyard

Types of crystals you can find in your backyard

Crystals can be found in several places; your yard is no exception. However, knowing that some are common and more likely to be found than others is essential. This section explores some crystals you will likely find in your yard.


This type of crystal is prevalent and can be found almost anywhere. Quartz can be easily identified by its color. It can be white, pink, purple, or citrine yellow; pure quartz is usually white.


This translucent crystal is made partly from quartz and can be seen in white, gray, black, yellow, pink, lilac, red, and brown. Agate is a globally available crystal, but it can easily be found on the western side of the United States. 


It is another variety of quartz known for its violet or purple color. These crystals are commonly found in areas where volcanic rocks form.


In its pure state, this crystal is colorless but can be seen in various colors like blue, yellow, green, and orange. Deposits of this crystal can be found in several locations around the world.


Opal can be white, black, brown, blue, green, yellow, blue, pink, gray, purple, and orange. About 95% of this crystal can be found in Australia, but it can also be found in other regions like Brazil, Mexico, and the western parts of the United States.


This transparent crystal is also called chrysolite and is popularly known for its yellowish-green and deep-green color. Peridot can be found globally, but in the United States, it is common in Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and North Carolina.


Obsidian is usually black, green, or tan and is usually found around volcanic areas. Transparent obsidian is known to be very rare compared to the other colors. 


This crystal is famous for its dark red color, although it comes in various colors. The blue variety is rare. This crystal can be found worldwide, but some varieties are specific to some locations. 


This crystal is available in several colors and has multi-colored varieties. Because of their popularity, they are often confused with other gems. Like most gems, they can be found globally. 


It is an opaque gem that usually comes in blue and green, and in the United States, turquoise can be primarily found in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. 

Where to find crystals in your backyard

Types of crystals you can find in your backyard

Looking at your extensive yard, it can be challenging to determine where to start your search for crystals. With specific guidelines, you can pinpoint the locations in your yard where you are most likely to find these gemstones. After searching through these areas then, you can scout through the others. 

Rocks and water bodies are places you are likely to find crystals. If you have a massive rock in your yard or a stream or pond flowing through, dig around the rocks and sift the dirt to find crystals. And if there happens to be a stream or pond in your yard, gather the dirt from it and use a sift to differentiate between the crystals and pebbles. 

Before digging around your yard for gemstones, ensure that you are aware of the ones common to the region you reside in. In addition, learn more about the texture and appearance of the rocks common to your region to make identification while searching easier. 

Where to not find crystals in your yard

Searching for crystals in your yard can be fun and engaging, but avoid wandering to dangerous areas or off-limits when digging. It would be best if you watched out for utility cables buried underground when digging. Careful digging is critical, with no accurate way to detect these cables before digging.

These underground utility cables can represent a natural gas supply, underground power lines, irrigation systems, sewer or water mains, or TV cables. Damaging one of these underground cables or pipelines can cost you a lot and, sometimes, put you in danger.

Tools for finding crystals in your backyard

Despite all your efforts in searching for crystals in your yard, using the wrong tools will yield no results. That is why having all the tools you need before digging is essential. It makes the whole process easier and lessens frustration. 

Here are some essential tools you need to find crystals in your yard.

Digging tools

When crystal hunting, you will encounter hard soil and possibly rocks. It would be best to have a pickaxe to break through rocks and hard soil. This T-shaped tool has one pointed and sharp edge for digging and a broad flat blade for the other edge.

After loosening the soil, you can use a hand shovel, trowel, or round-head shovel (long or short) to continue digging. These tools help you dig carefully without damaging any underground setup.

Cleaning tools

You will need a sifter to separate the pebbles from the crystals. You may need different sifters with various mesh hole sizes when dealing with different soil types. You will need a fiber cloth to wipe the crystals after you’ve found them amid dirt and stones, and if your crystals look dull, you can visit a professional afterward to polish or sand them.

To clean crystals, soak them overnight in a plastic container containing warm soap water. The amount of time you soak these crystals depends on the level of dirt it has. Rinse them after soaking and clean them with a toothbrush and soapy water.

What to do if you find crystals in your yard

What to do if you find crystals in your yard

After savoring the excitement of finding a new crystal, you may want to know what to do next. You must thoroughly clean each crystal you find and sort them according to color, texture, or size. It is best done using a classifier. 

After sorting, please try to identify each crystal using its color, texture, and overall physical appearance as a guide. Store your crystals in fabric pouches to protect their delicate surfaces. Again you can sort them according to color, size, shape, chakra, or form.

Frequently asked questions

This section answers some frequently asked questions by people wishing to search for crystals nearby.

Can I find crystals in my backyard?

Yes, you can! You will find some crystals by learning more about the available crystals in your region and searching in the right places, like areas with rocks or water bodies. Areas with uplifts are also great options for searching for crystals.

Can I sell the crystals I find?

Finding crystals in your backyard, which can be described as your property, makes the crystal yours. It implies that you can do whatever you want with it. Even sell it. An online marketplace like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon is an excellent option for selling your crystals. 

These online marketplaces ensure that you reach a variety of buyers.

What is the most accessible crystal to find?

Quartz is the most common crystal, making it the easiest to find. It can be found globally and is not specific to some regions. You can find 1 or 2 quartz if you dig up your yard. However, you should know that this crystal comes in different colors, but the precise variety is the most prevalent among the other colors.

Is emerald hard to find?

Emerald is one of the rare gemstones that can only be obtained with difficulty. It is known to be rare than diamonds. Emeralds are hard to find, but their standard equivalent is peridot which can be found in a similar shade of green.


Searching for crystals in your backyard is a fun and exciting way to spend your free time. However, you may need guidance on where and how to start. This article details the most common types of crystals found in your yard, where to find crystals and the tools for this process.

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Some common crystals you can dig up include quartz, topaz, garnet, obsidian, and more. For successful crystal hunting, you must dig around rocks and watersides and avoid off-limits areas. You also need your digging and cleaning tools to help you.

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