What is Archery Tag

What is Archery Tag? Is Archery Tag A Sport? (What Are The Rules)

If you love the reenactment of medieval wars, or you love to shoot arrows and feel like the Robinhood of the 21st Century, what if you want to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with playing a game such as archery, then Archery tag is a game for you.

Archery tag is a sport much like professional archery but with an infusion of ideas from other sports such as dodgeball and Paintballs.

This sport, which goes by other names like archery combat, archery attack, and archery battle, is a great game that awakens the fighter in you while ensuring that you get some exercise while at it.

The game aims to get a team that has scored more points than the opposing team as they fire arrows to their corresponding target. Let’s get to know more about this game.

What Is Archery Tag?

Archery tag is a unique recreational sport that drew inspiration from traditional archery, whose main goal is to score points during a timed match.

The points are awarded as players shoot arrows at their target; the team with the highest point has crowned the winner at the end. You will need bows, arrows, a 5-spot knockout target, face masks, and bunkers to play this game.

The game is played by 2 teams consisting of a minimum of 4 persons per team and a maximum of 9 persons. Each team places themselves in 2 different pitches or playing areas or action zones separated by a safety area known as the neutral zone where people cannot fire any arrow.

Five targets to shoot are provided for each team, while barriers are also provided where the team can take cover from being shot.

The game starts with an opening rush in which players take a position on their end line, and at the referee’s signal, players run to the Neutral zone, gather their arrows, return to their Action Zone and then begin shooting.

Let’s state here that the arrows are neither real nor lethal because the arrows you use in archery tag are foam-tipped arrows that cannot cause any harm to players.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Archery Tag?

Archery tag is not just a fun game that can be played at birthday parties, tailgating, and informal occasions, but it also serves these many benefits:

1. Archery tag is a therapeutic sport that can help you relieve physical and mental stress because it creates excitement that can help you feel good. Learning and playing the game well can help boost a player’s confidence and self-esteem, especially as your coach cheers you on.

2. Because archery tag is a team game, it helps create communication and team spirit among the players. And because the game boosts analytical skills, it teaches players to prioritize some skills and tactics and use them when it matters most in life.

3. The nature of the game is such that you learn to be calm and patient all the time and remain focused in the course of the game. These are all skills that will come in handy in real life.

4. What better way to get some exercise and burn calories than by engaging in a fun game-like archery tag. In the process, you become more fit and agile.

What Are The Rules Archery Tag

There are so many rules that govern the game of archery tag, and they include:

1. Boundary Rules

When the game is in pls, all the players are expected to remain within their boundary lines, or they will be penalized.

2. Zone Rules

1. Players can only shoot arrows or be shot in their Action zone or playing area behind their attack line.

2. No player is allowed to shoot in the Neutral Zone, not be shot at there. They can only retrieve their arrows and immediately dash to their Action Zone.

3. Wasting time in the Neutral Zone is not permitted. A maximum of 10 seconds is allowed; if exceeded, the referee will issue a warning. The referee will penalize the offending team at his discretion by deducting 2 points from their points on the second infraction.

4. The referee will also penalize any team member crossing over to the opposing team’s attack line, shooting an opponent in the Neutral Zone, or moving beyond the boundary. All these infractions will attract a deduction of 2 points from the offending team.

3. Alternate Players Rules

In a game of archery tag where the team members are more than 4, the substitute players will only play between periods.

4. Timeouts Or Pause-In-Game Rules

Timeouts in archery tag are only allowed if a player is injured or if it has anything to do with equipment safety. The referee stops the game on these occasions, and the injured player is attended to.

5. Player Conduct Rules

1. All players must respectively adhere strictly to any binding decision of the referee.

2. Players must wear their masks at all times during the game.

3. The bows and arrows are only to be used as intended for the game of archery tag. They are never used to knock arrows out of the air or as a shield.

4. Inappropriate language or gestures are neither permitted nor violent or disrespectful behavior.

How Points Are Earned In Archery Tag

What is Archery Tag

There are 2 ways you can earn points while playing archery tag, either by hitting an opponent or catching their arrows. Below are the point awarded for each occasion:

A Point is awarded for the following:

1. When your arrow hits any part of the opponent’s body, including the head.

2. When your arrow hits any part of the opponent’s clothing.

3. When your arrow hits any part of the opponent’s equipment, be it their arrows, bow masks, and what have you.

Two points are awarded if you knock a spot completely out of your opponent’s target.

Three points are given if you can catch the opposing team’s arrow mid-flight.

Archery Tag Equipment

There are some equipment and accessories that you need for playing the game of archery tag, and they include:

1. Bow: there are 3 types of bow used in archery tag: compound, recurve, and longbow. Each of these bows has its advantages and why people prefer one another. For instance, the compound bow has a more modern feel and tends to give more curate shots, while recurve feels like the traditional archery bow and suits both those that are both left-handed and right-handed.

2. Arrows: These can be made from aluminum, wood, carbon, or a combination. The stiffer and longer the arrow, the better your shots. Short arrows can damage the bow and even injure your arm.

3. Bracer: this helps keep the string from hitting your arm z d hurting you while also ensuring that your loose cloth does not interfere with your shot. You must wear your braces well, ensuring that the widest part is close to your elbow.

4. Target: this is the point you some while shooting the bow, and it has 3 main parts, which are: the target face, the boss, and a stand for holding the target face and boss.

5. Quiver: this is a device that holds the arrows, and there are 2 types of quivers which are: the side quiver, which is attached to the belt and worn around the belt, and the ground quiver, which is left on the ground for the next round of the game.

6. Bow Stand: This equipment holds the bow when you are not playing. It is used for storing the bow.

7. Arrow Rest: this device is useful in supporting the arrow when you are taking a shot. It keeps the arrow in the right position and ensures that nothing interferes with the arrow as it takes to flight.

8. Finger Tab: this device protects your finger as you draw the string to release the arrows. You can adjust it to suit the finger you use in drawing the string.

9. Bow Stringer: this is used for stringing and unstringing the bow and basically for safety purposes.

Tips For Playing Archery Tag

Here are a few tips that will turn you into an archery tag pro in no time if you practice the game frequently:

1. Always position the bow and arrow in such a way that they are balanced so you can get a better shot. Tilting the bow a little at a ring angle will ensure that the arrow rests on the bow perfectly.

2. Your body posture will determine if you will take a good shot or not. For proper shooting, ensure that your torso, shoulder, and head are well-positioned, and then lower the arm correctly.

3. Always protect yourself, especially your face, by wearing safety gadgets like masks and braces.

4. Before you release the arrow as you take a draw, ensure that you are balanced a d can withstand the weight of the bow.

5. Remember to always hide behind the cover to avoid being shot. Because the cover will not protect you from all angles, you have to change position from time to time to avoid being shot


Archery tag is fast becoming a popular sport probably because it is an easy game to learn and play or because it is so captivating and intriguing.

This team game which people of all ages can play, is inspired by traditional archery, paintball, and Dodge ball and has simple rules similar to the sports already mentioned but holds far much more fun and excitement.

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