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Archery Sunglasses – Practicing Archery With Glasses (How to Choose the BEST Archery Sunglasses)

Archery sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from dust, insects, and ultraviolet rays. It may seem strange to use glasses to practice archery, but it is of great help when aiming for your target.

There are two types of archery glasses, regular glasses, and optimized glasses. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to choose the best archery sunglasses, how to use the two types of archery glasses, and how to use contact lenses to practice archery.

Can You Practice Archery With Glasses?

Archery Sunglasses

Yes, you can practice archery with glasses. Some archers prefer to use optimized glasses that are specially designed and made for archery, while others prefer to use their normal or regular glasses.

There are benefits of wearing glasses to practice archery. It serves as protective gear for your eyes during practice, on windy days, you should wear glasses to prevent dust and insects from getting into your eye.

You should also wear glasses on sunny days, as it helps shield your eyes from the sun and allows you to aim properly at your target.

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Practicing Archery With Your Regular Glasses

While practicing archery with regular glasses is possible, it has proven to be a serious problem when aiming at your target.

Archers need to bring the bow close to their face to aim and regular glasses can sometimes interfere with an archer’s anchor point. Regular is also known for falling off during practice.

There are solutions to these disadvantages of using regular glasses for archery practice. You should position the bridge of your glasses higher on your nose to keep it from getting in your way during practice, you should also have a strap on your glasses to prevent them from falling off.

It is recommended that you put on the same glasses for practice that way you will be used to using that particular one, you should also determine your anchor point with your glasses on.

Practicing Archery With Optimized Shooting Glasses

To get optimized shooting glasses, you should see an optometrist. You may be permitted to take your bow to get a customized pair of glasses, this is necessary because during aiming an optometrist is able to measure your lenses and then equalize the optical focus center on your new glasses.

It is better to have 2 pairs of glasses customized. The first is designed strictly for archery, but when doing your daily activities after your archery practice your optical focus becomes different from when you were aiming. This will result in blurry images, this is where the other pair of glasses come in, they help correct your optical focus.

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Practicing Archery With Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are also called multifocal lenses. The progressive lens contains three prescriptions in one lens, they help you do close-up work, middle-distance work, and long-distance work. This means that you can read a book, use a website and drive with the same glasses.

A progressive lens is another alternative to optimized glasses, it is great for a good aim. Although they can alter your peripheral vision which is bad for your aiming, archers who aren’t used to a lot of lens power can get dizzy from using a progressive lens.

Pair A Bow Scope With Glasses

A now scope helps an archer to adjust their sight to correspond to their aim and point of impact, accuracy can be attained by adjusting the knob on the sight. A clarifier can be used in place of a bow scope.

Your target becomes more clear and your aim becomes more accurate. Sometimes the sigh pins may seem fuzzy, but that problem can be corrected using a verifier

Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up

Your glasses fogging up during practice is one of the major problems that occur during archery practice. But your glasses getting fogged up can be fixed easily. The best solution is to make a space between your glasses and your skin.

There are other creative ways to prevent your glasses from firing. One of these ways includes using shaving cream to clean your glasses, you can use anti-fog wipes or any fog spray to prevent your glasses from fogging. You can get an anti-fog spray here.

Practicing Archery With Contact Lenses

Contact lens is another good option. It is better for archers who have a hard time with their anchor points when using glasses. If your glasses don’t disturb you during practice, then there is no need to use contact lenses.

Using contact lenses reduces headaches and they also last longer, they will last even longer if you only use them during practice. One of the drawbacks of using contact lenses is that they are expensive, they can cost between $50 to $70.

Archery After Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is becoming popular over the years, this may be the motivation you need to get that surgery. This solves your problem in archery and even in your daily life, although it is expensive it is the recommended option as it gets rid of your sight problem permanently.

You should be warned that you cannot practice archery immediately after surgery, you will need to take some time off recovering. It is also advisable to still wear glasses during practice to keep the sunlight away from your eyes.

Archery Sunglasses

You will not always practice on a cloudy day as most archers practice on a sunny day, so it is important to use glasses whether regular or optimized. Although you will not need glasses when practicing in a closed area or an area that is shielded from the sun.

Good archery sunglasses will be clear have an ultraviolet polarization system and will be very accurate. It is very important that you purchase a good pair of archery glasses as a bad pair may affect your sight

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How To Choose The Best Archery Sunglasses

Archery Sunglasses

There are some characteristics that should be noted in good archery sunglasses, if one or more of these characteristics is missing in a pair of archery glasses, then you should probably not buy them.

Lens material

The lenses of archery glasses differ from regular glasses as it is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a special type of plastic that is very durable, a polycarbonate lens distributes shock evenly around the glasses.

Archery lenses are lightweight and curved for maximum lateral protection, the curved portion does not create any distorted vision.

Archery lens is resistant to impact tension allowing you to create a fine, blight weight and strong glasses.

Lens Coloring 

There are different types of lens colors and they are all suitable for different light and weather conditions. The coloring of an archery lens should help you to properly aim for your target for maximum performance, some of the colors include transparent, orange, interchangeable, and photochromic lenses.

Transparent and orange lenses can be used indoors and for cloudy weather, while interchangeable and photochromic lenses can be used in low and intense sun.

A photochromic darken when in contact with the sunlight and lighten up in the absence of sunlight, making them useful for both cloudy weather and intense sunlight.

Frame material

Archery googles have frames made of nylon and carbon fibers that make the frames lightweight. Some archery glasses come with an adjustable rod and are very comfortable to wear.


A few archery glasses come with additional features or accessories to benefit the archer. Your glasses can come with a photographic microfiber film that cleans and protects your lenses.

It may also come with a rigid case for storing and protecting your archery glasses, an elastic neoprene cord may be present with some archery glasses, they are inserted at the end of the temple and they give your glasses stability and keep it in place.

Archery Eye Protection

Some archers do not use eye protection, this is because there is minimal damage done without wearing glasses. But for beginners it is advised that you wear one, this prevents dust from getting into your eyes during a game.

Archery goggles are also available. They have ropes that allow the glasses to be strapped around your head to keep them in place. Archery googles are mostly used by professional archers.

Conclusion: How to Choose the BEST Archery Sunglasses

A lot of people may think that archery sunglasses are not important, but they are. They protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight and also from dust and debris, they are two types of glasses that can be used for archery the regular type and the optimized type.

For archers going for glasses, it is best to choose a pair of optimized glasses that have been designed for archery or even contact lenses.

But the best option still remains eye surgery, as it gets rid of any eye problem and eliminates the need for glasses. You should remember that archery glasses do not protect your eyes from flying arrows so you should be very careful.

You should also be aware of how to choose the best archery sunglasses, you will have to check the lens material and color, and also the frame material.

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How to Choose the BEST Archery Sunglasses

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