Catch a Wild Bird

Catching Bird – Best Way to Catch a Wild Bird in Your Backyard?

It is lovely to listen to wild birds sing in your backyard every morning; you may even want to catch one and keep it as a pet. 

But the more you know these feathered creatures, you discover that they can be a nuisance. Wild birds can eat your crops, ruin your gardens and make their nest in your gutter.

Fortunately, we will be talking about some of the best and easiest ways to catch a wild bird in your backyard. These methods can be performed quickly and easily if you carefully follow the instructions provided below.

Is It Okay To Catch Birds?

Catch a Wild Bird

You must check in with your country or state to find out if it is legal to catch or trap a bird. In the united states, it is illegal to trap or cage a wild bird on your property, although a few birds have been excluded from this list.

The pigeon, starting, and the English sparrow can be captured on private property. If you are in the wild, you are free t capture wild birds, but in urban areas, these birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA).

But you can obtain a permit from the states to catch wild birds. This law doesn’t apply to all countries, as edible wild birds are being hunted in some regions.

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Is It Hard To Catch A Bird?

Generally, catching a bird is not very hard; there are different ways this can be done, and while some of these are easy, others may take some time and prove to be more challenging than the rest.

There are various ways to catch a bird, and most of them are simple and can be carried out within minutes. These methods are also effective in trapping wild birds.

How Do You Catch A Wild Bird?

Catch a Wild Bird

The most popular way to catch a bird is by making traps. Different types of traps can be made easily in your backyard; this method is effective and can catch a bird within hours or a day.

You may need to do things differently when it comes to catching an injured bird. Confirm that the bird Is injured and in need of your help, then walk towards the injured bird with gloves on and cloth in your hand, gently carry the bird from behind and keep it somewhere safe. Call an animal expert for further care of the bird.

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Best Way To Catch A Wild Bird In Your Backyard?

The best way to catch a wild bird in your backyard is by trapping. There are a lot of traps you can make to catch birds in your yard, but we will be recommending the most effective way, and not to worry, this process isn’t hard at all. This bird trap is called the Ojibwa wilderness bird trap, and to make this trap, you will need the following:

  1. 3ft to 4ft rope or cord
  2. A rock
  3. A stick (a thin stick)
  4. A small knife.
  5. A long branch 5ft to 6ft long
  6. A drill

Using a sharp pocket knife, sharpen both ends of your long branch. One end will be driven into the ground while the other sharp end will be used to keep the bird in place; after this, use a drill to make a hole at the top of the branch close to the sharpened end. This hole should be just wide to accommodate your thin stick.

One end of your rope is tied to the rock; the rock should be as big as your fist. The purpose of the rock is to serve as an anchor for your pole before a bird arrives; any knot on the rock will suffice. Stick your thin stick into the hole you have drilled on your branch.

Pass the other end of your string that is free through the hole you made on the branch; then, you should make a small knot on the rope to keep it in place and prevent it from falling off.

Your knot should be able to pass through the hole made when your thin stick is not attached to it, and there should be about 2 feet of rope remaining on the other side.

Make a slip noose knot at the end of your rope; then, you run the rest of your role through the slip noose knot, leaving you with a circle of rope seated on your perch.

The end of your noose knot should be at the end of your perch, and the knot itself should be close to the branch. Make a simple overhand knot where the branch and the thin stick meet; after that, you can test your trap.

To test your trap, you should push the perch down; the weight on the perch will cause the rock to pull the rope through the home, making your noose knot wrap around your finger. 

You should know that your trap will be more effective if the size of your noose knot is close to the size of your perch. Not you can place your trap in an open space where birds are likely to visit.

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How Do You Get Birds To Come To You?

Catch a Wild Bird

To attract birds, you will need to make your yard more inviting. To do this, you should create a nesting spot for them on trees, provide a water source, keep your cats and other pets away, and install a feeder that will be regularly cleaned and supplied with food.

Birds are attracted to a friendly and colorful environment, so you should have flowers around and a squirrel-free environment. Birds are also attracted to birdbaths and running water, so having any of these should lure a bird into your yard.

How Do You Catch A Bird By Hand?

Another alternative to trapping is catching a bird with your hand. You should make sure the bird remains unmoved in a single spot; you would also want to tiptoe close to it, not scare it off. 

You should have a hose in your hand to drench the bird; this makes them feel heavy and prevents them from flying.

After making the bird wet, put on gloves or use a cloth to carry it to protect yourself from any disease transmitted by the bird. 

If you have a nice and warm place prepared for the bird, then you should keep it there and allow it to dry.

Can You Catch A Bird By Putting Salt On Its Tail?

Putting salt on a bird’s tail won’t make it unable to fly. Salting a bird’s tail is a legendary superstition or myth that dates back to early America and Europe; this myth dates back to a verse in the nursery rhyme Simple Simon.

Applying salt to a bird’s tail would not make it temporarily lose its ability to fly, and this is the wrong way to capture a bird.


There are different reasons to capture a bird, but whatever reason it is, be sure not to harm the bird in the process. 

You can try making simple traps in your yard or catching a bird by hand; both ways are effective if done properly.

Salting a bird’s tail is a myth, and if you were trying to catch a bird with that method, you might want to employ a more realistic method. 

There are also ways to lure a bird to your yard; this includes providing food, water, and shelter for the birds.

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