Can Foxes Climb Trees

Can Foxes Climb Trees? – Can Foxes Climb Fences? (Facts You Need to Know)

Foxes are incredibly cunning animals that don’t let anything get between them and their meal. That is why most homeowners are not aware of the fact that foxes can climb trees and fences.

Foxes will feed on regular birds and poultry, and a tree in your yard may serve as an escape route for these foxes and other predators. 

This article will discuss how foxes can climb trees and fences and act when you encounter them in your yard.

Are Foxes Dangerous?

Foxes are wild animals, and they are capable of being wild when they want to. Foxes are dangerous when they have rabies or feel endangered; although foxes don’t usually bite, they just run away.

If you see a fox in your yard, they are probably hunting for food, so don’t panic. Like we have mentioned earlier, foxes don’t usually bite, and they can be scared off by loud sounds and do other actions. 

If your attempts to get a fox out of your yard prove to be ineffective, you should immediately seek help from animal control. 

Can Foxes Climb Trees?

Can Foxes Climb Trees

With a body built for climbing and an appetite for birds and their eggs, foxes are good at climbing trees. 

Like dogs, this animal has strong hind limbs and forelimbs, and just like a cat, a fox possesses strong, thin retractable claws that help it stay balanced on a tree.

Foxes climb trees to get to a targeted prey or escape from a more powerful predator like a wolf or a guard dog. 

In the case of escaping a predator, a fox may have the upper hand since both wolves and guard dogs cannot climb trees.

Can Foxes Climb Fences?

Foxes can jump as high as 3ft; they climb through the remaining distance using their retractable claws and strong limbs. They also utilize objects around to help them reach their destination.

Sometimes foxes can go as far as climbing up to your roof, but securing your fence properly and closing up other openings should keep them away.

How Can You Fox Proof A Fence

A fox can jump and climb through a fence 6ft high; this means that you have to up the stakes when it comes to fox proofing a fence. 

Your fence should be 6ft to 9ft long; it should expand underneath the ground at a length of about 18inches to 19 inches to prevent the foxes from digging. It should overhang outwards at an angle of 45 degrees. 

The higher part of your fence, which should be 6ft to 9ft, can be wood or a wire mesh. The upper part overhanging outward should be a wire mesh or an electric fence for extra protection, but the electric fence should be kept out of children’s reach. 

For extra safety, you may need to double the wire mesh and ensure that the holes on your wire mesh are not more than 80mm; your wire mesh should have a thickness of 0.9mm to keep the foxes away.

Facts You Need To Know About Foxes

Can Foxes Climb Trees

Foxes are amazing animals, and they have unique abilities that are probably unknown. Here are some interesting facts about foxes that will blow your mind.

  1. Red foxes grin when they are scared
  2. Foxes have a sharp sense of hearing 
  3. Although they belong to the dog family, they act like cats
  4. Foxes are capable of making 40 different sounds
  5. Foxes have whiskers on their legs and their face
  6. Foxes are lonely

What Attracts A Fox To Your Yard?

A fox uses their strong sense of smell to detect birds in your yard, so you may need to be careful if you keep poultry in your yard. 

Sometimes, foxes are attracted to fruits and vegetables in your yard and litter and trash lying around.

If you have holes in your yard, foxes may consider those spots perfect for shelter or for rating their babies. 

And just like dogs, foxes are drawn to chew toys of your pets, so you may need to put those away. Keep your yard clean at all times and properly fence your yard if you have poultry.

If you have a fox residing in your yard with its babies, it is best to make their living environment uncomfortable; that way, they will move out on their own. 

One thing that will make a fox uncomfortable is a dirty environment; keep dirty socks, sweaty clothes, shaved hair, or some litter close to their hole; this should do the trick.

What To Do When You See A Fox In Your Yard

It is highly recommended that you don’t panic when you see a fox. As a normal reaction, foxes will run away once a human is on sight, but if they do not run away, you can make a loud noise by hitting your utensils together, or you use a powerful flashlight to scare them off.

If all your attempt to get rid of a fox fails, you should contact an animal expert to help out. You can also consider setting traps for foxes, but these traps and whatever repelling method you employ should not harm these foxes in any way.

Conclusion: Can Foxes Climb Trees?

If you have poultry in your yard and you are worried about infiltration by a fox, you probably want to know if a fox can jump and climb trees and fences. 

Of course, they can; that is why you will need to erect a high and properly secured mesh fence about 15 feet tall; extra security can be ensured by installing an electric fence.

If you do find a fox in your yard, do not panic. Instead, you can offer them food, or you can chase them away by making loud noises or using a bright flashlight. 

It will also help keep your yard clean and get rid of other items that attract foxes to your yard. Remember to call an animal if you cannot handle a fox in your yard.

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