Rick Of Wood Measurements

Rick Of Wood Measurements – What Is the Dimension of a Rick of Wood

As a material for domestic and industrial use, Wood is an integral part of our everyday day’s life. We might not understand how important they are to us until we see all we do with them. 

Woods are used in cooking and heating our homes and spaces; they are used to make furniture and make musical instruments. 

Wood is indeed a necessity to man and is useful for making lots of things. Little wonder we buy lots of them to meet our needs. 

If we use woods all the time, it just goes without saying that we know how they are measured, weighed, the terms and terminologies used in measuring them. 

This is to ensure that when you interact with your wood vendor, you will be on the same page, understand the measurement of what you are buying, and ensuring you don’t get ripped off.

Why Are Woods So Important?

There are many uses that Wood is put into that without them, we cannot imagine what our world would have been like, including:

1. Cooking 

Wood in prehistoric times has always been the main source of heat for cooking. Even in this modern times, wood and wood products like charcoal still consist about 70% of the material used in cooking globally, especially in areas where other sources of fuel for cooking are not adequately supplied. 

Even in places where methane and propane gases form the primary cooking fuel, Wood is still mused for grilling, roasting, and barbeque because of the unique taste it gives to food.

2. Heating

We better understand the importance of Wood on a chilly night when our chimney is blazing with good hickory wood-burning that supplies that need heat that can be so warming literary. Wood is used for indoor and outdoor heating, especially during campfires, tailgating, and the likes.

3. Kitchen utensils

even though there are many kitchen utensils made of metal and ceramics, some must be made of Wood to function effectively. Your chopping board, kneading, and rolling pin are kitchen utensils that must be made of Wood.

4. Creative Art

It is used for sculpture, carving, art frames, and the like. Wood has a way of adding beauty to create art that makes them very captivating.

5. Furniture

The chair, tables, shelves, cupboards, and the likes that we have in our homes and spaces are made of Wood, and no other material can provide the comfort that wooden furniture gives.

Used in fencing and for decoration: woods can make fences and decorations in our backyards. 

6. Industrial Uses

There are many industries whose main material for production is Wood. The ship-making companies, many sports equipment companies, and musical instrument companies are some industries that use Wood to make many of their products.

Companies that make toys and children’s playsets and houses also use Wood. Many industries use Wood mainly or complimentarily for their production.

Building and construction: most houses and other construction work that are done all require Wood, some because of the insulating ability of Wood, others because of their strength.

What Is a Rick of Wood?

Rick is an old English word used to describe a heap or pile of Wood; this is still used to describe the volume or quantity of Wood. 

Rick of Wood describes the volume of Wood and not quantity, so you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that different rick of Wood weigh differently because the weight of a rick of wood will depend on the type of wood, the width of the Wood, and the region of the world you are getting your supply from.

Find out: Why is it Called a Rick of Wood?

Rick Of Wood Measurement

The standard measurement of a rick of Wood measures the height and length of the Wood when they are stacked tightly together. 

The length of the rick wood is 8 feet, while the height is 4 feet. The width varies on the supplier, the region, amongst other factors. The width is usually either 12, 16, or 24 inches.

How Many Ricks Are in A Cord of Wood?

The measurement of a rick of wood is not standardized, so it is a commonplace for a wood vendor to sell you a rick of Wood whose quantity is different from another vendor. Hence, Wood’s term rick is not considered a universal measurement by which Wood is measured.

 The more reliable unit for measuring Wood is ‘cord,’ and the measurement is 4feet x 4 feet x 8 feet, 128 cubic feet. This measurement is more reliable and hence is the standard of wood measurement. 

Many people use a rick of Wood and a cord of Wood interchangeable, but this doesn’t seem right because the rick of Wood is by and large a fraction of a cord. 

The average measurement of a rick of wood is 4 feet high and 8 feet long, which means if the length of the Wood is 16 inches, it then means that the volume of the rick of Wood is about 1/3 of a cord. 

Hence, it is safe to say that on average, for woods that are 16 inches long, then three ricks of Wood will make one cord. 

But just as we have said earlier, the length of woods differs, and so does the volume. To know how many ricks of Wood make up a cord, you must first figure out the size of the woods.

What Is a Full Rick of Wood?

Because there is no consistency with measuring a rick of wood, it is challenging to know what a full rick of Wood would look like.

The supplier of the Wood can determine by himself what he considers to be a rick of Wood; hence if you want to buy Wood, your best option is to buy in cords which are 128 cubic feet. This measurement is consistent worldwide. 

If, however you want to buy a full rick of Wood, inquire from your supplier the length of the Wood, as this will help you determine how much Wood you will be getting. 

Most wood vendors cut their Wood to be 16 inches long which means that the full rick of Wood will be about 43 cubic feet.

Wood vendors usually measure their full stack of Wood by either measuring Wood stacked 4 feet high and 8 feet long, while the length of the Wood will always vary. 

You, however, must consider not only the length of the Wood but also how they are stacked. You are to get less Wood per rick if the supplier stacked his Wood in a way that leaves lots of spaces between woods.

Some other wood vendors use their delivery or pickup truck to determine the risk of their Wood, too, so you must be sure of how the vendor measures his full rick of Wood so that you can know how much Wood you will be getting.

What Is a Face Cord Of Wood?

Even though a cord of Wood is the most standard and consistent way of measuring Wood’s quantity, there are other smaller units for those who do not want to buy up to a cord of wood. One of that smaller units is called: a face cord.

A face cord is a stack of Wood that has the following dimension: 4 feet x 8 feet x 1 foot. This means that a face cord is about a quarter of a cord. 

This is just a smaller unit of a cord. Another smaller unit of a cord is called the cord foot, and the dimension is 4 feet x 4 feet x 1 feet, 

Which Is Larger, A Rick or A Cord of Wood

A cord of Wood is way larger than a rick of Wood. From the calculation we did earlier, we can see that for a rick of Wood whose individual woof is 16 inches long, the cord of Wood is almost three times larger than a rick of Wood.

Will A Rick of Wood Fit in A Pickup?

A rick of Wood can fit comfortably into a pickup truck. A full-size standard pickup truck bed is 8 feet long, 5.33 feet wide, and 1.5 feet high. 

If you calculate the volume, the value will be about 64 cubic feet. The average volume of a rick of Wood is 43 cubic feet; it means that you can fit a rick of Wood comfortably in your pickup truck. You, however, must stack the Wood neatly, or else some of the Wood will be falling off.

How Much Is a Rick of Wood Worth?

There are a few variables that will determine how much you will pay for the rick of wood you are buying, the first and obvious is the individual length of the Wood.

You should expect to pay more for a rick of Wood 24 inches longer than one that is 16inches in size, all things being equal. The factors below will affect the price of a rick of wood.

1. The type of Wood

The type of Wood will determine how much you will be paying for your rick of Wood. For instance, hardwood is more expensive than softwood because they burn for longer.

2. Is the Wood seasoned or not:

Wood is adequately seasoned if dried to a moisture content of below 20%. Properly seasoned wood is more expensive than others because the buyer can use the Wood without waiting for it to dry properly.

That is why green Wood, any wood with a moisture content of 60% or more, is a lot cheaper than seasoned Wood because you will wait for a few months before you can use them.

3. Time of the year:

prices of Wood are generally higher in winter when the need for Wood for heating purposes is greatly increased.

4. Scarcity:

Just as market forces of demand and supply fix the prices of most goods. Hence when there is a scarcity of Wood, naturally, their price will go up.

Added charges determined by the vendors: individual vendors may charge fees for services like stacking and delivering the woods to you.

5. Region:

The availability of Wood and the number of wood vendors in your area will affect the price of the Wood.

Keeping all these variables in mind, you should expect to pay about $50 to $80 for wood, all things being equal. 

However, don’t be surprised if you may have to pay anything from $ 120 to even $ 180 per rick, as one or more of these variables come to play. 

The quality of the Wood, which is defined by the type of Wood and how seasoned they are, is generally what will count most at any given time in figuring out how much you will pay for your rick of Wood.

Conclusion: Rick Of Wood Measurements

The importance of knowing the measurement and the unit used in this measurement is very key if you will be buying Wood for cooking or any other purposes. 

While the rick of Wood is the popular name for a pile of Wood, but a cord of Wood is a standard measurement for woods.

The amount for a cord of Wood will be determined by many factors, including the time of the year and the type of woods you are buying. 

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