Is Wood Or Metal Playset Better?

Is Wood Or Metal Playset Better?

So you are in the market shopping for a playset for your kids and faced with the most challenging choices. Wooden or metal playsets.

Having a playset in your yard is one of the best investments you can make toward your child’s growth, and every experience related to this playset should be memorable to them. That is why you have to choose a suitable material.

Is a wood or metal playset better? This article covers the pros and cons of metal and wooden playsets in every aspect. After reading this article, you should have decided on which to purchase.

Is A Wood Or Metal Playset Better?

Is Wood Or Metal Playset Better?

You may have seen metal playsets severally in a park or playground close to you, and this is because people often consider them for commercial purposes. 

Wooden playsets, however, are best suited to be used in secluded areas like your backyard. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between metal and wooden playsets/


The top priority of everyone looking to purchase a swing set for kids in their house is safe, and in this term, a wooden playset is your best bet. 

With this in mind, you should also know that wooden playsets have their downsides in terms of safety, and this is because you will need to worry about pests and insects like wasps and bees creating their nest on the swing, which can be harmful to kids who get allergic reactions to the stings of this insects.

Wooden playsets are also often treated with chemicals, but reports show that these chemicals are harmful to some children as it causes skin irritation.

As for metal playsets, during warm temperatures, it can get too hot for kids to use them, and the chains on them can pinch the fragile skin of your kids. 

It also poses a difficulty with its sharp edges as it can lead to injuries. It gets significantly worse when it is rusted. When rusted metal comes in contact with an open wound, it can cause a severe infection.

With the risks of both metal and wooden playsets considered, wooden playsets come on top in terms of safety.


Both metal and wooden playsets have their strong and weak points regarding durability. Wooden playsets are not very durable on the first purchase, and there is a limit to the body weight they can carry. 

It calls for strict adherence to the instructions regarding the age and size of kids to use the playset. However, it can last long if you adopt maintenance practices to treat against rot, termites, and other damages.

Metal playsets are durable on first purchase, so they are considered for commercial purposes. 

However, with time and weather conditions, the metal playset may start to rust if proper maintenance procedures are not followed. 

When it rusts, it cannot support a lot of weight; at this point, it can only carry little kids with less body weight.

It tells you that both sets’ durability depends on the maintenance practices adopted.


In terms of maintenance, a lot of work needs to be done for both types of playsets, but in summary, a metal playset is easier to maintain. 

Rusting is inevitable when dealing with metal playsets, but applying coatings, paints, or a sealant should slow down this process and help the set last longer. 

You can also cover any chains with plastic to preserve them and fix any scratches that may be visually unappealing.

With wooden playsets, you should have it at the back of your mind that they can break, so extreme care is needed when taking care of them. 

You will need to schedule an annual meeting of water repellent coat on your wooden swing to prevent the effect of weather on it. You will also need to get replacement parts, tighten loosened bolts, and make repairs when necessary.

This maintenance procedure is relatively more stressful and costs more than metal playsets.


Metal playsets can be straightforward and have simple designs, which makes them less expensive than their counterparts. However, top-tier metal playsets that can be compared to commercial ones will cost more than most wooden playsets. 

With wooden playsets, the purchase, installation, and maintenance cost them more expensive than metal swing sets. Depending on the qualities you look for in a playset, investing this money in a wooden playset can be worth it.


One feature most buyers look for when purchasing playsets for their kids is the option to customize them. Customization allows you to arrange your playset differently, making it look attractive and exciting for your kids.

Wooden playsets offer much customization, especially since most customization efforts are poured in during installation. It allows you to bring your blueprint to life, give your kids a fun time, and make your outdoor space look creative.

The metal playset has a limited amount of customization options.


Once again, metal playsets are straightforward, meaning installation should be a breeze, especially if you plan on doing it yourself. 

Wooden playsets are relatively more challenging to assemble despite the instructions provided. In most cases, you may need professional help to install a wooden playset properly.


You are faced with the ultimate choice of a metal or wooden playset when shopping for your kids, and you may be calculating the pros and cons in your head, but the proper evaluation is needed to make a decision. 

Fortunately, this article tells you all you need to know about metal and wooden playsets, including why they may or may not be your ideal option. Read also Are Backyard Discovery Playsets Good Quality (2023 Reviews)

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We explained aspects like safety, customization, affordability, durability, ease of assembly, and maintenance. When you know what you need from these aspects, you can decide whether you want a metal or wooden playset.

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