How Much Is A Playground Set

How Much Is A Playground Set? (What To Consider First)

An essential need of toddlers and children is the need to play indoors and outdoors; sometimes outdoors is essential for kids for exercise.

While a playground set may be important for childhood, it is important to know that it may take a toll on your budget.

A common question asked by parents when considering a backyard playset is “how much is a playground set?” this article has answered this question and has also covered other vital information you may want to know about playground sets.

Popular Playground Equipment

1. The Merry-go-round

How Much Is A Playground Set

Carousels and the roundabout are other names for a merry-go-round. The daredevil that always loves to push it to the limit is one of the classic fixtures of a playground.

This equipment allows the kid to hop on and spin around as quickly as possible by developing momentum from the ground; this is a challenge for the kids, although the equipment is fairly common.

2. See-saw

How Much Is A Playground Set

The see-saw is another listed entry that is very familiar to most kids and children; it is one of the favorite equipment for kids in the playground; it is now commonly known as a teeter-totter.

The maximum angle of a teeter-totter must be limited to at least 25 degrees, according to the consumer production safety commission’s (CPSC) handbook notes. Shock absorbers and partial car tire materials must be used to cushion the impact of the teeter-totter, to assure kids’ safety.

The updated version of the teeter-totter has a spring center for the kids’ safety. The spring center prevents a brutal landing for one of the riders if the other rider falls off or leaves without the notice of the other player.

3. Giant Stride

How Much Is A Playground Set

This equipment is not approved by the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) because this piece of equipment has not been seen on the playground for over a century now.

The appearance of this equipment is described as a tall pole fixed firmly into the ground, rope made in a ladder-like structure so that kids and children can grab them.

The giant stride works in a way whereby a kid grabs onto the rope and starts running at their maximum speed around the rope—this results in “flying” for a very short period while hovering above the ground.

The CPSC did not approve this because children collided with other kids or onto the pole while hovering above the ground. Another defect is its lack of accessibility.

4. Monkey Bars

How Much Is A Playground Set

These can be referred to as upright poles that suspend a horizontal ladder. This enables children to swing, hop and do special tricks from bar to bar like a forest monkey. The monkey bar gives children the opportunity to climb ad swing in a different direction, which this feature serves as a larger jungle.

5. Still Rings 

How Much Is A Playground Set

Still, the ring is hung from a long chain over a decent height in the playground, similar to gymnastics.

It is presently labeled as a therapeutic hand ring with a short chain, which is placed all over the playground, and it helps strengthen the child’s upper body when supporting the weight while hanging from the ring.

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Importance of Playground For Kids

  1. It prepares a lot of children for an uncertain future
  2. Play is a core required for all children and babies
  3. Play promotes problem-posing and problem-solving skills
  4. It help reveals the curiosity and imagination in a child
  5. It plays a vital role in the development of 21st-century skill
  6. It provides joy to the children
  7. It is therapeutic
  8. Play add the unpredictable real-world element to learning
  9. Play is therapeutic
  10. It is also fun and safe for the children
  11. It helps in developing the fundamental human health of the child

How Much Is A Playground Set?

The cost of a playset can range from $700 to $1500, but this amount depends on several factors. The most important factor is the material the set is made of. Wooden playsets cost more than metal because of their polished look and safety feature.

Another factor is the size of the playset. A bigger playset for grown children will cost more than small playsets for toddlers. You should consider all these factors and those discussed in the next section before deciding the size and type of playset to purchase.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Playground Set

Aside from budget, some important factors determine the type and size of the playground set you purchase. You will also need to take into consideration children with special needs before making a decision on which play set to purchase.

1. Material

Most modern playsets are made of either wood or metal. Wooden playsets are often considered more than metal ones because wooden sets are relatively more comfortable than metal ones.

Metal gets hot easily under the sun and gets too cold under low temperatures making it unsafe for kids as it can cause burns or cold depending on the weather.

With wooden playsets, the extra cost is put towards maintenance. To keep the good looks and weather-resistant property of a wooden playground set, you will need to spend some money outside purchases to make this happen. This makes metal playsets easier to maintain.

2. Safety Considerations

Choosing a playset made of the right material will matter in this spect. No one wants a playground set with sharp edges that may cause harm to your kids in any way. You should also inspect the height of the playground to see if it is appropriate for your children and their age.

The size and age of kids also determine the safety of this playset. Bigger kids will need a bigger and more sturdy playset to support their weight, but toddlers can have a small playground set suitable for their age and capable of carrying their weight.

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Creating a mini wonderland for your kids in your backyard is bigger than it seems. You will need to know the cost of this playset and the toll it will take on your overall budget.

Some outdoor time for kids is important for physical and emotional growth, making the playsets vital for growing kids.

This article has informed you on the cost of a playground set, the factors that determine this price, and other factors aside from budget to consider before purchasing a playset.

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