Are Backyard Discovery Playsets Good Quality

Are Backyard Discovery Playsets Good Quality (2023 Reviews)

If you combine good craftsmanship with 30 years of experience and add a good dose of excellent human and material resources, what you have is an entity that produces top-notch products that always have a way of exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Backyard Discovery took upon themselves the responsibility of producing the home’s highest quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and backyard leisure products.

What you get with any product from the stead of Discovery Playset is a sturdy and durable product that a team of passionate innovators and specialists have poured their heart into in bringing Joy and happiness to you and your kids.

Are Backyard Discovery Playsets Good Quality (2023 Reviews)

Yes, Yes, and a million times. Yes, Backyard Discovery playsets are a good quality product, as their track record over the years has created a niche for them in the outdoor playset market and the hearts of their teeming customers.

Their desire as a group is “to take kids outside (just like we were) where they can flex both their muscles and their minds.”

Here are some of those products that kept many customers loyal to backyard Discovery:

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Wooden Swing Set

It is one of those outdoor playsets many have sought this year, 2023. This swing set is designed to accommodate about nine children at a go. It is a durable and sturdy product with many features that your kids will love.


1. This swing set comes with many color options from Green to grey, brown, and what have you. It allows you to pick the color that fits perfectly into your home.

2. It is made from 100% cedar and is resistant to rot, decay, and ultraviolet light.

3. It has a dimension of 271 x 200 x 149 inches, and its unique selling point includes the fact that it has a raised clubhouse complete with a roof, covered entryway, window, a lookout balcony, and a crow’s nest.

4. It also has a lower deck, a 3-position swing beam with two belt swings and a swing glider for 2, a 10-foot wavy slide, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, and a shaded sandbox.

This unit is a little pricey and requires a lot of space and time for installation, but at the end of the day, you get a quality, long-lasting Playset that will give Joy to your lovely kids.

Canyon Creek Swing Set

Canyon Creek Swing Set

Kids all love adventure, and how can they get the opportunity to explore their world in the most comfortable and sage place by giving them a good playset from the canyon Creek swing set? It is more like a fun playhouse than a swing set because it has a grill, plastic food, and a 4-person picnic area. It has a complete clubhouse on the side of the swing with its own telescope and steering wheel, making it more of a playhouse than a swing set.


1. This unit has a challenging rock climbing wall and standard ladder for climbing quickly yet safely to the spacious top clubhouse, balcony, and sun deck.

2. It has slide zips down to the snack area, belt swings, and web swings.

3. It has an upper clubhouse with two balconies with two belt swings, a web swing, and a ten feet-wavy slide.

4. It comes in many different colors.

At $ 1,599.00, which includes shipping and assembly, you get a swing set cum playhouse that is easy to install and maintain.

Beach Front Swing Set

Beach Front Swing Set

It is another swing set that can pass for a playhouse because of its large deck and colorful canopy. It also has an upper fort which will help your kid’s imagination bring wild as they imagine they are relaxing under a big beach umbrella or sailing on the high seas in search of pirates using its steering wheel and telescope that comes with the unit.


1. This swing set has a rock wall ladder and monkey bars, ensuring kids’ safety as they enjoy the fun of ascending to the top.

2. This unit also has an 8-foot wavy slide that is one of a kind.

3. it has a sandbox area where kids can build castles.

4. It also has a brightly colored awning and snack bar c where kids can take a break from having too much good time as they cool off with a drink

5. It is made of magnificent cedar, pre-stained, pre-cut, and pre-drilled.

6. When assembled, this unit has the following dimension:

14′-1″ L x 14′-5″ D x 9′-10 H. It is an ideal playset that kids who are 9 in number can comfortably play in because it is heavy enough to carry them. The Regular price is $799, including shipping.

Atlantis Swing Set

Atlantis Swing Set

The Atlantis wooden swing set is beautiful and can fit in a small yard. It has an 8′ speedy, fast, yet very safe slide. This easy-to-assemble swing set has an upper clubhouse with bay windows and a balcony, while down below has a room for a sandbox and a snack.


1. This swing set features a flat step entry ladder and a solid rock wall.

2. It has two belt swings and a trapeze, meaning three kids can swing away simultaneously.

3. It comes in different colors.

5. They have a whopping 5- years warranty

This swing set, however, is made for residential use only because using it outside the residential building will cancel the warranty. The price is $ 999.

Buckley Hill Swing Set

Buckley Hill Swing Set

If you have a small yard and are looking for a PlayStation that will fit into it and still have loads of fun for the little ones, then this swing set is the one for you. It can be called “small but mighty” because it has many features.


1. It has a 6 feet super speedy slide that is very safe.

2. It has a challenge board where kids can draw different things.

3. It has a rock wall that children can climb

4. It has a 3 feet tall deck with a six-foot play space where kids can play under shade.

5. It has two belt swings with rope swing chains that ensure kids’ fingers don’t get pinched as they swing away.

This swing is ideal for kids between 3-6 years old, and the product is sturdy and naturally resistant to root and decay because it is made of food-quality cedar.

Aspen Playhouse

Aspen Playhouse

At $ 499.00, this brilliantly designed playhouse made of pure cedar wood is worth every dime because it is a beautiful unit that your kids will love.


1. It has decorative white gable triangles, flower pot holders, and white windows, it also has a working dinner bell.

2. The outside of the playhouse encompasses a working door with an oval overhead door window.

3. It also has a split Door with Knob and Latch and a side serving table with a bench.

4. This unit has a kitchenette with a sliceable fruit and vegetable basket with a plastic knife and Cutting Board.

Other features of the Aspen playhouse include rods and mounts, wall curtains, a mailbox, and a d wall light.

Bristol Point Swing Set

Bristol Point Swing Set

The fact that this playhouse is called a swing set might deceive you into thinking you are getting just your standard swing set, but the reality is that the Bristol Point Swing Set is a playhouse that has more than 20 features ( your kids can be kept busy there all day long). This set will cost $ 1,999.00 and has 16 pre-assembled panels, making assembling it a breeze.


1. This playhouse has two slides: a spiral tube slide and a wave slide.

2. It also has two belt swings and a trapeze swing

3. The alcove of this unit has food and utensils accessories

4. It had battery-powered appliances like a blender and a pot/pan set.

5. It has Sink and faucet, telescope, and steering wheel.

6. It comes in varieties of colors.

This Playset has lots of fun things for kids, like two challenge boards to draw, two balconies, Rockwall/stepladder combo, half hinged door, and a dinner bell.

Sweetwater Playhouse

Sweetwater Playhouse

This Backyard Discovery Sweetwater wooden cedar playhouse which goes for just $ 249, is an excellent option for every backyard because it has lots of wondering features:


1. It has expansive windows that allow lots of natural sunlight and breezes into the unit.

2. It also has flower pot holders in front of the house.

3. On one side of this playhouse, there is a snack window for serving up terrific drinks on a summer day and any other day, for that matter.

4. It has other accessories, including a play sink, stove, and cordless phone that kids will enjoy playing with.


Kids love to play and they can speed up hours of unending playing. Play is good for them, exceptionally wholesome play that they do outdoors, where they get a little sweety as they run around. There are lots of outdoor Playset that will spice up your kids’ lives while giving them much-needed time outdoors.

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The Backyard Discovery company has lots of playsets that your kids will love. These long-lasting playsets have many features that ensure your kids will never have a dull moment.

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