What Is The Height Of A Pickleball Net?

What Is The Height Of A Pickleball Net?

If you have just started playing pickleball or are transitioning from tennis or badminton, then it is essential to know the dimensions of the court as well as the height of the net to be used.

The height of a pickleball net is similar to that of a badminton net, as it measures 36 inches on the sidelines and 34 inches in the middle.

This article covers the dimension of a pickleball ball court, the height and width of a pickleball net, and the critical differences between pickleball and tennis.

What is the dimension of a pickleball court?

What is the dimension of a pickleball court?

A standard pickleball court should be a rectangle with a width of 20 feet (6.10m) and a length of 44 feet (13.41m).

It should have a minimum surface area of 30 feet (9.14m) wide and 60 feet long (18.29m). Its maximum surface area should measure 40 feet (12.19) wide and 64 feet long (19.51m). This dimension applies to both single and double matches.

A pickleball net lies at the center of the non-volley zone, extending beyond the court to the sidelines by 1 foot. It makes its width 22 feet. Space should always be included for the net beyond the initial size when planning a pickleball court.

What is the height of a pickleball net?

According to the international federation of pickleball, a pickleball net height should measure 36 inches at the sidelines and 30 inches in the middle. The size of this net remains the same for indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

If you have an adjustable tennis net, you can resize it to become a pickleball net in terms of width and height. A pickleball net has metal cables running through the top and a two-inch white tape covering the cables. The net is strapped down at the center to maintain height and has posts to hang and stretch it.

How to measure the correct pickleball net height

You will need to set up a pickleball net before playing this sport, and one of the essential parts of configuring the court is using the right side of the net. Here are some helpful tips on correctly measuring a pickleball net.

  1. It is helpful to know the OD (outside diameter) and the ID (inside diameter) of the pole of your net and ensure that it corresponds to the standard one. Not taking note of this may lead to issues concerning the length and height of the net
  2. Remember that the center height of your net is 34 inches, and if you go for a permanent or fixed net, then you will need a center strap to regulate the height
  3. The diameter of your network should not be more than 3 inches as it affects the playing experience
  4. For accuracy, your measurement should be done from inside net posts to inside net posts.

Difference between pickleball and tennis

Difference between pickleball and tennis

To a beginner, pickleball, and tennis may be very similar; to some, they may even be the same, but paying close attention to the details will tell you otherwise.

Significant differences can be seen in the court layout and the game sets. This section explains the critical differences between these two sports.

The Balls

The difference between a tennis ball and a pickleball can be observed when they are both held and even more so from their bounce when they are thrown.

A pickleball is much lighter and will bounce very low compared to a relatively heavy tennis ball that bounces very high.

The lightweight of pickleball makes them easily affected by wind; this is why outdoor pickleball has smaller holes than indoor ones.

Paddles and rackets

Another observable difference in these sports can be seen in their hitting items. Pickleball uses a racket shorter than a tennis racket and has a more rectangular head; a pickleball paddle does not have a mesh.

A tennis racket has a more extended handle and a mesh to accommodate the bouncy tennis ball. The working mechanism of both a racket and paddle differ as they are used to strike different types of balls.

The court

A pickleball court design is smaller than a tennis court. To describe this better, you can fit a pickleball court into a tennis court with additional space left. With these dimensions, tennis players transitioning to pickleball may need help.

The net

Just as a pickleball court is small, you should expect the net also to be smaller. However, if you have an adjustable net, it can extend to the size of a tennis net.

Other differences

The other differences can be noticed in how these two sports are played; below are some of them.

  1. Pickleball can be easily played on other types of courts like a basketball or volleyball court
  2. Only underhand serving is allowed in pickleball; overhand serving is not allowed.
  3. The exact court dimensions apply to singles and doubles
  4. There are three scores when playing doubles in pickleball. Your team’s score, your opponent’s score, and if you are the first or second server of your team
  5. In pickleball, there is no double fault in serving
  6. You cannot hit a volley when standing in the non-volley zone


If you want a sport like tennis or a badminton, pickleball is one sport you should try as they are similar in some ways. However, some differences can be noticed in the court layout, the game sets, and the playing technique.

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This article focuses on the height of a pickleball net and all the necessary information you need to know about this topic. We have given you the court dimensions of this sport as well as the width and height of the net. Reading further, you will discover some differences between pickleball and tennis.

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